How to Inspire Employees and Work-Retain Employees?

How to Inspire Employees and Work-Retain Employees?

A workplace is where we spend one-third (8 hours) of our day which is more time than we do spend at home. Every company focuses on productivity. There are some milestones that people have to go to make work successful and tangible. Deadlines are key areas that have to be met in order to measure success. Some managers put unnecessary pressure on employees like extending working hours. Ideally, this cannot be a parameter to measure success and effectiveness. Motivated employees always remain positive and the opposite is demoralizing.

According to a survey, 75% of the reasons people quit come down to their managers. As the boss, you need to have the capacity to monitor each and every employee. When you realize some funny character in an employee, make a quick action and attend to their attitude. As an employer, have you noticed that your employees have started to withdraw? Reduce stress by observing the following tips on how to Inspire Employees to Work.

How to Inspire Employees to Work
How to Retain Employees in an Organization
How to Keep Employees Happy and Motivated

How to Inspire Employees to Work

Flexibility of Work

Flexibility in working hours should be encouraged to Inspire Employees to Work. Office time and personal time must blend. Keeping people at work throughout does not increase productivity at all instead employees get burnout. Flexibility makes employees work to achieve set targets within the specified time. After work, they get to attend to their personal issues effectively thus creating a work-life balance.

Set time for Break

Human beings are made to concentrate up to a certain period. Downtime for employees is very vital. Making employees work without break is unhealthy and production will be less. Burnout is eradicated when employees get time to be out of their desks for a cup of tea or water. Fresh ideas are conceived while being outside a normal work environment.

Structured Meetings

As an employer, avoid overwhelming employees with unnecessary meetings. It is a very terrible situation when people attend meetings just for the sake of culture. Meetings are made for updating and getting ideas from each other so organize an effective meeting only. Avoid wasting the time of employees, by organising unnecessary meetings.


Information sharing is very crucial in a company. Employees are just like investors and they expect such treatment. Let them be at par with information, transparency makes employees attach and have passion with the company and also helps in winning their trust.

Develop Work Schedule

It is very tiresome to work blindly. This brings a lot of confusion when you're trying to deliver the work. Work schedule helps in planning for activities. This is the only way to track and prioritize information. Allocation of tasks is done effectively. Teamwork is embraced, as people involved will understand work dynamics and work cordially and not based on fear.

Work as a Family

Despite the workplace bringing people together from various backgrounds, employees feel honored and respected when they are treated as a family. This is a place where we are driven by a common goal. Give employees your back just like any other member of your family. Stand with them and don't let anybody abuse them. This is a very important point on how to inspire employees to work.

Treat Employees Equally

In a working environment, understand that no one is special than the other. Management should be concerned about everybody and not some hence productivity. When there is a difference in a workforce, teamwork will not be guaranteed and therefore the workforce will be split, which will in return be a hindrance. Favouritism brings discouragements among employees and brings division among employees.

Capacity Building

It is a very embarrassing situation when employees don’t know what to do. You always feel out of place and feel frustrated. It raises morale when you train employees to understand their work better. Proper work can be done with confidence only.

Provide Right Tools for Work

Most of the bosses demand much from employees while they know very well they have not equipped employees with tools. Employees feel harassed. Provide them with adequate and functional tools to facilitate their work. Tasks and deadlines will be met on time.

Participatory Approach

People are always allergic to changes imposed on them. Learn to engage employees in the decision-making process. For example, based on the kind of work that you do, get to know how people feel about the sitting arrangement. Get feedback from them, harmonize their concerns, and definitely this way, you will be able to address their needs better.

How to Retain Employees in an Organization

Every business or company needs employees to run effectively and meet its business needs. However, hiring new employees can become a tasking job causing levels of frustration to rise and hindering the progress especially when the company has just started. Thus, every company should learn Employee retention strategies in retaining its employee base.

Here, we bring you employee retention strategies and how you can inspire your employee so that they are satisfied and content with their work.

Create a Healthy Work Environment

This is one of the best Employee retention strategies for any company. As a start-up, there is a lot of work pressure on the employee to meet deadlines and make faster progress; however, employees tend to make mistakes under pressure. When such situations arise, make sure to not criticize or pressurize the employee by reprimanding him; instead, help them to become more efficient in their work.


Maintain an office policy where everyone works with a clear knowledge of all the things going on in the company and is treated equally on all fronts. This is also one factor in employee retention strategies. All employees should be able to put forth their ideas and suggestions regarding anything. This gives an employee the sense of being involved and the more involved a person is, the more likely he is to stay.


Your workplace is like your second home, hence, treat your employees like family. Give them occasional rewards on their success or any big achievement that the company makes, this will help in Employee retention strategies. Give them yearly treats that are personalized for them like providing them with a paid holiday or some complimentary leaves and gifts that they would like. Incentives may also be a good way to encourage employees, although gifts have a better impact in keeping them happy.

