Top 10 Christmas Ads That Will Surely Make You Chuckle

Top 10 Christmas Ads That Will Surely Make You Chuckle
Top 10 Best Christmas Ads

December has come. It has brought the Christmas vibes with it. The Christmas season comes with its traditions like putting up the tree lights, baking, and cosy parties.

One more thing that now comes with the season is the Christmas advertisements. These ads bring great charm among the people and prove to be an amazing marketing tool.

Christmas makes the whole month of December a happy month. It is a time when people are in their happiest and brightest spirits.

Many companies find this happy spirit a great opportunity to market their products and services. For this, they indulge in making Christmas advertisements to attract customers. So, in this article, we will share some of the most creative Christmas ads of all time.

Christmas - The Time Full of Joy
Christmas and The Advertisements
Best Christmas Advertisements of All Time

Christmas - The Time Full of Joy

Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration

Christmas is celebrated every year to celebrate the joy of Jesus Christ’s birth. It is a holiday that everyone enjoys with their friends and family.

People start prepping for it from early to mid-December. It is the time to put the lights on Christmas trees, invite friends and family and wait for our Santa Claus.

Another important thing that almost everyone indulges in during the season is shopping. It is the time when markets are full of discounts and various offers. It is also the time when our screens and papers get flooded with Christmas advertisements.

Christmas and The Advertisements

Today is the time when no business can flourish well in the absence of marketing. Advertisements have always been there, right from an early age. Earlier, there were print, radio, and television ads. Now, along with these, we have got online advertising.

Online advertising is huge. It includes email marketing, content marketing, social media advertising, mobile advertising, etc.

Advertising plays an important role in promoting a brand. It is playing an even more important role during the festive season. Creative ads develop interest among the customers and help them connect with a brand.

It helps a brand attract more sales traffic for a product or service. Christmas is the time of the holidays. The Christmas ads are of great benefit to travel businesses. These ads make the customers want to travel during the holidays.

Best Christmas Advertisements of All Time

Some ads are thoughtful and creative enough to leave an amazing impact on the audience. Here are some of the best Christmas ads of all time:

Apple's Christmas Advertisement - 'The Song'

Best Christmas Ads - Apple Advertisement

The brand Apple likes to keep its ads like its products simple yet attractive. It surely knows how to be creative and thoughtful but also simple at the same time. In 2014, Apple made an ad showing a young girl preparing a gift for her grandmother.

In the ad, the girl uses her iPhone to record her grandmother’s old records. Using Apple’s technology, she created a duet with her grandma’s records. The girl then gifted it to her grandmother. It was a thoughtful ad that developed an emotional connection among the audience.

For the year 2021, Apple has used another creative way to promote itself during Christmas. The ad doesn’t show any Apple devices. The only thing is that it was created with iPhone 13 Pro.

Marks & Spencer Christmas Ad 2016

Best Christmas Ads - Marks & Spencer Advertisement

M&S Christmas advertisement in 2016 was quite different from the usual. They made an appealing appearance of Mrs Claus in the ad.

The ad begins with a small boy named Jake. He and his sister are seen quarrelling over small things. Before Christmas, Jake decides to gift his sister something. So, he writes to Mrs Claus about it.

Mrs Claus decides to fulfil Jake’s wish herself and deliver beautiful red shoes for his sister. The ad shows that apart from Santa, Mrs Claus is there to fulfil some special requests.

This advertisement made so many people cry and feel the emotions presented. This is how the brand showed that it is always there to listen to its customers.

Coca-Cola Christmas Ad 2020 - 'The Letter'

Best Christmas Ads - Coca-Cola Advertisement

In 2020, Coca-Cola decided to keep its Christmas ad away from the topic of the pandemic. Instead, they showed a beautiful relationship between a father and daughter.

The ad begins with a small girl giving her dad a letter to post to Santa Claus. But he forgot to post the letter. So, decides to go on a challenging journey to the North Pole. He is seen facing various harsh conditions in his way.

In the end, when the letter opens, it has a small and sweet wish in it. It says, “Dear Santa, please bring Daddy home for Christmas.”

Coca-Cola, with this ad, delivered a simple yet emotional message. The message was that this Christmas, give something that only you can give. It showed us the importance of togetherness during the festivals.

Disney’s Christmas Advertisement 2020

Best Christmas Ads - Disney's Advertisement

Disney created an animated short film for their 2020 Christmas ad. The ad revolves around Lola and her favourite toy- Mickey Mouse.

At the beginning of the ad, Lola’s father gifts her the toy. Later in the ad, she gifts her toy to her granddaughter. Mickey Mouse begins to symbolize Lola’s childhood in these years.

The ad produced an emotional angle for the audience. It showed the importance of relationships and childhood memories. It was a beautiful advertisement that touched the hearts of the viewers. It is regarded as the best Christmas advertisement for the year.

Amazon Christmas Advertisement 2021 - 'Kindness, The Greatest Gift'

Best Christmas Ads - Amazon Advertisement

Amazon has come up with its latest Christmas advertisement. The theme revolves around the acts of kindness by strangers.

In the ad, a young girl is seen getting overwhelmed by her daily activities in the post-pandemic times. She is seen to be struggling to deal with study deadlines, partying, and the city traffic.

