The Art of Doing Nothing: An Analysis of Cadbury 5 Star's "Do Nothing" Campaign

The Art of Doing Nothing: An Analysis of Cadbury 5 Star's "Do Nothing" Campaign
Cadbury 5 Stars' "Do Nothing" Campaign

Conceptualizing The 5 Star chocolate bar's classic tagline “Do Nothing” has been reimagined, which takes it to a whole other level. Ogilvy has made history time and again with its amazing ad campaigns.

There's this common belief that brands need to go out of their way and have a big budget for you to get there. But this time Ogilvy, Mumbai grabbed everyone's attention when they collaborated with the chocolate brand from Mondelez India.

When we are already bombarded with loads of ads every festive season, we also see a spike in advertising spending, when it's around the corner. But 5 Star decided to take a different route, do the opposite, and spend no money on advertising this season.

Cadbury 5 stars has changed its brand tagline to “Do Nothing” since December 2019 for which the initial campaigns have received backlash for the insensitive portrayal of the youth and failed to amuse. But Ogilvy really worked its magic with this one garnering views and likes on the YouTube platform‌‌.

Cadburys 5 Stars Everywhere, Do Nothing campaign series

Reasons Behind the Success of Ogilvy’s 5-Star Campaign #Donothing
#Donothing Campaign by 5 Star
#5StarsEverywhere by Ogilvy
Who Made the Ad Campaign for Cadbury 5 Stars?
Who Is David Ogilvy?
Top 5 Coolest Ads by Ogilvy and Mather

Reasons Behind the Success of Ogilvy’s 5-Star Campaign #Donothing

Cadbury 5 Star Do Nothing Campaign

Creativity and simplicity

A simple tweak in the logo made the long-term impact of making a statement. Reinforcing the tagline, standing by it, and cutting through the clutter of every other brand.


The punchline is really well delivered at the end of the campaign with them stating that they didn't even spend any money on an actor and the person chosen to be captured for the ad is an intern.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is the capacity of the consumer to be able to recognize a brand after they were exposed to it at any given point of time in their lives. Now, Cadbury 5-star has already made that possible with the do-nothing capacity.

Brand recall

They have also brilliantly aimed at increasing brand recall. That is by tweaking their logo this time. Cadbury 5 star belongs to the category of chocolates. Now that the logo is simply 5 stars, they want you to remember the bar of Cadbury 5 stars when you leave a review or rating on any app as almost every app has this feature. Cadbury 5 star is aiming to stay at the top of consumers' minds when the word chocolate pops up.

#Donothing Campaign by 5 Star

The do-nothing campaign started in the year 2017 as it moved on from the famous humorous campaigns from the characters: Ramesh and Suresh. With the key message “5 Star khao, aur kho jao” which was a hit. Apart from these, there were other campaigns that were run by 5 stars but failed to have such an impact on the crowd.

Cadbury 5 Star Do Nothing Campaign

The new campaign"Do Nothing" involves the ad in which a school-going young boy on the bus stops with an elderly woman requesting the boy to give her the stick which she dropped by mistake. However, the boy forgets the request as soon as he takes another bite of the 5 stars making the old woman get up from her seat in order to pick up her stick.

Coincidently, the piano falls on the seat the woman was sitting in. Witnessing the events, the old woman goes forward to thank the guy for doing nothing. The 5-star wanted to convey the message that doing nothing can be good too.

However, the campaign gained a lot of bad public ratings and made a negative impression on social media as well. The campaign was misinterpreted as the audience took it as promoting a laid-back attitude among the youth.

The message seemed not to make it to the expected target audience. People were not happy with the ad and it faced a lot of backlash.

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#5StarsEverywhere by Ogilvy

New 5-star logo
New 5-star logo

In 2022, when brands were spending lavishly to enhance their advertisement strategies, Cadbury 5 star actually did nothing and still captured first place in the market.

The most basic thing they did was to change the 5 Star's logo which created an opportunity to allow every mobile app in the world to advertise for them for free. Yes, 5 stars are doing nothing to advertise. Consequently, this is why the #5StarsEverywhere is the most successful campaign in advertising history.

5 stars everywhere received a positive response from the audience. People loved it and it was a success. The ad went viral and was searched by many. It was trending in no time.

Moreover, this campaign was able to change the feelings of the people towards the brand, create a positive feeling associated with it and turn it into a success. This was a great step taken by Cadbury 5-star to re-introduce their #donothing series but with a positive impact.

Audiences' positive reaction to 5 Stars Everywhere ad campaign
Audiences' positive reaction to the 5 Stars Everywhere ad campaign

Top 5 Creative Campaigns of Cadbury that will leave you amazed
Cadbury always comes with some creative campaigns. The brand has always amazed everyone with its quirky ads. So, lets look at top 5 Campaigns of Cadbury.

Who Made the Ad Campaign for Cadbury 5 Stars?

One of the biggest companies and digital agencies in India team Ogilvy, Mumbai teamed up with Cadbury creating or creating taking the chocolate bar’s classic tagline “Do Nothing”.

