5 Tips for Finding the right Office Space on Lease

5 Tips for Finding the right Office Space on Lease

Finding a professional office space for lease can be one of the most difficult tasks that one can endure. Finding and leasing an office space that both meets your needs and your budget can be stressful for entrepreneurs. There would be times that you could go online, thinking you could find the best online brokers only to fall for prey to some sort of scam. Keeping the rent terms and costs in check can prevent your business financially. So, here are 5 tips for choosing right office space on rent.

A good office makes it easier for you to book a co-working space, meeting rooms and hot desks. You can even get a virtual office which includes a commercially recognized business address. If you’re considering leasing an office for rent, but you’re not ready for commitment, then you need to consider some things before renting an office space.  

How to Find an Office Space for rent?

When you’re ready to lease the office space for your business, you need to consider certain things that will suit your needs. You can also decide to search online for a space that is near you.

1. Evaluate your Office Needs

When you’re choosing an office for your business, the first step that you need to do is to define the needs of your business and those of your employees. You should decide how much space you need and the amount that you will be spending. You need to determine parking requirements, the parking fees, and the office layout before you start searching for potential office space.

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2. Determine the Size of Space you need

Your spatial needs depend on the number of employees that you have and the kind of workspace your employees need. Whether you need a conference room or other bigger rooms, you should be able to determine the kind of space that you need to go for. Use an estimate of the square feet that each employee will use or may need (estimated to be around 75 to 150 total square feet per person).

Try and evaluate if you will also need conference rooms or other rooms. You can decide to add in space for office services such as a break room or kitchen.
When searching for a company that offers office space for lease Los Angeles, you should put a lot of consideration into the amount of space that you need.

3. Choose a Good Location

Most people commit mistake by skiping this criteria. Remember one mantra 'Go Where Your Customers Are' while choosing the location. Identify who your target customers are and where most of them are located. Also make sure your new office space stands out in their mind for the right reasons, making attractive surroundings.

It is important to choose a location where required amenities are available because office on such location will leave a good impression on your customers' minds. It is better to contact broker or agency that has a good network so that they can help you find the best possible location for your new office.

4. Stick to your Price range

Price is probably the most important factor to consider while choosing a new office for rent. If you spend too little, you’ll either end up with an office you’re not happy with, or you may have to look for another office. On the other hand, if you spend too much, you might struggle to pay the rent or you have to move again to downsize.

Thus, you must ask yourself a crucial question whether or not the price is right for you and your business. It is important to feel confident that you aren’t pushing yourself too much on the lease. Also, you must bear some things in mind such as considering any hidden costs that come along your new office space, such as parking, internet access or any other bills and so on.

Also remember that everything is negotiable even the rent can also be negotiated. Make sure that moving forward in terms of acquiring the office space you want doesn’t actually slow your business’s growth in other areas, due to the price tag attached. Don't settle for the new office space with compromise with your budget.

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5. Evaluate your Employee and Clients’ needs

Try and consider the needs of your employees and those of your clients. Depending on the type of business that you have, you may benefit from some good interiors.

The following are some of the things that you can consider when evaluating your employees’ and client’s needs.

  • The interior layout. The ideal layout for your office building will depend on the type of workspace your employees need. It will also be governed by the meeting space and client service areas that you need.
  • Availability of parking. Most of your parking needs will differ based on the number of employees your business has. It will also be governed by the number of clients that visit your office.

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