The Role Of Drones In The Upcoming Future

The Role Of Drones In The Upcoming Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a big problem not only for the people but a bigger problem for the government of the respective countries of the world. This pandemic has now led to so many deaths in the whole world and that too due to its wide spread of virus by the physical contact. Now, government of the countries are trying to have the social distance within the society and trying to resolve the problem of group working so that people can work with minimum or without physical contact. On looking in this case, many experts are saying that drones can play a key role by helping people in different ways to prevent further spread of the corona virus outbreak and any other upcoming pandemic in the future. So, let us see the complete report on the role of drones in the upcoming future.

Role of drones in the working sectors

1) Drones as a Surveillance device

Drones as a Surveillance device
Drones as a Surveillance device

All the government authorities across the world are trying to prevent the spread of the virus. This can be only possible by reducing the people contact (group of bulk interactions). For this, most of the countries are imposing the ban of mass gatherings in order to ensure a social distancing which can only limit physical contact and can help in the wide spread of such pandemic in the upcoming future.

Drones can help the police and the security officials to monitor the people’s movement and social gatherings. Police and the security officials will be helped by eliminating such gatherings from the society which will eventually decrease the risk to society.

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2) Drones as a Broadcast device

Police and security authorities can also use drones for any type of broadcast messages and information for any type of measures taken for the betterment of the society like the lockdown or anything else. This can work effectively especially in the rural area where, there is a lack of technology resources and any type of open communication channels for health information or anything related to their betterment. Drones equipped with loudspeakers can be used for making any type of public announcements for any type of necessary precautions or for making social-distancing or even for wearing the mask if found outside the home. Let us make you know that the countries like China and many European countries are using drones for broadcasting messages to public while doing surveillance.

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3) Drones as a Medicine and Grocery Deliveries device

Drones as a Medicine and Grocery Deliveries device
Drones as a Medicine and Grocery Deliveries device

During this pandemic, we have seen the global lock-down in the whole world. The people are not even allowed to move outside even for the shopping of the daily utility materials. People are having fear in having any type of medical help. So, in this case drones can help in the delivery of any essential good without any physical contact or it can help in taking up the samples for any type of test required by anyone in the society.

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Not only this, doctors and hospitals will be helped in any type of medical supplies and laboratory testing and also drones can be the safest and fastest ways to deliver medical supplies and transport samples from hospitals to laboratories. One of the live example was seen in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, where drones were used to deliver medical supplies in the hospital.

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By Ria Sahni, Bhoraniya Huda Hifzur Rehman