11 Founders Shared how they are Dealing with Biggest Issue of CoronaVirus

11 Founders Shared how they are Dealing with Biggest Issue of CoronaVirus

Covid-19, which has shaken the whole world has brought everyone's life at halt. This highly contagious disease is spreading so fast that Indian Government has ordered 1.3 billion residents to stay home for 21 days. In this lockdown period, all malls, theaters, companies, shops, restaurants, manufacturing units are shut. This will affect businesses and economy badly. Many companies have told their employees to work from home. But, its not possible for all companies like manufacturing units, theaters, malls to let their employees work from home.

People are also scared of going out. This coronavirus has made people's lifestyle slow and it will take time for everyone including companies to come back on track after this long period of lock down. COVID-19 has put slowdown to a business everywhere. Travel, Hotel, Events, and Entertainment are the sectors that are suffering.

We have asked few companies how they are dealing with this current biggest issue.

How Companies are dealing with Covid-19

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AppViewX is a modular, low-code software application that enables Certificate Management as well as Network Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow. We talked with Anand Purusothaman, Founder, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

I wouldn’t say issue. But our biggest priority right now is figuring out the way forward once the lockdown is removed. The health of our growing team and community is priority. So, ensuring that all measures are taken to ensure their safety is what is running in my mind right now.


LegalWiz.in provide services to early-stage startups and small businesses to help them stay compliant and maintain legal hygiene while maintaining the highest transparency on deliverables. We talked with Shrijay Sheth, Founder, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

Uncertainty is the biggest issue that not only we, but the whole business world is facing as of now. Disruptions in schedule, looming crisis...all these are worrisome factors. We are dealing with it the way we know best - being there for our team and clients & offering the best possible service we can, as of now.

Primus Co-Work

We are a hyperlocal, proptech, consumer business which partners with restaurants, that open only during the night, to convert them into co-working places from Mon-Fri/10am-6pm, and have an mobile app using which the customers can look up a co-working place across multiple pincodes, make payment online and book a seat. We talked with Shardul Bayas, Founder, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

Our business is dependent on the restaurants and since they are closed, our business is also paused for now. Thus we are doing the only things that we can do - clean up our backend, speak to all the leads we had(especially those that were not interested) to generate a "prospect list" so that we can approach them when we open, create an action plan for when things normalize, plan, plan and plan so that we prepare to get into action when we are back.


Mamaearth is Asia’s first Madesafe certified brand that offers 100% toxin free & natural baby and mama care products. We talked with Ghazal Alagh, C0-founder, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

Since we are an eCommerce company, we’re obviously dealing with the complete disruption of services — whether that’s delivery of the products or their manufacture. Instead of stressing about what we can’t control, we’re trying to use this downtime productively— focussing on some medium and long-term marketing goals that we want to achieve.

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Metro and Metro

Metro & Metro is one of the leading manufactures of shoes and allied product in india. We talked with Meenakshi Kalsi, Business Partner, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

There’s a lot of uncertainty at the global level because we are exporters. We don’t know how our buyers would react to the COVID crises. On the other hand, there is ambiguity on the labour future which is our major issue and our responsibility. The need of the hour is to work as a United factory where the workers and our staff are all in one spirit. We all have to fight the pandemic together!
The best way to deal with the crisis is to stay calm and foresighted with the passion of forever moving forward.

Simply Fresh India

Simply fresh AI technology in farming for growing, nourishing, picking and processing. We talked with Sachin Darbarwar, Founder & CEO, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

Biggest issue we are facing right now is making sure our farms are operating at optimum capacity and we meet the demands of the orders we are receiving from our retail, corporate and HoReCa clients. We are working closely with our clients, vendors and logistic partners for a smooth operation. We have taken necessary steps for our staff at farm. We have sanitized their living quarters and are providing them their basic essential food requirement on daily basis. Also, making sure they are maintaining hygiene. We have arranged for doctors to visit our farm every alternate day to brief our staff and check for any symptoms of health issue.

Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films is a global leader in specialty films for packaging, lamination and labeling applications. We talked with Mr. Pankaj Poddar, CEO, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

  • To run the operations with limited number of manpower is biggest issue as we are a continuous process plant. We are running with limited manpower and employees are stretching their work hours, exhausting them.
  • Getting vehicles i.e. trucks and containers is a big challenge. Employees, at times are unable to reach the factories due to certain travel restrictions imposed due to the lockdown.
  • We are approaching year end appraisals, and it is a challenge for us to help facilitate employee self assessment and managers review, so it is not affected.
  • There are various training programmes and Talent Management initiatives, which are getting cancelled due to the lockdown.
  • For employees working from home, it has become ironic as they have to put more hours of work time than normal.

upGrad Education

Founded in early 2015, upGrad offers online programs for working professionals. We talked with Mayank Kumar, Co-founder & MD, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

The remote working model for us has indeed brought certain advantages to the forefront. Things like a lesser distraction, more time to think and think innovatively, and the introduction of new practices, are taking over the system. We have increased the usage of online collaborative tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Slack to communicate internally, and group video conferencing has proved out to be extremely useful for us.

Ecolab Digital Centre

Ecolab’ Digital Centre focuses on finding solutions to real-world problems around water safety, energy conservation, food security, and health & healthy environments. We talked with Malahar Pinnelli, MD, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

Power cuts, Band width issues and New laptops for the team being recruited. Given the situation there is not much we can do as Laptops, UPS or buying a new broadband connection at home, as are not an essential item.


Excess2sell is India’s Premier and leading b2b excess inventory marketplace which covers multiple verticals. We talked with Mr Rajan Sharma, Founder & CEO, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

Uncertainty is always bad for business and right now we are in a major state of flux. So people are undecided on how soon things will be back to normal. Our team is constantly in touch with our partners assuring them of the safety of transactions even during these times. In absolute terms things don’t change much, although not many deals are happening since people are adopting the wait and watch mode.

Fortunately, none of our buyers or sellers has backed out from the deals so far. However instead, we have witnessed a spurt in the E2S Premium Membership as more partners are looking to align with excess2sell in anticipation of inventory pile up. We have already tasked and equipped our customer support, logistics and tech teams to face any eventuality in the current scenario.


ZingHR is one of the oldest HRM providers. ZingHR is one of the few global ventures which offers almost all web/mobile-based modules from Hire to Retire Solutions with state of the art tech supporting those applications. We talked with Prasad Rajappan, Founder and CEO, about how they are dealing with biggest issue.

One of the biggest issues which we are facing right now is Ensuring Employee Safety and Mental Agility.We started our BCP ( Business Continuity Planning ) very early even before the lockdown and ensured that the above mentioned are taken care off. Our products like Geo-Fencing, Timesheets,  Zero Touch Payroll, Learning Management Systems, Mobile Notifications and many more have come quite handy during BCP for self and clients.

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