Chargebacks911 Dispute Management Review

Chargebacks911 Dispute Management Review

Chargebacks911® is the original end-to-end chargeback management platform, offering a complete suite of management solutions with transparent accountability. The company’s data-driven platform touches every step of the chargeback process, helping eCommerce merchants remediate risk and recover revenue lost to chargeback fraud.

This review dives into the features and applications of the Chargebacks911 platform to help you decide if it’s really right for you.

Who is Chargebacks911?

Founded in 2011, Chargebacks911 (Cb911) specializes in helping merchants prevent chargebacks, mitigate risk, recover lost profits, and enhance customer experiences. The company originated with two eCommerce merchants who were frustrated by chargeback losses. Unable to find an available solution that worked, the pair created a process built around patented methods and technology.

Chargebacks911 takes a unique approach to chargeback management—one based on trial and error, real-world experience, and proven effectiveness. The company’s solutions focus primarily on dynamic chargeback tools that target three distinct facets: chargeback prevention, chargeback remediation, and chargeback intelligence.

Leveraging Cb911’s Services to Prevent Chargebacks

Chargebacks911 works directly with clients to create customized prevention strategies. Recognizing that a variety of chargebacks can stem from merchant missteps, Cb911 offers a 106-point review of the business’s processes and policies to uncover potential chargeback triggers.

The Chargebacks911 platform is also built to facilitate the use of outside prevention tools. For example, Ethoca Alerts and Verifi Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) are examples of alerts services that notify merchants about pending disputes. Merchant can then avoid a chargeback by issuing a transaction refund.

Both providers have their own coverage network, but Cb911’s Enhanced Alerts combines those with its proprietary network, thereby offering the widest alert coverage available. Plus, any combination of the three networks can be accessed directly through the client portal, a helpful feature for merchants.

Card network inquiry programs such as Verifi Order Insights and Ethoca Consumer Clarity can also be integrated into Cb911’s platform, simplifying access for users of these products. The same is true of Verifi Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR).

Combining access to all these tools into a single dashboard helps streamline operation. Users should note, however, that the Cb911 platform only facilitates these extra programs; merchants will still need to enroll with the different providers.

But the bottom line is still this: does the Cb911 platform help merchants reduce chargebacks? Yes, it does, by identifying and resolving internal issues while consolidating and simplifying the addition of external programs. The company offers a “Fast-Track” integration designed to have clients set up and receiving prevention alerts in as little as 24 hours; many merchants report seeing positive results almost immediately.

Fighting Back Against Friendly Fraud

Prevention is important, but the experts at Chargebacks911 understand that no single prevention effort will be 100% effective. Most fraudulent claims against a company actually happen after the fact. Customers practice what is known as “friendly” fraud: using false claims to obtain unwarranted refunds.

The Cb911 platform addresses this post-transaction fraud through exclusive tools. Blending patented technologies and expert human analysis, the company’s proprietary Intelligent Source Detection allows the merchant to look beyond chargeback reason codes and find the true source of every chargeback.

This leads to more precise targeting of illegitimate claims, and customized chargeback responses that are tailored to each specific case. The result is more chargeback reversals, more recovered revenue, and fewer cases moving to arbitration.

While Cb911 does not discuss specific win rates, they’re confident enough in their product to offer the only performance-based ROI guarantee in the industry. Merchants can follow their cases and track KPIs through Cb911’s extensive, user-friendly reporting capabilities.

More Data for More Effective Strategies

One of the keys to Chargebacks911’s effectiveness is the extensive chargeback data the company has collected over the years. As one of the very first chargeback companies to leverage deep data, Cb911 has been gathering more information, from more sources, for longer than any other provider. Merchants benefit from this rich resource, which continues to grow daily and is consistently cross-referenced for accuracy.

The company’s vast knowledge and expertise have led to exclusive partnerships with some of the largest banks and processors in the world. In fact, Chargebacks911 has more industry integrations, prestigious partnerships, and world-renowned experts than any other service provider.

Expanding Their Role

With the 2020 launch of their sister brand, Fi911, the company expanded into the sphere of financial institutions. Among other things, Fi911’s offerings help standardize, create, and facilitate communications between merchants and acquirers.

Chargebacks911 is expanding its role in other ways, as well. Even while successfully working within the existing system, the company leads the fight for long-term industry change, lobbying for updated regulations, speaking out in support of merchants, and developing technologies that benefit clients and non-clients alike.

Another thing to note: unlike other large providers, Cb911is an independently held company. That could potentially mean they have less access to the operational resources provided by conglomerates such as Visa or Mastercard. Even so, Chargebacks911 is a global company with offices on three continents. The lack of a corporate parent allows them to focus wholly on the client’s needs, with no inherent preference for particular products or services.

Chargebacks911 Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits and challenges of using Cb911


  • Solutions for every stage of the chargeback process, from prevention to representment and beyond.
  • Agnostic design allows seamless integration; strategies are tailored to the merchant’s needs.
  • Highest win rates; No-risk, performance-based ROI guarantee.
  • Easy-to-use customer portal and dashboard; dedicated account manager.
  • Certified PCI1 (highest level) and SOC 2 compliance for maximum data security.


  • The company’s platform may not be cost-effective for smaller businesses.
  • Merchants dealing with extensive criminal fraud may need a secondary product for optimal impact.
  • As an independent company, might have less access to the operating resources of corporate-owned providers.

Chargebacks911 was one of the first companies dedicated to helping merchants deal with chargeback fraud. Companies worldwide recognize Chargebacks911 as thought-leaders in chargeback management. Their platform is flexible, intuitive, and widely used by merchants in all verticals. More importantly, the solution has been proven to be highly effective for chargeback risk mitigation and profit recovery.

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