Ogilvy Mumbai bagged 3 Bronze awards for various works. Ogilvy was started by the founders David Ogilvy and Edmumd Mather in the year 1948, a company of giants that has been inspiring people and creating impact with brands.

David Ogilvy is also known as the father of advertising and the best advertiser of all time. What started as an office at one location now continues the rich legacy of David Ogilvy across 93 countries. The agency's area of work includes Public Relations, Consulting, Advertising, Health, and Experience.

Who Is David Ogilvy?

David Ogilvy - The Father of Advertising (1911-1999)
David Ogilvy - The Father of Advertising (1911-1999)

Ogilvy, who was a Scottish immigrant, turned a businessman when he started his first company. Known as the father of advertising. He was a salesman, chef, farmer, researcher, and Mi6 member.

Followed by this one statement, that change was his first rule. The books he has written include Ogilvy on advertising, Confessions of an Adman, Scientific Advertising, etc.

He also has a reputation for his copywriting skills and has written iconic advertisements for the legendary Man in the Hathaway Shirt, Schweppes, Rolls-Royce, and Puerto Rico, among others.

Top 5 Coolest Ads by Ogilvy and Mather

Ogilvy stands for unfolding creativity, innovating, and combining talent and capabilities. And the best part about it? It makes timeless advertisements in a world that is a complex, noisy, hyper-connected world. Let's take a look at some of the coolest ads by Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai.

1. Good Luck Girls– Cadbdury

#goodluckgirls campaign

This ad created a lot of buzz on social media. It is based on the recreation of the Cadburys iconic ad 'Asli Swad Zindagi Ka' from 1994. Highlighting the representation of women and showing them in different spheres of life breaking barriers.

The role reversal in the ad campaign is done to honor and celebrate the amazing achievements that young girls are accomplishing every day.

2. Stop the beauty test - Dove

doves #stopthebeatytest

Dove stands for beauty that brings confidence. With this campaign, Dove brings out the real stories shared by the women who are rejected during the process of arranged marriage.

Urging society to look beyond the beauty standards and not to judge women based on their tallness, slimness, and skin color. With the #StopTheBeautyTest.

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign | Did It Go Well?
Dove launched the ‘Real Beauty Campaign’ in 2004, an evolving marketing campaign aimed at boosting self-confidence among women and children.

3. Not just a Cadbury ad featuring Shahrukh Khan - Cadbury

#notjustacadburyad featuring Shahrukh Khan

This Cadbury Celebration Ad from 2020 featuring Shah Rukh Khan turns him into the brand ambassador for every local brand with artificial intelligence. Ogilvy along with Wavemaker made this campaign on the occasion of the festival of Diwali when businesses took a hit due to the pandemic.

This thoughtful campaign again proved that Ogilvy still stands for David Ogilvy's vision, which is to create big ideas that matter.

4. My First Rakhi - Cadbury

#MyFirstRakhi campaign by Ogilvy Cadbury

Cadbury's #MyFirstRakhi campaign brings attention to the experiences of differently abled individuals during the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, a traditional festival in India that celebrates the bond between siblings.

The campaign tells the story of a sister who wants to tie a Rakhi, a symbol of their bond, around the wrist of her physically disabled older brother.

This touching initiative highlights the importance of inclusivity and the need to make special accommodations for individuals with physical disabilities, allowing them to fully participate in the joy and celebration of the festival.

Cadbury's commitment to spreading joy and generosity is evident in this campaign, which seeks to make Raksha Bandhan a more inclusive and accessible event for all.

5. The shower - Hindustan Unilever

The shower

The ‌Hindustan Unilever's “The Shower” is a powerful film that highlights the importance of clean water in remote Indian villages. In many of these areas, water is a scarce resource and a simple luxury like taking a shower can be transformative.

The film is part of Hindustan Unilever's "Start a Little Good" initiative, which aims to improve sanitation and hygiene across India. By bringing clean water to these communities, Hindustan Unilever is helping to improve the quality of life for people in remote areas and promoting overall public health.


The "Do Nothing" campaign by Cadbury 5 Star is a marketing campaign that encourages people to take a break from their busy lives and indulge in a delicious, chocolatey treat.

The campaign highlights the idea that sometimes, doing nothing can be a good thing and that taking a few moments to treat yourself can help you recharge and refresh. The Do-Nothing series from Cadbury 5 star has progressed to be a success.


What is Cadburys 5-star's "nothing coin"?

Cadbury has launched a new type of crypto coin that can be mined when a person does nothing on their mobile phones.

What is 5-star do nothing mode?

Cadbury 5-star do nothing mode is a setting that can be applied to any mobile by saying "Ok Google, Eat a 5 Star" to the Google Assistant. With this command, the google assistant will not do any work nor will it allow the user to do hard work.

What is the slogan of 5 stars?

The slogan for Cadbury 5-star is "East 5-star, Do Nothing".

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