Top Startups Working On Sustainability And Renewable Resources

Top Startups Working On Sustainability And Renewable Resources

The world is degrading with the increasing amount of pollution and environmental concerns. It has become a need of the time to have sustainable energy onboard and use it, replacing the non-renewable resources, which will reduce the environmental crises on the earth. The people are now aware of the fact that how much the earth is in danger and hence, have started working for the cause to save the earth. Some entrepreneurs have started their startups by using sustainability and making an approach to saving the world.

Here are the startups which are using sustainability in their startups to generate awareness and support the earth. So, let us see the complete details on the topic- Top Startups Working On Sustainability And Renewable Resources.

Impossible Foods and Inc.
Elevate Structure
Freight Farms
Ecovative Design
Field Factors
Swedish Algae Factory

Sustainable And Renewable Resources

1. Impossible Foods and Inc.

It is a startup offering sustainable vegetarian produce and develops plant-based substitutes for meat-based products. It was founded in 2011 in Redwood city of California in the USA and serves customers who are conscious of climate change and its impacts on the mother earth, across the USA. It runs with a motto that they want to give people a taste and nutritional benefits of meat, without the negative impact on health and the environment associated with the livestock products. It researches the animal products at the molecular level, then selects specific proteins and nutrients from plants to recreate the experience and nutrients from plants and then, recreate the experience and nutrition of specific meat products.

2. Elevate Structure

It is a Hawaii -based company, which believes in developing profitable real estate by building eco-friendly structures. It was started by a group of residential engineers in 2012. The portable spaces are elevated above the ground, making six to twenty times more usable spaces while minimizing the footprint on the ground. It also gives the customers flexibility to expand or to relocate their green homes, which are then constructed, to reduce the time and costs, using a streamlined turn-key process.

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It is a quiet,gas-free lawn care startup. Based on Connecticut, USA, it is launched by a local team of advocates for alternative energy and environmental awareness. It is a grassroots green-oriented business.

The company replaces gas mowers with push mowers, with innovative proprietary"Reel2Reel" design. It allows the households to save the environment from 10,000 auto miles or more than that, per year. It offers an array of products ad services for lawn mowing to aeration, clean-up, and soil optimization.

4. Freight Farms

It is a Boston-based, which was launched in 2010 by Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman  The company is known for developing shipping containers that can be turned into self-contained farms.  It enables the customers to grow fresh products using technologies like LEDs and hydroponics in any environment 365 days a year. It is installed by far 200 farms around the world, on behalf of individuals, entrepreneurs, educational and corporate campuses and soil farmers. The Freight Farms are capable of growing lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, brassicas, root vegetables, edible flowers, and more than 300 varieties of crops, regardless of any exterior climate.

5. Ecovative Design

A New-York based Vegan company provides sustainable alternatives to plastics and polystyrene foams for packaging,building materials, and other applications. It was founded in 2007 by Gavin Mclntyre and Eber Bayer as a university project. The materials are created by using mushroom materials, which is a class of renewable biomaterials grown from fungal mycelium and low-value,non-food agriculture materials using a patented process, exclusively designed by Ecovative design. As the packaging from mushroom, it is easy to degradation of the package is quite easy. It also offers a 'GROW-IT-YOURSELF" kit, which allows people to create mushroom materials themselves.

6. Nootrees

There is not a single doubt that tissue papers are a necessity, and daily thousands of rolls of newspapers are being used. The traditionally used newspapers are made from trees pulp,  which leads to the cut down of millions of trees across the globe leading to cause deforestation. To reduce the number of trees, cutting down for the production of tissue paper, is NOOTREES. It uses the bamboo, as their raw materials for collecting the pulp, as it grows way faster than the trees, to create their line of toilet tissues and other products. Bamboo also is biodegradable, making these tissues, wipes easier to degrade.

7. Field Factors

It is a clean startup, based on the Netherlands, was launched in 2016 by founder Karina Pena. It is a company that operates with the vision to restore the natural water cycle. It also was the finalist of the competition and received 1OOK EUROS. It deals with rainwater management in urban areas like public space, sports facilities, and real estate. It has developed the first generation modular system, Bluebloq, which purifies rainwater for reuse instead of flushing the same via the sewer. It is considered as one of the best solutions for cities that have high rates of rainfall and needs some extra water during dry seasons.

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8. Swedish Algae Factory

It was founded in 2014 and the company is known for using traits of diatom(single-celled algae) in the industry. The company cultivates its algae-based on a circular economic mindset whereas nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and phosphorus emissions are transformed into valuable products.  It received the title of Postcard Lottery Green Challenge 2019 and a grand prize of 500K EUROS . These diatom shells are capable to thrive in low light and the company is using these diatom shells in eco-friendly sunscreen, organic absorbents for skincare, fertilizers and also water treatment, as the algae removed the nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater of fish farms.

9. Desolenator

An organic startup, it was founded in 2014 by founders Alexie Levene and William Janssen. It develops technology products that use two resources, which are available in abundant in nature, to produce high-quality freshwater, which has scarcity in the world. Desolenator is the most cost-effective and sustainable solution in areas of complex water types, high solar irradiation and high -the cost of water provisioning and aims the philosophy of providing clean water to all and especially the ones who don't have the access to clean water.

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