List of Brands Endorsed by Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Abhidutt sharma Abhidutt sharma
Apr 24, 2022 3 min read
List of Brands Endorsed by Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Brand ambassadors are an integral component of the formula that businesses and organisations use to develop a strong brand identity and reach out to customers on a regular basis. This strategy humanises branding and develops a connection with customers that other strategies, such as slogans or product placement, cannot.

Brand ambassadors are the public face of the company, and they are in charge of building and maintaining their own image in line with the company's values and principles. Many brand ambassadors are expected to be active on many social media channels, write or blog about the brand or product, and attend product launches or other events to represent the business.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a prominent member of India's current cricket team. He has guided India to numerous victories on his own. Despite his talent and popularity in the sport, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has yet to sign any brand endorsement deals.

What is commendable, however, is that Bhuvneshwar Kumar is still one of India's highest-paid cricketers despite not appearing in many flashy advertisements or endorsements. According to Forbes Magazine, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is number 52 on the list of India's 100 wealthiest people.



Asics has appointed Indian cricketer Bhuvneshwar Kumar as a brand ambassador for the country. Asics hopes that by partnering with the pace bowler, it would be able to reach out to more Indians and promote its global 'I Move Me' campaign.

Rajat Khurana, Managing Director of Asics India, said in a statement on the brand association."We are incredibly thrilled to welcome on board the leading cricketer of our Indian cricket team as the brand ambassador for Asics India, his dedication to fitness on and off the field, which has contributed to Team India's success, is admirable; they exemplify the brand's core value.”

Bhuvneshwar remarked "I am really excited about representing one of the world's best brands. Shoes are an essential aspect of our lives as athletes and fast bowlers. Given its best-in-class technology, Asics is one company that I absolutely trust and believe in.”


Bhuvneshwar Kumar Playerzpot Endorsement
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Playerzpot Endorsement

Cricketer Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been named a brand ambassador for Playerzpot, a fantasy sports gaming website. The cricketer will appear in the brand's upcoming advertisements and will promote Playerzpot through engagement activities as part of the relationship.

“We are thrilled to welcome the two cricketing greats, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, to the Playerzpot family. It's the start of a new era for the company, and we intend to expand rapidly in the Fantasy Gaming space. Cricket is a sport that piques the interest of Indians in general.” said Yogesh Doiphode, creator of Playerzpot


This Ayurvedic skin and hair care brand debuted an ad commercial with Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the second part of 2018. Bhuvi's face can also be seen on all of the brand's male-oriented items.


What is the net worth of Bhuvneshwar Kumar?

The net worth of Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Rs 65 Crore.

Who is the wife of Bhuvneshwar Kumar?

Nupur Nagar, an engineer is the wife of Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

What is the age of Bhuvneshwar Kumar?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was born on 5 February 1990 and is 32 years old.

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