Top 5 Must-Have Equipment for YouTubers

Top 5 Must-Have Equipment for YouTubers

YouTube truly is one of the greatest inventions for everyone. There is hardly anyone who is not familiar with YouTube. YouTube provides us with entertainment, education, information and so much more. Such is its power that more and more people every day are turning toward it to make YouTube their profession. Now, to be a professional in this field a few key equipment for YouTubers are required

With the changing technologies, the likes and dislikes of people have also changed. People are investing time, money and attention socially and are being involved throughout the day. The pandemic has played a major role in increasing social media consumption. Being surrounded by social media all around, folks are getting inclined to choose them as their profession.

YouTube is one of the most consumed social media websites. It was so in 2000 that we would think of YouTube to get the music video of our favourite track. Now, from waking up to going back to bed, YouTube has all the tutorials one needs to follow in their daily routine. Influencers, reviewers, DIY tutors and others are investing lakhs to get the right equipment for YouTubers.

Let's dwell deeper and find out about the prime equipment that YouTubers need for their career in the biggest online video-sharing and social media platform.

How to Get Started on YouTube as a Beginner?

Video Editing Tools

Forecast of the Number of YouTube Users in India (2017-2025)
Forecast of the Number of YouTube Users in India (2017-2025)


YouTube is an audio-visual medium where visual appeal is the foremost thing to look upon. So having a decent camera is crucial. The camera is, therefore, the must-have equipment for YouTubers. It will hold your image as you are. People will watch the transparency which will make them believe in you and follow you more. Your expressions and verbal movements should clearly appear in the video. If you are creating a motion video, you need to have decent stabilization to control the shaking. Some cameras that can make a YouTube video better are:

  • Camcorder
  • Webcam
  • Action Camera
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • DSLR

Though you can do it all during the post-production. But to make things look natural a good-quality camera should be your priority. You can incorporate camcorders as they are durable and do not pinch your pocket much. Also, it will work with a phone camera for regular video. However, if you want to film high-quality videos, then DSLR is a preferable option.


Tripod is basically a stand that holds and supports your camera at a fixed position while you take the video. It is another way to add manual stabilization if you want to avoid shaky videos. So, it is preferable if you invest in a good tripod keeping in mind that it should carry the weight of your camera without much effort.

An alternative to the tripod is the gimbal. It majorly works with lightweight cameras, such as GoPro. It works in stabilizing mainly motion videos. It costs almost similar to that of a tripod. So, as per your preference, you can make a selection between the two.

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To brighten up the world of your viewers, you must incorporate a lighting set-up. Lights help to work if you are working indoors, especially in a studio. It enhances your physical features and highlights the quality of your video as well. Any movement you make becomes very prominent with an artificial lighting set-up. As a major piece of equipment for YouTubers, the type of light you are using is important. If you have enough light coming from the windows or the balcony around, then you might not need an artificial one.

Some of the lights that can be used while making YouTube videos are:

  • Softbox
  • Umbrella Light
  • Ring Light
  • Camera LED
  • On-Camera Lighting

The equipment for lights depends on your shot. If you want soft shadows being formed by your lighting set-up, then a softbox can be a great choice. For inducing a controlled lighting set-up, you can use umbrella lights as they are an inexpensive option. For makeup tutorials, which need prominent edges, a ring light is recommended. They can help in eliminating the shadow as they surround the object entirely. The camera LED lights can also be mounted on the top of your camera for mobile phone users. This will aid your video and images that are working in a low-light area.


Again coming back to the fact that YouTube is an audio-visual channel, you need to work on the audio part as well in order to make your YouTube videos a big success. So, consider the microphone, an important piece of equipment for YouTubers. Having a microphone will help you record your voice that will be playing in the background of your video. If you are playing an animation video, your voice-over is important to have decent functional features.

There are different microphones that can be used for your YouTube videos and they are:

  • USB Microphones
  • Condenser Microphone
  • Shotgun Microphones
  • Lapel Microphone

A good microphone does a lot more than just capture your voice. From noise cancellation to picking up signals from a distance, you need to invest in choosing the right ones. You can select from a varied range of USB microphones, which is easy to use and you can also plug and use them on your computer.

Video Editing Tools

Popular Video Editing Tools
Popular Video Editing Tools

The most important equipment for YouTubers comes with the post-production part. The video editing tools determine the factors of how you are presenting your video in front of the audience. You need to edit, cut and merge the videos, and synchronise with the audio if you are adding it manually. Then there are transitions, colours, fonts, images and other animations to be added. You need to have a thumbnail for your video, which can entirely be done only in post-production. If you want to make it attractive, editing tools are a must.

Some popular video editing tools that can be used are:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Openshot
  • Lightworks
  • iMovie

There are mobile applications too. But it is preferable if you use the software as they are more stable and will make your videos look professional. You can make changes to the images in your video, change layers, and add filters too. Even you can add your brand’s colours to present the video in a more aesthetic way.


YouTube indeed is a large community with more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users. Therefore to choose it as a profession, one needs to be well equipped with the trends and competition around. Apart from the content, the presentation is also important, proper types of equipment can definitely make videos good enough. This is why the equipment for YouTubers is an important topic to talk about for this generation as well as in the upcoming ones for YouTubers.


When was YouTube launched?

YouTube was launched in 2005 by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.

What are the types of equipment needed to make a YouTube video?

The key pieces of equipment that are needed to start as a YouTuber are:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Video Editing Tools

Who is the biggest YouTuber in India?

Ajay Nagar, also known as CarryMinati is the biggest YouTuber in India.

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