Why Coordination is required among team members?

Coordination is the essence of a company. Coordinating simply means to keep all the team members organized and working towards one goal. It helps to keep the balance between effectiveness efficiency of the team. In fact, experts says that "Ineffective communication and coordination is the primary contributor to project failure one third of the time, and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time".

So, we have made a guide to help you in coordination among your team. You will get all the answers to your coordination related questions.

What is Coordination?
Reasons why coordination is important

What is Coordination?

Coordination's simple definition
Coordination's simple definition

Coordination is one of the most important elements for every company. It is a single capacity which links all the business activities together. Coordination is required in linking different activities as well as maintaining cooperation with team members.

With the help of human efforts together, all activities are linked with each other. So the team coordination is the major driver behind linking the overall organisational growth. Team coordination is that pillar which lays down the foundation for employees’ cooperation.

Reasons why coordination is important

Can any business operate without employees’ cooperation? It is not possible at all. It becomes difficult for a business to operate without employees’ cooperation. Therefore, coordination becomes the major driver for business success and growth.

Here are the important reasons why coordination is required among team members:

Coordination, Importance of Coordination
Importance of Coordination

Interlinking of Different Business

Coordination helps in connecting multiple business operations. The organisation members are able to connect business operations together to get the desired output. If there will be no interlinking of such business operations then there will be wastage of resources, or may be delay in getting results.

Suppose, what will happen if there is no connection between the HR Department and the Marketing Head? If the Marketing Head was looking for immediate results and in the meantime, the HR granted a leave. If the HR has already granted a leave then why will the employee wait for anything? This will result to loss of required manpower and can cause delay to get results.

The HR could directly rejected the leave if was aware of such requirement. But due to the absence of coordination, he wasn’t. The lack of coordination caused delay in getting results.

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Each department focuses on its own objectives

In business organisation, each person or department has its own objectives to meet. Each of the departments is concerned about their own objectives and goals.

The objective of the organisation is ignored with them while making informed decisions. Sometimes, the goals of the department get diverted from organisational goals. It will be too difficult to identify such incidents because of business complexity. If the coordination is not present among the both, then it can cause damage to the business goals.

There are times when the objectives of one department cause the loss of others. In this case also, it will cause damage to the business. The success and failure of one department is linked with the other. So the success of one department at the cost of losses to another will result in failures too.

Socialising and understanding among team members

There are different personal needs of every individual. Socialising are also the personal needs of every human being. The process of coordination helps in fulfilling such personal needs.

The employees will be able to connect with other teammates. This will create a strong bonding among them. The process of coordination helps in building improved relations among teammates.

Helps in saving resources by avoiding repeat activities in different departments

There may be several activities which are repeatedly performed in different departments. These activities cannot be identified if there’s a great barrier between the departments.

The repetition of such activities will result in more use of resources. If all the activities are performed at one place, then it will save the resources. Suppose two different departments have hired a person for the same task which they require not much often.

These tasks can be performed at one place and will save the extra expense of an employee.  But this couldn’t be possible because of lack of coordination. But if there was any coordination among them then they could have saved such extra expenses.

Avoiding conflicts among employees

Conflicts inside business always end up doing multiple losses. They make the working environment disturbed for all. So they kill their time and also of the team members.  Every conflict results in wastage of time as well as resources. Any arguments/conflicts among the team members will cause damage to business resources.

Conflicts must be avoided to create healthy working environment among team members. Coordination helps in avoiding conflicts among them. The communication gap or misinformation is easily sorted out with coordination.

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Coordination is one of the most important activity in any business. It is present in every company but some do it right while others don't focus much on it. The best way to ensure good coordination is to create and manage the proper structure of the company while giving required power to people.

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