Christmas in Office or WFH- Here Are the Best Ways You Can Celebrate Christmas at Work

Muskaan Kapoor Muskaan Kapoor
Dec 27, 2021 5 min read
Christmas in Office or WFH- Here Are the Best Ways You Can Celebrate Christmas at Work

December comes with the vibes of Christmas. This winter month brings the joy of festivals, love, and happiness. It is a time of celebration all around the world.

The festive vibes have become quite different since the pandemic. Some activities have got to their normal phase yet they are not quite like the regular fun.

Christmas is a festival that brings cosiness to peopleโ€™s hearts. Be it the celebration at home or office, it holds a great place in our hearts.

The pandemic has made the celebrations different for the offices and home. The people working from home are not able to celebrate it with their colleagues and have the fun they used to have. But there are always ways to celebrate no matter what.

Christmas Traditions and Celebrations
The Pandemic and The Christmas Celebrations
How To Celebrate Christmas in Offices?
How to Celebrate Christmas Virtually at Work?

Christmas Traditions and Celebrations

Various cultures around the world consider this time of the year as the end of dark days and the beginning of new bright days. Everyone and every culture celebrate it in their way.

Most of the people celebrate the festival with some basic traditions. These might include decking up the Xmas tree, performing church services, distributing candies, having feasts, and the most important having or becoming a Santa Claus.

The Pandemic and The Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration

The pandemic has widely affected the celebrations of Christmas. Mid-December used to be the time when people would start prepping up for Christmas at their offices and home.

Offices during the time of Christmas have an exciting atmosphere. There are events hosted, offices get decked up, secret Santa is played, and more.

The Christmas celebrations have now become different. The work-from-home culture has created mixed feelings among the employees. Some feel happy to be at home and chill in their own cosiness. On the other hand, some tend to miss the office Christmas celebrations.

How To Celebrate Christmas in Offices?

Since employees want to leave for home early to enjoy with their friends, this time can be a bit lethargic at the offices. So, there are certain things that you can do to make this time exciting at the office. These include:

It's Time to Bring in The Secret Santa

This is one of the best ways you can spice up the Christmas celebrations in offices. Play secret Santa with your colleagues. It creates excitement among the employees to be a secret Santa for someone and receive a secret gift too.

Host Events

This is a great idea to keep up the celebrating spirit in the office. Hosting events promotes teamwork among the employees. It can be a fun activity to prep and have fun at the festive events.

Desk Dรฉcor Competition

Another fun activity that you can perform is organizing a fun competition. In this, you can ask all the employees to decorate their desks. You can also select a judge who can later look at their desks and announce the winner. This helps to create a healthy and fun-filled team spirit during Christmas.

Organize a Family and Friends Day

Since most of the employees want to leave office and have fun with their family and friends, this can be a great idea. A day can be organized when the employees can bring their family and friends to the office. This not only brightens up the festive spirit but also develops a personal bond between colleagues.

Christmas Gifting

This is a great time to distribute small yet memorable gifts. The company can distribute certain gifts to all their employees. This raises the enthusiasm among the employees during the holiday season. Thus, itโ€™s a great way to add to the celebrations of Christmas.

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How to Celebrate Christmas Virtually at Work?

The pandemic has made the work from home culture a new normal. It is important to keep up the festive spirit alive even from home. Here are some ways you can celebrate Christmas along with the WFH regime:

Christmas Dรฉcor

This is the simplest and the most effective idea to keep up with the Christmassy vibes. You can set up a small Xmas tree in your home and put on some lights around.

Have a Virtual Party

Another idea is that you can host an online Christmas party. If you miss your office and colleagues, you can invite them to a virtual party. This way you can enjoy the office fun at home.

Volunteer At An NGO

Christmas Toy Drive
Christmas Toy Drive

This is a generous idea to make your Christmas from home more beautiful. You can go or send some useful things to an NGO. Seeing the smiles on many faces is sure to brighten up your festive season.

Christmas Potluck

Working from home gets you near your family and old friends. Most of the time during the WFH everyone stays busy during the day and tired at night. This leaves no time to catch up with old friends.

So, you can organize a potluck where your friends and family can bring a dish and you can all enjoy it together at home. This is a fun-filled and happy idea for your Christmas at home

Be Your Own Santa

Christmas is a season of fun and happiness. The WFH regime can be lonely if you are away from your friends and family. So be your own Santa and get yourself something that you love. It's time you know that you must keep yourself happy too.

There can be various other ways by which you can make your WFH Christmas a fun one. These can be playing online games, virtual dinner with colleagues, virtual karaoke, virtual baking contest, etc.

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Christmas is the festival that brings holidays, love, and happiness. This is a fun time in offices too. With beautiful dรฉcor and various activities, employees find it an exciting time. The fun at the offices during Christmas has been affected by the pandemic.

Work From Home has taken the place of offices. More and more people are now working from work. This can be comforting for some but it lacks the enthusiasm of the office celebrations. But in the end, always remember that keeping up with your happiness and festive spirits starts and end with you.


How do you celebrate Christmas at work?

Arrange a Desk Dรฉcor Competition, Organize a Family and Friends Day, or you can play secret Santa with your colleagues.

How do you celebrate office Christmas virtually?

Have a Virtual Party, Arrange a Christmas potluck at your house, or Be your own Santa.

What Christmas games can you play virtually?

Jingle Mingle Bingo, Seasonal Scavenger Hunt, Holiday This or That, Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition, Secret Santa.

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