Do Leave and Staying Interviews

If you are unable to understand, why employees are leaving, ask them. Your human resource team can arrange a leaving interview for every person that is quitting their jobs and you can take their feedback to improve your companies’ policies. It helps in Employee retention strategies for your startup or business. Apart from this, you can hold interviews of the loyal employees asking them the reasons for their stays and what did they like about the company and what would make them leave. Assess all the feedback and improve yourself.

Provide Them With Small Perks

Give your employees some facilities to improve their lives so they can work better. A complimentary transport service or free lunch would work wonders. This will give a boost to employees and help in Employee retention strategies. Some paid leaves can also be given in order to make the employees loyal. The money spent on these things will be way less than the money spent on recruiting and training new employees which is not only a waste of money but time as well.

Hire smartly

While hiring employees make it a point to know whether that person is actually suitable to work in the company’s environment or not. Every company has a different culture and discussing that culture with the employee can go a long way to get an idea of whether the person will be suitable or not.

Keep a Tab on Everything

Even though start-up co-founders get really busy after the successful take-off of the company they should take out some time to check how the company is working. Recruiting a management team is not enough, founders need to look at every department and know whether the work environment is good or not. Sometimes, this can bring unexpected things in the light which can be corrected only by the bosses.

Respect the Work-Life Balance

Your employees have a life outside work and that should be respected. The employee works for the company during office hours but working beyond that is their own choice. So don’t make employees do more than they have signed for. This is one of the most important factors for employee retention strategies. Yes, there can be times when you need them to work a little extra but that should not become a daily routine because an environment like that will drive people a way to look for jobs that provide flexible working hours.

How to Keep Employees Happy and Motivated

Are you a small business owner? Do you wish to improve the office environment? The key to a successful business is to keep employees happy. It has been proven that a person is most productive when they are happy. So if you have a happy task force chances are high that your company will make tremendous progress. Keeping Employees Happy is of the utmost importance to your company and here are some ways to keep them happy.

Help Your Employees Feel Valued

If your employee is doing a good job appreciating their effort is very important. Thank them for the work they have put in and make them feel that you value their contribution. There goes a lot into doing some work, and giving appreciation might not be a big deal for you but will surely make your employee's day. This will make him want to work harder and better. If something goes wrong, do not punish or be harsh on them. They are adults and know that they have made a mistake. Help them correct their fault or give them some extra time to mend their mistakes. Also making efforts to know the employee and be humble to them. An occasional small talk about their family and their kids will make the employee feel as if they are important.

Positive Atmosphere

Try to create a positive atmosphere in your office. The workspace should enough room for your employees to walk and move. There should also be spaces for your employees to interact with each other or relax while taking a break. A dark and congested office will never improve the work environment. Place some greenery around the office. Let some fresh sunlight come in so that people feel recharged. Also, change your air filters and get the office cleaned regularly. A clean environment is sure to make a person feel more relaxed and will help in keeping employees happy.

Involve Them

Involve your employees in everything. Take opinions on every topic. They should know what business the company is doing and how their work is affecting the company. You can set up regular employees meetings for the exchange of ideas. The meeting should not be excessively serious and all work. It should have a light environment and everyone should be given a chance to share their thoughts and opinions any topics. This will make them feel more involved in the company matter and give them a feeling that they have a responsibility to hold. This is one of the most important points to Keep Employees Happy.

Let Them Work at Their Own Ease

With so much technological advancement you do not have to follow the old ways and lock your employees up in an office. Let them do their work at their own ease. If they have an emergency, let them work from the comforts of their houses. If they are completing their work, it is not necessary for you to constantly have them in front of your eyes.

Give Them Time off Work

If your employee has been doing a good job all year giving them an extended vacation is not bad. If they are a good employee, they will make sure that they complete their pending work on time. This has another advantage. The other employees will see this and want to work hard and earn their own perks.

Encourage Them to Stay Fit

A fit person is always a happy person. This does not mean that you need to tell your employees to go to the gym every day and lift weights. All you need to do is motivate them. You can build tennis or football or basketball court in your office. Or you can have an indoor gaming area where your employees can come and ease out the stress and also get some exercise. This will keep the endorphins in their body running and in turn, it will help Keep employees Happy.


As a leader, you should act as a role model. Employees would always imitate your actions. Show concern to employees by responding to their needs on time. Appreciate them by celebrating their achievements and where applicable give incentives. All this enhances production and inspires employees to work. Good employees are the backbone of the company and retaining them will go a long way in making the business a success, hence, keep these points in mind to maintain the smooth progress of the company.


How you can motivate your employees?

To motivate your employees, you should praise them, treat them with respect, don't be impartial, and try to listen to their concerns.

What are the best retention strategies?

Provide your employee's growth opportunities. Engage with your employees, reward them for their work and be impartial.

What is the key to employee retention?

The main points to do is to provide job satisfaction to the employee and keep them engaged, that is how you can retain your employees.

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