Top 10 Chrome ChatGPT Extensions

Top 10 Chrome ChatGPT Extensions

After its public launch on November 30, 2022, ChatGPT has grown to be a hugely well-liked AI tool. The technological world was surprised by its ability to respond to the queries and tasks in human-like nature. The application for its part has some setbacks. Thankfully, there are Chrome extensions available to improve the ChatGPT experience. These extensions not only correct the tool's shortcomings but significantly increase output. A thorough overview of the top Chrome extensions that can enhance ChatGPT to meet your demands is provided here. Prepare to get mesmerized in the ChatGPT experience!

ChatGPT for google

In the ever-evolving world of technology, a new Chrome extension called "ChatGPT for Google" has emerged, combining the power of Google search results and the simplicity of ChatGPT prompts. This extension allows users to see the latest search results from Google, along with the easy-to-use prompt from ChatGPT, side by side. It can be installed quickly and easily from the Chrome Webstore, making it available to everyone. Online information seeking will surely become more effective and convenient thanks to this deadly alliance of two strong technologies.

ChatGPT AI Email writer

The ChatGPT AI Email Writer Chrome extension is a game-changer in the world of email communication. This powerful tool allows users to create professional and personalized email responses with ease, all thanks to the power of AI. With this extension, you can effortlessly compose emails directly from Gmail or other email services. By using data from your previous email, the ChatGPT AI Email Writer can understand the context of your current message and generate a response that is not only accurate but also maintains a personal touch. This not only saves time and effort in composing emails but also ensures that your message is clear and effective.

Youtube summary with ChatGPT

Are you sick of watching YouTube videos that go on and on without ever getting to the point? The "YouTube Summary with ChatGPT" extension is your best option. This powerful tool adds a transcript box to the right of your YouTube videos, allowing you to read along with the video. But the real magic happens when you click the "Summarize" button. It opens in a  tab and automatically loads the entire transcript and your request to summarize it. In just a few moments, you'll receive a clear and concise summary of the entire video. With this, you can save valuable time and get straight to the information you need without the hassle of watching lengthy videos.


ChatGPT is known for producing inaccurate, unrelated, and out-of-date responses. Trusting ChatGPT can be difficult, especially when you're doing research. The answers are outdated for anything that happened after 2021 because ChatGPT only has access to data from that year. One of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, WebChatGPT, aids in getting around this restriction.


Merlin is a ChatGPT-powered extension for the full browser using Open AI. With the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl/ Cmd + M," you may access it after installing it on the Chrome browser. You can use 11 generations each day of this premium ChatGPT Chrome extension without having to pay for the premium version, Merlin Pro.


TweetGPT is a Chrome add-on that uses ChatGPT to create tweets and tweet replies. You'll need an Open AI account, a Chrome browser, and a Twitter account in order to utilize it. After installed, select one of several moods for your post or reply by clicking the robot icon. TweetGPT supports emotions such as hilarious, sarcastic, upbeat, excited, smart. Choose one of these, and ChatGPT will compose the tweet for you.

Engage AI

Looking to save time and boost your productivity as a social media manager? Consider using the Engage AI ChatGPT chrome extension to quickly generate insightful comments on LinkedIn posts.  By commenting on other people's content, this feature can also help you establish connections with possible leads and consumers. This extension can be a useful addition to any social media strategy because it makes it possible to quickly generate individualized and interesting comments


The ChatSonic ChatGPT Chrome extension is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes. It enables users to create instant snippets of text, generate social media copy and emails, paraphrase and expand content, and much more. With real-time data, images, and searches, this advanced extension enhances productivity and efficiency across platforms such as Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the web. Its unique capabilities provide ChatGPT-like results right alongside Google Search, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to optimize their workflow.


While ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for engaging in smart and humorous conversations, unfortunately, these interactions can't be shared with others. However, the ShareGPT Chrome extension solves this problem by enabling users to easily share their most interesting ChatGPT conversations. With just one click, users can install the extension from the Chrome web store and refresh ChatGPT to see a share button at the end of each conversation.


Say goodbye to tired fingers and hello to effortless conversations with ChatGPT using the Prometheus Chrome extension.  Prometheus turns ChatGPT into a useful voice assistant, making typing-free chat simple and effective. The extension is a useful and discreet feature because it is placed neatly on the right side of the ChatGPT discussion window. Try Trying to talk with ChatGPT without tiring your fingers from typing.

These top 10 Chrome extensions might improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your web activity. These little add-ons can improve your conversations, from posting content to social media to voice commands and sharing ChatGPT chats. Along with saving you time and effort, these extensions can assist you in remaining organized and focused when surfing the web. So give them a shot and observe how they affect your daily activities.

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