Everything You Need To Know About eBooks

Everything You Need To Know About eBooks

Many people buy gadgets like Kindle to read eBooks. But there are even more people who have smartphones and read eBooks on it. eBooks are the most convenient way for people who are too busy to read books.

However, nothing can replace books, but knowledge knows no medium. Knowledge can be shared through books, mobiles, computers, or even our mouths. And what could be better than earning money by sharing knowledge? eBooks are an amazing opportunity for business. Not only for empires but it is also helpful for individual bloggers, and writers. This is a great source of passive income. Let's see what it is and how to write an ebook.

What Are eBooks?

What are ebooks?
What are ebooks?

eBooks or Electronic books are the electronic versions of traditional books. There is an eBook version of almost every book in the world. Rather than going to a store and finding a book or order the book online and waiting for days to be delivered, you can directly buy an eBook and get instant access. It will save time and you can take it anywhere where you can take your phone. However, if you want, then you can buy separate e-book readers like Amazon Kindle. Many people love to spend their spare time reading a book. eBooks are the best solution for that and you can earn money by ebooks.

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Importance of eBooks

Easy to write

eBooks are much easier to write and publish than traditional physical books. You just need your computer, some knowledge about writing and willpower to write. Unlike traditional books, you don’t necessarily need strong contacts and spend tons of money on publishing the book.


As they are digital, there is no chance of showing “out of stock” to the customers on your website. Your customers will never be pissed off because of that.

People can easily search for the term they want to read about in eBooks. They don’t have to highlight every other word they want to remember about. However, people have the option to highlight.

Target Customers

Only those people will download your eBook who are interested in your product or niche. Once they download your eBook, you will get an idea of who are your potential customers. You can then send them emails advertising your product.

Make Relationships

People who read your ebooks will begin trusting your brand. Moreover, they will more likely to share about you with others. So, in one or the other way, eBook is a road to marketing.

Grow Your Emails

When people will download your ebook, they will have to submit their email addresses. This will eventually help you to grow your email list.


You can add images, texts with many fonts, color fonts, and most importantly, links. You can add links to websites in your eBook. People can easily open that link if wanted.

Amazon Kindle ebooks
Amazon Kindle ebooks

Format Of eBooks

Some of the file formats of eBooks are,

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • AZW
  • LIT
  • MOBI
  • ODF

However, if you are going to provide your eBook for free to your visitor, then it is recommended to use the PDF version. AZW is the file format for Kindle books. You can use Kindle Create to convert your doc file or PDF file into AZW.

How to Write an ebook and Earn from it

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How To Write An eBook

  • The most important factor in writing an eBook is an idea. Write an eBook on the least covered topic or which you are specialists in. Take your time thinking about the topic you are writing your book on.
  • You should have a good computer which can handle your documents and research at the same time. It would be great if you get the most updated technology. However, you can also go with your computer if you think it can handle everything.
  • Take your time for proper research about the chosen topic. You can’t just write anything. Make sure that every fact you are writing is true.
  • Create outlines about your idea. Create mind maps. You need to be prepared for your topic. Use a pen and notebook to write your full imagination. Write to each and everything you want to include in your eBook, in brief.
  • Start writing the book. Do not waste much time to do it. You can never finish it if you don’t start it. But be sure that you are all prepared to write the book. Tip: Create a good and peaceful environment so you can think better.
  • Design the cover for your book. If you think you are a good designer then do it yourself. Or just hire a freelancer to get you to design for the cover of your eBook. However, they are not important, but it looks professional if you add one.
  • Proofread the whole book. You can use professional software for it. Also, re-read the whole book to find mistakes.
  • Now, share your eBook with all your family and friends and ask them to review it. If they found anything wrong, then correct it before publishing it.
  • Lastly, publish your eBook. You can do that on your website. If you think you don’t have many audiences on your website, then you can go to any ebook publishing platform like Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play Store, etc. There are many such platforms available.


These were the simple steps on how to write an eBook. You can sell your eBooks or provide them free to connect with your customers. Moreover, you can provide them like a reward to your visitors for signing up on your website. The space for eBooks on the internet is getting bigger and bigger with time. There are many more opportunities to come. With the advancement in technology,  you will be introduced to more amazing and unbelievable market opportunities.

Comment below, which is your favorite eBook? What advice would you give to someone who is going to write an eBook? Share this post with all your friends.

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