The Rise And Fall of Clubhouse - Is Clubhouse Already Losing Its Popularity?

Damini Bhandary Damini Bhandary
Dec 29, 2021 6 min read
The Rise And Fall of Clubhouse - Is Clubhouse Already Losing Its Popularity?

The world we live in is a place where now nothing seems impossible. Whatever we had hoped for, is turning into a reality now. Our life is nothing less than a sci-fi movie. One of the prime elements of this new world is social networking sites. It not only helps us to communicate with each other, which is the most significant thing but also other relevant things as well. We get to share our ideas, photos videos basically our entire lives on these platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp are just some of the most popular social networking sites of this era. Like their name, it helps us in socializing with people, even with those who live in some entirely different part of the world.

One such social network is Clubhouse, a unique way of communicating with people. In this article, we will talk about the rise and fall of Clubhouse and how it has affected Social Media altogether. So let’s not wait any more, and get started with the business.

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired, or not networking, then you are using it wrong.”

―Germany Kent

What is Clubhouse?
Features of Clubhouse
The Rise of Clubhouse
The Fall of Clubhouse
Competitors of Clubhouse
How Clubhouse Changed The Environment of Social Media?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse was founded in the month of March of 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. At first, it was only available for iOS users but now android users can also use this app. This app provides the users with an option to listen to their favourite celebrities and influencers as if they are on a phone call.

Here, people discuss various topics where users also get to be a part of it. At first, it was an invite-only app, where people can only use it when they got an invite from a user only, but now anyone can join the platform and use it according to their wish. it can assist groups of thousands of people.

Here, people can use their voice to connect with people, tell stories to update them about their life and get to know and meet interesting people. It was launched during the initial period of Covid-19 when everyone was confined inside their home.

Although the popular social media apps helped in keeping people connected, there was a lack of human touch. The audio-based social media gave a real feeling and a touch of humanity.

Features of Clubhouse

Some of the special features of the Clubhouse app that makes it unique and interesting for the users are down below:

  • The app asks its users to make a profile, where they can put their own information for other users to know about them.
  • This voice chat app is divided into rooms where communication takes place, the topic can be anything. The rooms are dedicated to different topics and it has a name a list of members.
  • A user can grow their business with the help of this app, as it helps you find the desired potential customers for your business.
  • The clubhouse provides its users to hold meetings with a huge audience where they can indulge themselves in the topic. The number of people can be 5000.

The Rise of Clubhouse

With its exclusive features at a time of where people were confined inside their homes, it was able to entice the people, and naturally, the app created frenzy amongst the social media users. The Clubhouse kept on trending in the year 2020 and also at the initial months of 2021.

Global Monthly Installs of Clubhouse
Global Monthly Installs of Clubhouse

Businesses that were intended to connect with their audience in a more personal way. When the app was alone available for iOS users, it had over 10 million downloads. Such was the popularity of this app that, NFL collaborated with it and made a space where people were able to participate in a conversation especially related to football.

Clubhouse NFL Collaboration
Clubhouse NFL Collaboration

There were a number of reasons why the app was a huge success, amongst them probably the biggest one is that it helps to connect with your favourite celebrity. Jared Leto, Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Drake, Mark Zuckerberg, and others are on the list of celebrities.

As the video was not present, it created less distraction and was able to offer its users quite a great service. Its exclusive feature of the invite-only option, where one can join a conversation if they are invited by an already involved user was also a reason for its rise.

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The Fall of Clubhouse

The app saw a sudden rise in the market but it also experience a sudden downfall as well. As per reports, Clubhouse saw a 70% decrease in their average monthly users. According to some surveys, this downfall is the result of people returning to the somewhat ‘new’ normal life.

It can be considered as a one-time wonder because during the lockdown people craved for actual human conversation and this app has done quite a lot in that field.

People now don’t have that time to indulge in this conversation when they can now have actual ones. The number of notifications can also be considered a nuisance that makes people avoid this because it always sends some kind of notification and this may become a reason for irritation for people.

Clubhouse Notifications
Clubhouse Notifications

Other popular social media app started introducing this audio feature in their platform and become their competitors. Twitter introduces sound space, Instagram introduced an option where you can go live without turning on the video, communication is possible only through sound. Facebook Live audio rooms are also considered a huge competition.

As mentioned above, Clubhouse disabled its invite-only feature and now anyone can join the space of their preferred topic. Somehow, it has lost its exclusiveness, which led to the downfall of the app.

Competitors of Clubhouse

Some of the popular competitors of Clubhouse are:

  • Twitter Space
  • Discord Stage Channels
  • Facebook Live Audio Rooms
  • Telegram Voice Chat
  • Reddit Talk
  • Fireside
  • Leher

How Clubhouse Changed The Environment of Social Media?

Clubhouse is definitely not the first audio-based social media platform, but it certainly was the most famous one because it came at a time of need, the pandemic era. This app coerces other popular social media platforms to introduce the audio feature in their app so to entice the audience and become a competitor of Clubhouse. This bought a change in the social network industry.

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Although there are people who are still using Clubhouse the hype has died down and anyone can see that. With several competitors in the market that are already established brands, if a new app is not able to hold its exclusivity, it is bound to happen. If Clubhouse wants to go back to its initial days, then it must introduce some new features that will be able to catch the attention of people and will be able to engage them with the platform.


Is Clubhouse losing popularity?

Yes, the downloads of the app have started falling drastically. The social media app had 10.6 million installs in February 2021, 2.9 million in March, and 873k in April.

The Clubhouse became popular as it was an exclusive invite-only app, and during times of covid, it helped people to stay connected in a more personable way.

Is Clubhouse still invite-only?

No, the app is no longer invite-only, anyone can join Clubhouse.

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