List of Top Bakery Franchises in India

Bakery business is a traditional industry in India and also highly profitable as it comes under the food industry which never dies until the end of the earth. Entrepreneurs can start Bakery business with minimum capital investment, however, the investment completely depends on the brand value and the location to operate.

It's considered to be a safe business. Any decent area has the potential for starting a bakery franchise outlet. A bakery franchise business of an established bakery brand provides multiple advantages to the new entrepreneurs. Even if the business owners don’t have a clue about the industry, they can easily run and manage the business. Most of the successful brands provide training and SOP to the new franchises before giving them the franchise.

The bakery business is a massive one which includes several products like biscuits, cookies, chocolates, muffins, pastry, cakes, doughnuts, bread, dessert items, pizza, bars, etc.

Bakery Franchise Business Plan

There are a number of benefits of investing in a bakery and owning a franchise. It does not require any special knowledge to run it. Only typical and not-so-difficult training is provided for the employees working in the franchise which will make the work easier.

Some top Bakery Brands in India
Some top Bakery Brands in India

The franchisee must have a concrete business plan that will help to stay aboard and focus on the bakery business. The plan is to make the proper financial investment in order to establish and operate the franchise effectively. It is important to note because a franchisee may suffer large amounts of loss in the financial needs in the absence of a plan.

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The bakery franchise business plan also includes that a franchisee should have a vision for the business future. The owner should articulate a 5-year plan for what they want to see as the future of the franchise. This plan will help them stay on the line.

The franchisee should also contact a franchise lawyer who will guide through the deal and help with the franchise agreement as there are many legal documents and obligations involved in establishing a franchise.

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List of Bakery Franchises in India

It gets difficult for investors or entrepreneurs to choose the ideal bakery franchise business to invest in. There is a probability that people get confused and pick the wrong one for the business. But there are also right ones to invest the time, energy and wealth in. There are certain bakery franchise business opportunities in India.

India's Revenue in Cake Market over the years(2015-2020)
India's Revenue in Cake Market over the years(2015-2020) 

7th Heaven

7th Heaven, founded in 2011, is a cake franchise with a live kitchen concept. This brand specifically offers cakes, 3D cakes, cupcakes, French macarons, doughnuts, and much more. The 7th Heaven has already 90+ outlets in the 53 cities throughout the country.

7th Heaven mainly offers 4 different business models naming the Classic Model, Plus Model, Food Plus Model, and Cafe. The area requirement and investment plan vary depending upon the business model.

Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice is a Kolkata-based bakery company. Supriya Roy is the founder of Sugar & Spice. The company is currently offering as many as 51 products including cakes, pastries, bread, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, croissants, patties, rolls, kebabs, and tandoori items, as well as packaged items such as chocolates, cookies, etc.

Border Biscuit Factory

Biscuit Factory is an excellent bakery franchise in India that has been satisfying its customer's food cravings since the company was founded in 1921. It has more about 50 outlets spread wide across cities in India.

The outlet space required by a franchisee to establish a Border Biscuit Factory franchise comes to approximately 300 square feet. An investor will have to put up around 15- 20 lakh rupees in order to become the owner of a Border Biscuit Factory franchise.

Brown Bakery

Brown Bakery is a bakery franchise that has its huge presence in major cities in India like Delhi, Lucknow, and Kanpur. The company was started in the year 2009 and the franchising option was adopted by the company in the year 2012.

The area space that is required by an entrepreneur in order to open up and run a Brown Bakery franchise comes to around 500-1,500 square feet. An investor needs to know while deciding as to whether to invest in a company or not is the cost of investment that will be incurred by him in setting up and running the franchise.

In the case of a Brown Bakery franchise, the amount of money that an investor is required to put up to own a franchise comes to around 20-30 lakh rupees.

WS Bakers

WS Bakers, founded in the year 2014, have been bringing smiles on the peoples' face with their bakery products. It’s a renowned franchise company of pastry-based out of Pune. The brand provides bakery products like baked and pure vegetarian cakes, pastries, and desserts that are available for shopping and delivery throughout the city.

The company has currently about 50+ stores throughout the nation.

German Bakery

German Bakery franchise, started in 1988 in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, has multiple stores in the city and provides delicious food products like Kheema Pao, Omelettes, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Fish n Chips, Cookies, etc. to satisfy the cravings of its customers.


Monginis is a bakery chain in India which is also known as Mio Amore. It is considered to be the best bakery franchise in India. It was started in the year 1956 in the city of Mumbai. Today, the company has more than 900 outlets in India and Egypt.

The cost that will be incurred by an investor to acquire a Monginis franchise is around 10-15 lakh rupees. A royalty fee of 6-8 lakh rupees also has to be paid by the franchisee to the company. The profit margin for the Monginis franchise stands around 20%.

Bottom Line

The Bakery Business ranks third in the food sector in terms of generating high revenue. The market value of the bakery industry is expected to grow which shows that the bakery industry is thriving and it is a great opportunity to invest in the franchise of a bakery.

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