Can You Difference Between Stripe And PayPal? This Will Help You Get The Most Out Of It

Can You Difference Between Stripe And PayPal? This Will Help You Get The Most Out Of It

As you know very well that in online activities it’s been easy to accept credit and debit card payments online. But a few years ago, if you wanted to make payments through your website it involved some expenses.

But everything got changed using two payment gateways that are stripe and PayPal. Stripe and PayPal are the leading processors in online payments. If there are some similarities between these two payment gateways. Then there are some dissimilarities also. we are here to give you the best bits of both the apps. So that, you can choose the one that fits ideally for your business.

Who uses stripe and PayPal?

  • Freelancers
  • Brick and mortar shops
  • Non-profits collecting donations
  • E-commerce companies
  • Agencies
  • Online marketplace
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And many more
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Stripe payment gateway

A stripe payment gateway is an online administration that allows moving cash over the web. And the important thing is that it is favored and used in the e-commerce world. The software engineers or code-smart people use this app with its programming tools. Companies such as Pinterest, uber, blue apron, and task rabbit.

PayPal Vs Stripe

1. The Customer Experience

In stripe, the payments are processed within the software. All the payments happen behind the scenes using the stripe.js APIs. This leads to redirect your user away from the website. This helps you to make your business more professional.

2. Receiving Payments

Stripe collects the payments made by the users and then pays out in a rolling schedule(7 days). If you are wishing to view your balance, you can go to the dashboard. You can also check when the funds will be transferred. Stripe is also offering next day payment which lets you get the money very fast.

3. Types Of Payment Accepted

Stripe accepts these payments mode:

  • Credit card
  • Debit cards
  • International cards
  • AmEx checkout
  • Masterpass by MasterCard
  • Visa checkout
  • WeChat pay
  • Apple pay
  • Google pay
  • ACH credit and charge
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4. Price

There is no charge for account maintenance or for using the software. Also, you have never done any transactions. Then you will not have to pay any penalty for it. Stripe charges 2.9% of the transaction value plus 30cents per transaction. When your business grows you will get volume discounts. This reduces the cost of using a stripe.

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5. Stripe summary

This is a great app. If you are software developers willing to add a payment portal into your site. Also, you can accept payments via e-commerce sites. This is a free and useful tool to have your business toolbox. This is truly a user-friendly payment platform for large and small businesses. It is reliable and easy to get started. You can make a transaction efficiently giving you better customer experience. So, it’s well worth signing up in stripe’s account.

Stripe and PayPal

Summary Snapshot of Stripe Vs Paypal

S.No. Service Stripe PayPal
1. Fee per transaction 2.9%+30¢ 2.9%+30¢
2. Nonprofit Discount 2.2% + 30¢ 2.2% + 30¢
3. Setup Costs or Monthly Fees No No
4. Contract Required No No
5. Micropayments (<$10 Same Flat Rate 5% + .05¢
6. Recurring Billing Yes No
7. Chargeback Fee $15 $20
8. Refunds No Fees Returned No Fees Returned
9. Customer Support Email, Help Center, 24/7 Phone & Chat Email, Help Center, Phone & Chat
10. Ease of Use Easy Easy
11. Ease of Setup Moderate Easy
12. PCI Compliance Yes Yes
13. Countries Available 32+ 200+
14. Access to Funds Times 2 Days (Average) Immediate
15. Data Portability Yes No
16. Online Invoicing Free for Your First $1M in sales Free
17. In-Person Card Readers Paid Free & Paid
18. Payments Handled 100% on Your Site Yes No

US-based only. Fees vary by country.*

Paypal payment gateway

Paypal is a payment platform that offers to make and collect online payments. This app has over 280 million users and over 20 million retailers. This is no news that today everybody has a PayPal account these days. This is the most common payment method in the e-commerce payment industry. This software is more focussed on offering you an account-based payment platform.


This software includes business funding. It’s common if you think that PayPal is used for making payments rather than accepting. This is because it’s roots are from offering payment solutions. It is a formed part of eBay before operating independently.

1. Paypal invoices

Do you want to invoice a client? Paypal allows you to create send invoices from your account. Using this your customer will be able to make their payment through the invoice. This is differently handy for occasional use.

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2. Receiving payments

All the payments made to you using the PayPal system. All of the funds get added to your PayPal account. Again, you can view this from your dashboard. But there’s different here in stripe and PayPal. That is the funds won’t automatically get deposited to your account. You have to instigate a transfer of all these funds. It’s a quick process and won’t take much time.

3. Types of payment accepted

It supports these payment modes:

  1. Paypal
  2. Paypal credit
  3. Credit cards
  4. Debit cards
  5. Pay by telephone

4. Pricing

The process for pricing is complex as compared to stripe. It charges 2.9%+$0.30 while paying using card reader charges is a little lower. If you want then you can also subscribe to PayPal payments pro for $30/month. This provides you access to an enhanced range of services. It also has a virtual terminal that allows you to accept payments.

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5. Paypal summary

This software offers a wide variety of receiving payments within one system. You can accept payments online, via the phone, in person and also through invoice. The free account has various features and there will be an option to upgrade later.

Wrapping up

Which one is best? You can see there are differences between these two payment methods. There is obviously side-by-side comparison that is not fair but the goal is the same. Both apps offer great features and flexibility. If you ask which payment gateway to choose. Then the answer is that depends on your business needs. Using stripe and PayPal you can collect payments or donations through payment gateways directly to your website.

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