Best Modern Office Design Trends In 2020

Souvik Dey Souvik Dey
Nov 14, 2020 6 min read
Best Modern Office Design Trends In 2020

Designing office space is no easy task. Today the modern workplace is constantly evolving and not just on providing the right tools and technology but has become more focused on the employees. Old office designs that did not necessarily encourage creativity and did not allow employees to be comfortable. Companies are becoming increasingly complex in terms of their functions and operations. Modern office design trends are slowly taking over, and keep employees happy, energized, and more productive.

With the fast development of technology and the need for wellness-based design. The most important thing about any workplace is office space. A  typical modern workplace is designed with open floor layouts and has a casual dress code. If you’re an office designer looking for modern office design trends this article will be helpful for you.

Flexible office spaces

The dynamic spaces trend began to expand by introducing people to the idea of multi-functional workspaces. The distinguishing feature of flexible office space is that it is nonrestrictive. Flexible office spaces allow employees to work in different areas of the office instead of being stuck at their desks or cubicles all day long. These spaces included indoor-outdoor access via garage doors, movable green dividers, television and video equipment, and step-style seating, to name a few.

Flexible spaces incorporate an entirely new generation of moveable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit any space and purpose. This trend is well on its way to becoming the new normal as work environments continue to shift towards more human-centric, collaborative, and active spaces with innovation.

Workspace with staying productive
Workspace with staying productive

Natural light

We are attracted to nature and natural light. Although it is not necessary or new office trend it’s importance has grown and become almost necessary. Natural light is crucial for our wellbeing and can make us feel happier and blissful. Evidence shows that happier are more energetic, better problem solvers, and have a tendency to interact better with co-workers. Companies must implement this natural resource to maintain optimum productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Natural light can also improve short-term memory and concentration which is very crucial in worker’s performance. Natural light helps to become happier and better workers which will boost productivity and overall create a healthy environment.

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Collaborative furniture

Teamwork, understanding, compromise, and collaboration are all involved in the workspace, giving team members the tools required to do grow further. Agility and flexibility in the workspace are crucial to the ongoing success of an organization. The organization has the flexibility and agility to recognize when change is required and to put that change into action. All begins with collaboration and the ability to discuss, debate, and work together on a solution. Collaborative office furniture provides the facility for achieving this level of communication.

The modern working environment is governed by several constraints. All parts of the office, especially furniture need to be justified and budgeted. By providing modern, collaborative workplace furniture, business owners are providing workers with a ready to use conference area, as well as areas for quick functions.  All successful businesses are growing. This means evolving needs that must be met and expanding workplace infrastructure.

Sustainable Office Design

Sustainable design is a new trend on which almost everyone agrees is a good thing. The main goal of this trend is to establish harmony between nature and harmony. A well-designed sustainable office can grow with the business and avoid unnecessary and expensive changes that lead to additional waste. Sustainable design is the integration of recycled, sustainably sourced, and green building materials into space. Sustainable design best practices not only focus on saving energy and natural resources but also on increasing the well being of those who work in the spaces adding to their comfort, enhancing their experience, boosting their productivity, and improving the quality of their lives while reducing demand on the environment.

Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design
The United States Green Building Council estimates that, on average, green buildings reduce energy consumption by 30%, carbon emissions by 35%, water consumption by 30% to 50%, and waste costs by 50% to 90%.

Here are a few other benefits of a sustainable office:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved health of the employees
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Reduced employee turnover ratio
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Hanging Horticulture

Interior plants offer businesses a simultaneously natural and beautiful addition to their interior while benefiting the overall well-being of employees. Plants are becoming more popular in offices than ever before. Today living green walls and moss walls have become a principle of wellbeing and branding. Numerous scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in your workspace. The benefits of bringing plants in workspaces are well documented. Plants not only bring varying rich shades of green to the workplace, but they also offer the visually-meditative experience that, ultimately, leads to happier and healthier employees that are more productive.

The advantages of having green plants in offices are :

  • Help to reduce stress
  • Help to increase productivity
  • Help to reduce sickness and absence rates
  • Make workspaces more attractive to job applicants
  • Clean the air
  • Help to reduce noise levels
  • Boost creativity

Integration of technology

If businesses want to improve their performance they should start with integrating their various technologies. Technology plays a primary role in modern offices. Everything is now done electronically, and offices need the proper equipment to keep up with technological advancements. With an integrated system, it is easier for people in the company to access relevant data. Technology changes so rapidly there always seems to be some new technology for business.

  • The biggest benefit of technology integration is the ability to increase the business’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Technology in the workplace is its speeding up effects and virtually everyone would agree to that.
  • Technology encourages Innovation and Creativity
  • Achieve a high level of consistency and uniformness in services and products
  • Technology in the workplace, efficiency has been taking to a whole new level
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Design the Boardroom

A meeting room can leave a strong impression on clients. It can either help them come up with fresh, creative ideas, or it can distract them. You want them to have enough elbow room, as well as space to get up and walk around. Although the boardroom’s role has decreased it still plays an important role to play.  They are becoming more flexible and are designed to be multifunctional spaces.  This means that the space used for a board can be split into multiple smaller spaces which can be used for other group activities.

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