Top Companies Providing Contactless Services to its Customers

Top Companies Providing Contactless Services to its Customers

As we look forward to the next normal, customers are already indicating a preference for companies who delivering contactless services by taking care of proper safety measures, reducing risk all along the customer journey. Companies are moving forward quickly to institute new policies that will allow them to resume their operations post COVID-19

As India is going into a recovery phase, all its companies are looking for ways to provide goods and services seamlessly to its customers keeping in mind the safety of both its customers as well as its employees. Here is what the big companies are planning to do to provide a  contactless service to its customers.

1. McDonald’s

Westlife Development, the company that owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in India has launched fully contactless take-outs in selected cities. The company stated that this move is aimed at providing a safe, hygienic, and convenient food take-outs for its customers who decide to step out of their homes to avail essential services. This contactless service delivered by McDonald’s allows its customers to place their take-out orders from their preferred stores ( nearest McDonald’s restaurant), pay online, and pick-up their order from the take-out counter on their way to home or work.

The company ensured that the entire process from placing the order till receiving the order will be completely safe, contactless, and with adequate social distancing at every step. The company was one of the first QSR brands to resume their services with contactless deliveries and are currently delivering out of more than 150 delivery hubs.

McDonald's 'contactless service' policy
McDonald's contactless policy

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How Does This Contactless Service Works?

  • Open the McDonald’s app and select the take-out option.
  • Select the preferred store for the take-out ( nearest restaurant).
  • Order your meal and pay online.
  • Collect your order at the take-out counter at the restaurant

1. Swiggy-Zomato-Dunzo

The Directorate General of civil aviation (DCGA) has given permission to Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo to deliver the products to its customers using Drones. This will mark the first step in India’s plan to develop local drone-based services capabilities. This will set a benchmark for other companies as this will be the most appropriate method for contactless delivery. All these companies launched ‘contactless delivery’ in early March when India had less than 100 cases of the novel coronavirus. The companies continued their services throughout the pandemic with safety and hygiene measures being taken by their employees. As the cases in India have crossed lakhs and the fact that the virus’s impact is going to continue in the near future too, made these delivery startups to take the bold decision of serving its customers through drones.

“We will start flying in the first week of July and plan the clock around 120 hours of flights in two and a half months.”

said Nagendra Kandasamay, founder and director of Throttle Aerospace, which received approval from the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation in March along with Dunzo. India is looking at these experiments as a way to fast-pace its policies and preparing the local industrial sector to push into the drone service segment on a global basis.

Volume of drones in Amazon's fleet from 2016-2020 (per 1000 people)
Volume of drones in Amazon's fleet from 2016-2020 (per 1000 people)

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2. Uber-Ola

After four iterations of nationwide lockdown, the Indian government has lifted the restrictions from public transports as well. As public transportation services resume, Uber and Ola have come up with guidelines using which they will be rendering service to its customers in a ‘contactless’ way. With the fear of contagion of the virus being in the people’s minds, these companies have released guidelines using which a person can travel confidently. The things to be taken care of while using cabs are:

  • The driver should ensure that there are only two passengers traveling in the cab at a time
  • Wearing of masks is essential
  • Cab users can only occupy the back seats
  • Both Uber and Ola will need to discontinue their pooling services,i.e. Uber pool, and Ola pool
  • Cabs should be disinfected after every ride
  • Both the drivers and the customers should maintain hygiene inside the cab.

Keeping in mind the Government policies, Uber also issued some guidelines which were also reflected on the Uber app.

a) Checklists

The online checklist available on the app cross-checks that both the driver and the customer are taking required precautions before requesting/accepting the ride.

b) Mask Verification

Uber is urging the drivers to click a selfie with a mask on before accepting a ride and also allows the driver to cancel a request if they feel that the customer is not wearing a mask.

c) Free Cancellation

The updated policy for cancellation by the company now allows the passenger to cancel the ride anytime if they feel that precautions are not being taken by the driver. The driver has the same rights to cancel under such circumstances.

Similarly, Ola cabs have also taken such measures to ensure the safety of both its drivers as well as the customers.


As India struggles to get back the normalcy, the government, as well as the different sectors, are coming up with policies and guidelines for its citizens who do not have the luxury of staying at their homes and have to come out of their houses to do their respective jobs and duties.

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