The ad then shows that her neighbour notices her being alone. After that, they both are sitting in a park, where the neighbour lady is feeding birds. Both of them share a smile.

The lady then gifts the girl a bird feeder from Amazon. This act of kindness by a stranger has touched the hearts of the audience. It is one of the most beautiful Christmas advertisements that illustrate the importance of kindness.

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KFC Christmas Ad - KFC Red Hot Christmas

Best Christmas Ads - KFC Advertisement

KFC's Red Hot Christmas commercial promotes their limited-time menu item, Red Hot Chicken - a spicy fried chicken available during Christmas. The advertisement features a family enjoying a traditional Christmas meal with a spicy twist. They are all seen relishing the spicy flavour of KFC's Red Hot Chicken. The ad also has a catchy jingle that highlights the chicken's spiciness.

The KFC Red Hot Christmas advertisement effectively connects with viewers' emotions by portraying the joy of sharing a special meal with loved ones. The family's contagious smiles and expressions of satisfaction create a sense of warmth and togetherness, reminding viewers of the true meaning of Christmas. The spicy element adds a touch of adventure and excitement, appealing to those who seek a more thrilling holiday experience.

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2011

Best Christmas Ads - John Lewis Advertisement

I have encountered some of the most captivating and memorable Christmas advertisements created by John Lewis, a prominent UK department store. These ads are unique because they combine beautiful music and movie-like storylines to showcase the magic of gift-giving in just 90 seconds. What's remarkable about them is that they convey a poignant narrative without words.

One particularly noteworthy Christmas advertisement from John Lewis, dating back to 2011, stands out as a masterpiece in this genre. It is praised for its unique twist and the emotional climax it builds, creating a truly heartwarming and memorable viewing experience. The ad captures the festive spirit and leaves a lasting impression, making it a standout among the John Lewis Christmas advertisements collection.

Hershey's Christmas Ad - Christmas Bells

Best Christmas Ads - Hershey's Advertisement

The Hershey's Kisses - Christmas Bells Advert is a commercial that has become a timeless classic since its debut in 1989. Amongst the flurry of holiday advertising, it stands out as a captivating symbol of the Christmas season, thanks to its heartwarming charm and mesmerizing animation. It is considered one of the shortest and best Christmas ad ever produced.

The success of the ad lies in its simplicity. There is no dialogue or complex storyline, and the focus remains solely on a heartwarming performance by a group of Hershey's Kisses that have been transformed into a handbell choir. As the Kisses sway and jingle to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," they create a magical spectacle that evokes nostalgia, warmth, and togetherness.

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Microsoft Christmas Ad - Let There Be Peace on Earth

Best Christmas Ads - Microsoft Advertisement

In 2015, Microsoft launched a touching advertisement titled "Let There Be Peace On Earth" during Christmas. The ad stood out for its unconventional approach of mentioning Apple while conveying a message of peace despite the long-standing rivalry between the two tech giants. The ad's message was to promote peace and unity during the holiday season.

As the Microsoft employees gathered near Apple's office, they engaged in a heartwarming moment by singing a carol alongside children. The lyrics emphasize the desire for peace on Earth, echoing, "Let there be peace on Earth and let it start with me."

The advertisement's message urges advertisers and marketers to acknowledge the potency of positive and unifying themes. By highlighting the concept of "Let there be peace, and let it start with me," the commercial aims to evoke warm and cosy emotions that align with the spirit of the festive season. It underscores the significance of extending gestures of friendship, a universally appreciated sentiment, particularly during the holiday season.

Lenovo Christmas Ad - The Joy Of Giving

Best Christmas Ads - Lenovo Advertisement

In this heartwarming video ad by Lenovo, the narrative begins with a kind gesture from a poor old man crafting a wooden horse for a little girl. Touched by the moment, the girl brightens the old man's Christmas. At the spot where he sleeps on the sidewalk, the girl places a gift and a Christmas tree, using a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tab to project lights, attracting more gifts from passersby. The video culminates with the old man waking up to the festive surprise.

The ad's genius lies in using the Yoga Tab 3 Pro's in-built projector, seamlessly integrating the product into the storyline. The video beautifully captures the spirit of Christmas, emphasizing the joy of giving during the festive season.


Christmas is the time when happiness seems to be blowing in the air. A good Christmas advertising is that which adds up to this happiness. The ads that develop an emotional connection tend to attract more consumers.

Every Christmas, almost every brand comes up with a new advertisement. These festive ads help the brands to attract more consumers. But some ads develop a bond with the consumers and stay in the heart forever. Thus, the relationship between Christmas and advertisements is like cookies and Choco chips. It sweetens up the festive vibe a bit more.


What are the best Christmas ads?

Apple's Christmas Advertisement - 'The Song' and Coca-Cola's Christmas Advertisement - 'The Letter' are a few of the best Christmas ads.

What makes a good Christmas commercial?

To make an effective Christmas ad, you should evoke an emotional reaction in the audience or make them chuckle. The ad should be memorable and worth sharing with others.

What is the oldest running Christmas commercial?

M&M (1996), Campbell's Snow Man (1993), Corona Christmas (1990), I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up (1989), and Tootsie Pop (1970) are some of the oldest running Christmas commercials.

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