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Kolkata is the main financial and commercial hub of east and North-east India and home to the Calcutta Stock Exchange. Many new companies start their journey from the city of Joy. There are a large number of startups in Kolkata. These are some of the successful and notable startups in Kolkata.

We have also covered startups in Vizag, Gurgaon and other major cities of India.

Kolkata startups


Taxmantra Logo

Founder: Alok Patnia

Taxmantra helps its clients with fundraising, legal services and cross-border tax and legal compliances. Alok Patnia, the founder and CEO of Taxmantra, is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has used his work experience of a couple of years. He is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta that aims to make its presence regarding tax and legal affairs global and international. The company is present in India, the United States and Singapore. The company is well-known in the state of West Bengal and in the country. It helps many Non-Resident Indians(NRIs) with tax and legal issues.

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iKure Techsoft

iKure Techsoft Logo

Founder: Sujay Santra

iKure Techsoft was founded in October 2010, it is a unique social enterprise that aims to help rural India spread itself and make health care more affordable and accessible. It also aims to improve the quality of healthcare provided especially to women and children in rural areas. They have created Rural Clinics that have helped around 3.5 million people with good health care.


Sweethandi Logo

The city of Joy, Kolkata is known for it’s sweet especially Sandesh and Rosogolla. There are a variety of flavours to explore in the state and Sweethandi just adds colour to it. The booming e-commerce gives customers to place their order online and buy/sell sweets. It gives customers choices in flavour and a lot of variety as well. The e-commerce sells Bengali sweets across the country, from Kashmiri to Kanyakumari. The order can be customized according to place and geographical location. It has collaborated with all major sweet shops in the country and hence making a delivery across the country easy.

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Meraqi Digital

Meraqi Digital Logo

Founders: Ankit Saraf and Sneha Sanganeria

The company has established itself during the peak of social media in our country. Within a short span, Meraqi digital that focuses on online platforms for marketing, content strategy, design, communication and brand strategy has made a huge name for itself in the market with clients such as P.C. Chandra Jewellers, and IRIS Hospital and The Corner Courtyard. The company helps people design their logos and make an impactful presentation that will their clients market outreach and their business make a profit.


Tripmamu Logo

Founder: Somdev Dutta Gupta

Tripmamu wants to make your holiday extremely joyful, memorable and exciting. Therefore, the Tripmamu helps you get the right travel agent to get your desired holiday destination at the right price. It is a leisure holiday marketplace which allows a customer to connect with each other through the online platform. The travel agents also get to be part of the venture in big numbers.

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Pickji Logo

Founder: Abhishek Jalan

Pickji is a home delivery company. All of us, have to do grocery shopping for daily needs at home. What will be better than those goods being dropped on our doorstep? Pickji makes it easier for you to have goods dropped at home. The company has made its online delivery method easy, fast and low-priced. A pick from the nearby store can be done from the app within minutes and will reach your doorstep immediately. It is available on iOS and Android phones.


eazycoach Logo

Founder: Om Agarwal

EazyCoach helps parents make their child excel in their curriculum in a country like India where parents want their children to excel and be best. EazyCoach helps students across the country to pick from the given coaching institutes as well as colleges and schools. It is an easy way to provide access to educational institutes in the country. Many students who transfer from one city to another because of their parent's job, also have to transfer with them. It, therefore, makes it easy from them to find a school in the place of work through the app so that transfer can be easy and smooth.


Zeroinfy Logo

Fonders: Rohit Bajaj, Abhishek Bajaj and Aditya Bajaj

Zeroinfy is an educational platform where students connect with each other for exam prep and courses such as medical entrance examinations, chartered accountancy, engineering, masters of business administration etc. It has tie-ups with major teachers across various cities in the country, the course also encourages peer-to-peer learning through notes been given to students. It aims to help spread wings of students in terms of education.

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Mindhour Logo

Founder: Varun Choudhary

MindHour has made education and logical reasoning an aim to establish its app and website. The focus of the app and the company is not just on urban but also rural areas. It aims to spread education through this portal online. It has around 25,000 questions for students from class 6th to 12th. According to their website, Mindhour has around 5,00,000 happy students. We wish this successful startup in Kolkata all the best with their commercial venture.


FusionCharts Logo

Founder: Pallav Nandhani

FusionCharts is the industry leader in enterprise-grade charting components for web and mobile applications. Since its inception, FusionCharts has made gone above and beyond to pave way for developers. Its motto is 'by developers, for developers'. According to the website, it has more than 1.4 million downloads by over 750,000 developers in 118 countries. It offers a wide range of products that developers can use to make their lives easier. It offers 90+ different charts and 1400 data driven maps. This startup in Kolkata has cemented itself as the industry leader. It has been featured in Forbes magazine and has also won various awards.


InSync Logo

Founders: Atul Gupta

InSync was founded with a clear vision to provide digital assistance to small and medium enterprises. InSync helps businesses to operate more efficiently and grow faster. Its motto is 'We connect. You grow'. According to their website, InSync has provided solutions for over 650 businesses in over 65 countries. This startup in Kolkata has also won numerous awards.


TruckHall Logo

Founders: Anup Agarwal, Varun Biyani, Manisha Sharaf and Ankit Dudhwewala.

Started in November 2015, with the sole aim of giving a new outlook to the road transportation industry. In India people in road transportation industry face a lot of hard-ships in their day-to-day lives. There are intensive laborious/manual tasks involved with goods movement. There is a chain of people involved in this business, from the booking agents to truck drivers to their assistants, who regularly encounter challenges in executing their jobs. They don't get to see their families for many days and work in odd hours to make a living. The transport industry has been often associated with words such as corrupt and in-efficient and this Kolkata startup aims to unclutter this space and bring respect and dignity in the lives of people by bridging various gaps.

So, this is our list for successful startups in Kolkata. If you know any other startups in Kolkata, please let us know in the comments. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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