Impact On The E-Commerce Due To Global Lockdown

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
May 5, 2020 3 min read
Impact On The E-Commerce Due To Global Lockdown

The e-commerce businesses are one of the businesses which have seen a great ups and downs in the period of global lockdown. The e-commerce business has now become a great necessity in this present situation where we are dealing with such a great solution. Let us see a complete report of the impact on the e-commerce due to global lockdown in this pandemic situation.

Present situation of lockdown on e-commerce businesses

As all the countries accepted the global lockdown, the govt. and the people of different countries made social distancing as a new norm. Due to all this, the consumers (consumer) turned to online shopping in order to complete their daily needs. Now some of the facts from different sources provides us a mix information regarding the e-commerce.

  • Situation No. 1) This lockdown has increased the online sales by 52% year on year with an 8.8% increase in online shoppers. So, in this case, the lockdown has become the blessing in disguise for online retailers.
  • Situation No. 2) About 50% of the retailers have witnessed a downward shift in their online traffic on their portal since this pandemic has come into existence. Also, around 65% of retailers have not witnessed any kind of shifts to their e-Commerce stores or platform since this pandemic has come into existence in their country. In this case, the lockdown has become a big problem which, at this moment is not giving any chance of earning a basic amount for their livelihood.

The two facts are showing a mixed picture for the e-Commerce sector, showing a partial good situation and partial situation of tension.

Positive side of lockdown for the E-Commerce Industry

  • The e-Commerce sector has calculated a great rise in pharmaceutical product  purchases due to corona virus pandemic with the use of e-commerce facilities. This includes the basic items i.e. (protection essentials) like masks, gloves and personal hygiene products like hand sanitizers, antibacterial sprays, etc. According to some analysis, online pharma stores have registered a whopping increase of about 800% in their purchases due to this pandemic.
  • The online sales of medicines have been increased significantly after seeing the spread of this outbreak. People are generally looking for medicines for cold, cough and flu, keeping a small amount of backup at their houses. Online purchases of medicines have increased by at least 200% from the time this pandemic has entered in the country.
  • The people are ordering from online pantry to meet in the case of worst-case scenario. The food items have seen a jump of around 70% in their sales, whereas, shelf-stable items like oatmeal, rice and pasta sales grew by 58%.

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Negative side of lockdownfor the E-Commerce Industry

  • COVID-19 has affected shopping patterns across the globe. It has also changed consumer behavior or in other words the buying habits. The present situation is that the consumers have shifted their focus to meet their survival needs. They are focused on getting the essentials in this problematic period. This has brought down the demand for other products in this period where there is no proper business.
  • Production and supply of goods have created a fear of a spread of coronavirus. Factory production has completely stopped due to compete global lockdown and distribution channels are busy in supplying the essentials according to the present need of time. And, governments have restricted movements, which have created a big problem for the delivery boys.

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How to revive your e-commerce business

1. Constant Touch with Customers

Your e-Commerce shouldn’t be dead during this problematic situation. You can be in constant touch with your potential and regular customers. You can send notifications to customers in the form of Push Notifications, SMS, and emails reminding them how much you care for them and how much important, they are for you. You can send messages like Resuming Supply Soon or Let Us Help You, which can show that their health is more important for you.

2. Regular Updates from Distributors/Suppliers

The distribution and supply chain has been in a very dramatic condition right now. Al though the authorities are making their level best to maintain the efficiency of supply chains but, the virus fears have slowed down the speed of every service including the delivery services. So, remain in touch with your suppliers and get to know when they will be starting the delivery of other goods.

3. Work on your own Mobile App

A study says that the average time spent by each user on smartphone has increased in the COVID-19 outbreak. So, give your online store a whole new avatar by transforming it into a mobile app. Get in touch with a mobile app development company which can help you in achieving this plan.

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