How Being Spiritual can Help You in Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

How Being Spiritual can Help You in Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

This article is contributed by Ms. Deepti Sehgal, Founder, Svarasya.

When you start the journey of entrepreneurship, apart from having all the knowledge related to business, one also needs some other things as well, mental peace is amongst one of them, through which difficult decision can be made. One needs to have that while embarking on this journey. To understand and achieve that one needs to learn about spirituality.

Steve Jobs, a visionary and the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. is seen as an ideal in the entrepreneurial world. However, more than Steve’s entrepreneurial journey, his love, and the quest for spirituality seek a bigger share of attention. The world knows how deeply he was inspired by the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda, so much so, that his last message for the world stated ‘Actualize Yourself‘!' Steve Jobs is a perfect example of bringing in the power of spirituality and intuition in the business for indomitable success. In this article, we will learn about how spirituality can help in your entrepreneurial journey. So, let's get started.

Spirituality & Entrepreneurship

Most often behind a successful business, there is a vision so great and powerful, to manifest the non-existent and unseen in the physical world. The vision and courage of a visionary to build a successful business is often a journey of manifestation of one’s own beliefs and unshakable trust in something that has the power to manifest.

The subtle energy or that spiritual angle in a successful business is often overlooked in the midst of tangible parameters that define the success of a business. However, spirituality makes its presence felt in form of a fabric of intuition or a strong belief or a vision or a strong value system of the visionary knitted in a successful business model, which is an inherently deep-rooted aspect of one’s spiritual connection. Thus, spirituality and entrepreneurship often are two sides of the same coin with entrepreneurship leading the game and spirituality backing it with a subtle force to manifest.

On the material front, entrepreneurship can be a turbulent journey of success and failure, learnings and experiences and of personal growth, teaching bigger lessons of life. While sailing through the journey of entrepreneurship, the visionary must possess certain virtues to sustain the unpredictable and turbulent twists and turns of entrepreneurship. During critical times, taking mindful decisions while looking at the bigger picture need certain virtues that need to be developed. which reflects the inner strength of the visionary. Having a spiritual mindset and developing virtues like keeping calm, being patient, believing in self, going by intuition, listening to the heart, visualizing the outcomes of permutations and combinations of different scenarios, are a few traits that have, time and again proven true for many businesses during those times of critical decision making that may have the power to change the course of how a business manifests to its highest potential.

Thus, the journey of entrepreneurship is also a journey of getting to know oneself, one's own strength, to be able to lean back on inner resources and to make the most of that subtle energy that each one of us possesses. For a mindful entrepreneur, most of such virtues are developed along the entrepreneurial journey, yet having some tools for inner transformation may completely redefine the entrepreneurial experience of a visionary.

Spiritual Traits to Apply in a Business

As already mentioned above, both spiritualism and business are two sides of the same coin. It is needed to build up the business of your dream. So, some of the spiritual traits one can apply are:

Trusting Intuition

The courage to build an empire may be driven at the back by the inherent power of intuition and belief in something that has the power to manifest. Those who have the potential, but lack the courage to manifest may have a dormant intuition and may fear taking chances. However, to progress, it is important to get out of the comfort zone, and trust in one’s own abilities and some confidence. Success, be it personal or on the business front, is always a phenomenon driven from a space of inner vision, thus trusting intuition can be a strong guiding force behind the growth of a successful business.

Having an Intention

The power of intuition can be mapped with a practical approach to manifestation by setting a clear intention. The intention could be synonymous with goal-setting in most cases. Small steps lead to greater results, small intentions, and achieving the goal-oriented milestones are a sure-shot way to keep progressing in any business. When an intention is fuelled with an un-doubtful trust factor, mystically things fall in place when the efforts put in are just right to manifest an intention into a tangible result.

Having Compassion and Empathy

A successful business is nothing more than the collective energy of a group of people coming together and having a role in manifesting the unseen. Thus, at the back of any business is tremendous human power that grows with a sense of compassion and empathy towards each other. Like the undisrupted and one-directional flow of droplets of water in a flowing river, the collective positive energies flowing in one direction do manifest into something phenomenal, that’s the universal law. Virtues of compassion and empathy knitted as value systems of any business model, create a web of positive energy that shows in the success of a business.

Observing One’s Thoughts

The mind can create a hell out of heaven, or a heaven out of hell. Observing the flow of thoughts and incorporating certain mind-managing tools that provide an outlet of unwanted thoughts can keep the mind free of unwanted fluctuations. Everyone knows how critical those times of decision-making can be, and the right frame of mind is all that one may need in the spur of the moment to change the course of how a business operates. It is now being proven in research, how spiritual tools such as journaling, meditation, sense of gratitude have the power to bring a shift in, how the neuroscience of an individual operates. Thoughts are energy, and wherever the attention goes the energy flows. Thus, working on letting the energy flow in the right direction may demand mindfully using mind tools to manage thoughts.

Observing the Clues

Most conscious and aware entrepreneurs are driven by the clues that the universe may be projecting in its own small ways in a particular situation. This subtle trait of trusting and believing in universal messages can sometimes be just the right thing one needs to do. Believing in the bigger power operating to make things work is still an unexplained yet much-existing mystic phenomenon that many entrepreneurs abide by, and this connection is only felt when one is deeply connected with one’s inner potential.


All these spiritual values and ethics will help in increasing your interest, profit, and even productivity of your business. It is not just about wanting to follow it, because it brings out profit for the business but it also provides mental peace at the end of the day.


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