Business Ideas For Students [Without Investment]

Students or upcoming entrepreneurs are stocked with an enormous amount of energy and passion. If they get the right direction and motivation, then they can outperform themselves. A student just needs a right mold which shapes them into the right piece.
Well, this article will provide business ideas for students who are energetic and full of dreams and want to start their own business to earn quick bucks and experience which will later turn them in to successful person.
We live in the century of technology, where with one click you can earn thousands of dollars, but you require the right skill and knowledge. With the right method, you can earn your pocket money or you can even give some gifts to your parents.
There are only two rules for the student to start their online business. First, identify the talent that you want to sell and showcase to the world. Secondly, the right medium to showcase your talent to the world. There are numerous methods available to start a business online and a few of the leading and proven business ideas for students which are listed below, have shown astonishing value creation.

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Business Ideas For Students

1. Become a YouTuber


Yes, posting an amazing video of your singing, acting and dancing talent video on YouTube can generate you a plenty of opportunities. Posting videos on YouTube cost zero but requires plenty of talent to create a viral video that has the potential to become the next sensation. But once you have the viral video content then the viewers will start to increase and then you have the opportunity to earn money by endorsing the brands. Many successful YouTubers are generating filthy money with quality content. Some are on an edge of becoming a celebrity and some are millionaire. Youtube is a great platform to bring a particular niche in front of the world. Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. So you can understand the power of being a Youtuber.<

2. Create a Group or Page


If you live to spend your time on the social media and you have plenty of friends on the social media, then don’t waste your valuable time on ideal chit chat and start turning your fan following into a business opportunity. Create a group or page of your interest and add your friends to it and it will act as a golden chance to do brand promotions and advertisements. Creating a group or page gives you an opportunity to use affiliate marketing as a tool to earn money from different online ecommerce websites.

3. Online Seller

The easiest and simple way to earn money is by selling viral products on the ecommerce websites, like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. If you have the talent of hunting good and in demand products which are daily used by consumers then start selling your stuff online right now. Suppose, if you have the talent of creating personalized t-shirts, gifts, etc, then click the picture of your product and post it on the ecommerce websites and trust me if you are good at it then your products will be sold out within few days. Moreover, selling online is hassle-free as many ecommerce giants provide sellers with an opportunity to collaborate with them and sell your product with ease. From inventory management to shipping products and product’s photoshoot, all the service are provided by the online shopping portal. This is one of the great potential business ideas for students to generate excellent income.

4. Start blogging

If you have some piled up thoughts inside you and you know the way to narrate it with correct words, then opt the method of blogging instead of writing dairy. Publish some interesting stuff that you like and with which readers can connect. However, blogging is totally free on many platform, you will get brand proposals if you go for the paid domain and good hosting with very professional interface and posting quality content. Blogs are a good source of income. In the initial stage it will take time to get traffic to your blog, but slowly and steadily you will see a remarkable response from it. Think of a particular niche in which you are good at. Do some keywords research to see the correct volume of your audience then start publishing two articles daily. This will push your blog into Google’s search engine and traffic will increase. Moreover, after a decent traffic, you can publish a sponsored post and can link Google Adsense account to show advertisements on your blog. Advertisements on blogs are a great source of business. This is a win-win business idea for students which will enhance their learning and will create a significant position in the society.

5. Self-publisher

You can easily write a book and publish it online to earn a regular royalty on your masterpiece. You’ve probably heard of Kindle, right? Self-publishing is a real thing now, and there is no age limit. If you have an expertise in any area of writing, then write a few thousand words about it and package it up into an eBook. If you can write, which is very easy to do and there is great potential for residual income here (the best kind), especially if you snowball with multiple books. Blogging and writing can be done simultaneously. An article which is a great source of information to all the internet users can be converted into an e-book and can be featured on various online e-book platform. You can even sell that E-book through your own blog. This business idea is mostly adapted by upcoming writers. If you as a student want a wealthy career in writing then start with this idea today.

6. Be an agent

You can easily start a company and offer multiple services to the people by being an agent. Confused? Let me help you with an interesting example, start a babysitting agency online. Where you get in touch with the students who want to offers the babysitting services and on the other hand with the parents who regularly want the babysitters. So, by this, you can earn the commission from both sides. It’s like an online placement agency, where you can earn quick cash by juggling your contacts. Not just babysitting you can even start with brokerage for renting or selling out flats to potential buyers. On successful brokerage, you earn a handsome amount of money.

7. Start a PR Agency


Its not like you are going to deal with big media houses like big newspapers or TV Channels but you can easily partner with local news blogs or niche blogs (which includes people with huge following on social media) and find people who need publicity among a particular set of people. The process is simple:

  1. You have to first find a client, it can be a shop in your locality, an online businessman in your contact, an event which is going to happen, etc.
  2. Contact all the people which comes to your mind. Ask them if they would be interested to market their product. Do not finalize the price on the spot.
  3. Make a list of all the resources (Blogs, Instagram Page, etc.) to market their product, contact those people and ask if they can feature your content which will include a little promotion. They may ask you for money but you can also crack a barter deal by providing quality content for them.
  4. Decide how much you want to take from your clients and make money.
    This is just one function of a PR Agency, you can take a lot of projects from different clients who want to market their products. Once you have a good contact list of both, the bloggers and the clients, you can easily make good strategy to make your business big.

8. Be a freelancer

If you like to be your own boss and want to work on your own conditions, then be a freelancer and work as you want. There are numerous websites available where potential buyers advertised for the freelancers and you can easily sign up for the job and earn some amazing money. The websites like startup urge freelancer, Fiverr, etc. are portals where a freelancer can take work from numerous potential customers. These websites are easy to use and free to sign up. No fees or charges are levied on undertaking any work. Some websites pay you as per hour basis and some are on a contract basis. There is no restriction and no bar to earn and learn as much as you want. Becoming a freelancer is currently a profession which is chosen by many top entrepreneurs and conglomerates. However, this is the best and ideal business idea for students who want to make a good living during their student life.

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Well, you see there are plenty of ways to earn money and still you will have time for your studies. So, don’t waste your energy and talent, and start generating some money and create a strong base for your prosperous future. We wish you all the very best for whichever of the above way you choose to do business to earn money. Furthermore, we are always here by your side to give you valuable tips for your bright and promising future.

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