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Known as the Bangkok of Delhi, Gurgaon or Gurugram is famous for its nightlife. You can enjoy your whole weekend night in the pubs here. Apart from its pubs and cafes, Gurgaon is famous for the MNC's which have big corporate offices here. However, most of the people know about those giants, so we are going to list some lesser know startups born in Gurgaon.

We have also covered startups in Hyderabad, Bangalore and other major cities of India.

Urban Clap

Founder - Abhiraj bhal, Raghav chandra, Varun khaitan

Remember Mistrion door from Startups in Bhopal? Well, UrbanClap is a very similar service. However, UrbanClap is available in many cities in India, and also in some cities of Dubai. You can get any service you want from UrbanClap. From Wedding Planners to Divorce Lawyers, every professional is available on UrbanClap.


This startup has taken the future to the next level (wow, what an ironic line.) Lybrate helps you connect to the doctors online. You can consult doctors online or on-call and pay them their fees on Lybrate. So, now you have your doctors on your mobile too.


Just like most of the founders by IITians. This service let you manage the crowd in your office or shop. Hate2wait is totally free forever, however, you can choose the paid plans for some more features. Even the paid plans are very affordable. This service is great if you come across a lot of people in your business.


Founded by Sahil Goel, Kartrocket is a website making service. They help you make a website and start your business online. Although they are just website builders they help in every aspect to start your online startup journey.


Not launched yet, but Unlaze’s vision is to provide a platform for people to meet other people with the same interest. Although it is a very common concept, no one is doing it at least in India. It will be a very helpful app for people like me who lives inside a computer, to really get a life.


Although this service is still not available in other cities except Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, it is a great service for students. CoHo stands for “Comfortable House”. It provides rental apartments and dorms. If you’re a student or an individual professional, you will meet other like minded people with the help of this service. Moreover, if you want to invest your property, then they will help you furnish your property and then acquire customers.


I might be the only person who hates going shopping during sales. The only reason is parking. If you also have parking problems then this startup from Gurugram called “Parkzap” can help you a lot. You can easily find parking spots near you. And the best part is that they even provide you discounts sometimes, on parking tickets.


Founded keeping the B2B business in mind, Prokure helps you to manage all the main activities like order placement, customer service, staff addition, etc.


I think this startup is really helpful for people like me who hate surprises. If you want to know someone else’s experience of travelling to a particular place before going there, this is just perfect for you. This website contains hundreds of stories of travellers. You can prepare yourself before going to the place according to the problems they faced. Moreover, you can also book hotels on it.


Ok, let's talk about health before wrapping up. Fitso is a startup which serves swimming classes by the certified professionals in a batch of the limited amount of people. There are special batches available for men and woman separate if they demand so. Although, I don’t think any boy wants that. Just KIDDING.


Axtria was founded in 2010 by Jassi Chadha and Navi Chadha. Axtria is a Big Data analytics company which combines domain knowledge, analytics and technology to help clients make better data-driven decisions for sales, marketing, customer, revenue, risk, and supply chain management. Jassi and Navi were previously co-founders of MarketRx, one of the largest data analytics companies focused on the Life Sciences industry, which was acquired by Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2007. The company’s cloud-based analytical applications have 10,000+ users.

Have we mentioned that Gurgaon is the city full of MNCs? Yes, I did. So, if the city has many MNCs, there must be tons of jobs available. Despite having all those jobs, these people started their startups. Many of them are even competing to the city’s giants. Did that stop them from finding their dream? Nope. Don’t make excuses that you have the jobs people dream for and that is why you are not going towards “your” dream. Do what you love. Even if you fail, you have an option to go back to your old life. Or, if you are not sure, just do it in your spare time. Just take a little step towards your dream every day. If possible, take a tiny step now. It doesn’t matter if it is midnight or early morning, just do something which will help you to achieve your aim.

Do you know any more startups in Gurgaon which are changing the world? Please let us know in the comments below and we would love to feature them in the list of gurgaon startup.

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