Silversparro—Offering AI-Powered Supervisor for Companies

Chayanika Goswami Chayanika Goswami
Apr 11, 2021 11 min read
Silversparro—Offering AI-Powered Supervisor for Companies

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It will not be wrong to say that technology is ruling our lives.  From homes to offices, to factories, we are gradually shifting dependence to various AI based products. Many new AI based products are being developed to take care of different tasks. Silversparro, a startup based in Bangalore is using AI to help you supervise your production units, shop floors and offices to ensure better productivity and less chances of mishap.

Silversparro - Company Highlights

Startup Name Silversparro
Headquarter Gurgaon
Co-founders Abhinav Kumar Gupta, Ankit Agarwal & Ravikant Bhargav
Sector AI / Video Analytics / Manufacturing Automation
Known For Sparrosense
Founded 2015
Parent Organization Silversparro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Silversparro - About & How It Works?
Silversparro -Technologies Offered
Siversparro - Target Market
Silversparro - USP
Silversparro - Founders & Team
Silversparro - Name, Tagline & Logo
Silversparro - User Acquisition
Silversparro - Challenges
Silversparro - Business Model & Revenue Model
Silversparro - Funding & Investors
Silversparro - Advisors & Mentors
Silversparro - Awards & Recognitions
Silversparro - Future Plans
Silversparro - FAQ's
Silversparro - Conclusion

Silversparro - About & How It Works?

Silversparro Technologies has come out with SparroSense, an AI-powered Supervisor for Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, and large facilities. SparroSense is a video analytics platform that analyzes feed from the existing CCTV cameras through real-time analysis. It is useful to detect inefficiencies, raise alerts, monitor productivity to increase capacity utilization directly from increasing revenues. The SparroSense suite is used and recommended by leading Steel, Metal, Auto industries across India and US.

Sparrosense Video Analytics Platform can help clients analyze their CCTV footage for monitoring people. The platform can be integrated with existing CCTV infrastructure. The processing of the videos usually takes place on the edge or the cloud. The business results are delivered on a dashboard through alerts to make sure each solution delivers an impact on the business.

Sparrosense AI Apps are ready to use models for frequently used cases like Face Recognition based attendance, Alerts for missing helmets, Productivity monitoring etc. It also provides a customized solution for monitoring end to end production pipelines.

Silversparro -Technologies Offered

To detail further, Silversparro's services include -

Sparrosense Logo

Sparrosense Video Analytics Suite:

Sparrosense suite enables quick, easy & comprehensive -AI powered CCTV video analytics for manufacturing, heavy industries and large facilities – powering fully automated ‘people’ and ‘process’ monitoring – unleashing capacity utilization leading to large revenue gains and cost optimizations.

Sparrosense leverages best of cloud & edge technology – powering Apps for SMEs as well as Custom Use Cases for Enterprise. The same suite is also powers video analytics based – sorting, quality check and conveyor belt automation for large manufacturing.

Sparrosense Plug & Play Video Analytics Apps:

  • Face recognition application
  • Work productivity measurement
  • Customer demography assessment
  • Intrusion detection
  • Helmet detection

Sparrosense Video Analytics for Enterprise – sample case studies:

  • Process monitoring at large steel manufacturing and casting plant
  • Process automation for large laminates company
  • Aluminum sorting for US firm
  • Car damage detection
  • People and product monitoring for Die Casting

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Siversparro - Target Market

Video Analytics market is estimated to be about 14B USD. However, as currently surveillance use cases of Video analytics are considered by most researchers, according to the  Silversparro  founders, the actual market size is bigger than estimated and has huge scope for further expansion.

We see Video Analytics based solutions as a major tool for driving Industry 4.0. which is poised to reach USD 155.30 Billion By 2024 - quotes Silversparro CEO Abhinav Kumar Gupta

Silversparro aims to be at the forefront of technological transformation. They believe AI-powered vision analytics is going to fundamentally change the world of business. The technology is evolving at such a fast pace that any and every task that involves humans visually monitoring or supervising people or processes will be fully automated or at least enabled by AI.

Silversparro - USP

The nightmare for many manufacturing firms is the fact that they need to depend on floor supervisors to manage their production lines. This sometimes may lead to a delay in further processes.

SparroSense suite takes care of this problem and enables top management team with the direct view of the status of their production lines via Video Analytics. It not only can predict delays but can also recommend steps to prevent such delays. This eventually leads to increased capacity utilization that can speed up higher production along with revenue without making major capital investments.

The unique USP of Sparrosense lies on the fact that it can ensure different solutions to run seamlessly on cloud, edge, and combination of both. The platform can serve clients across different locations with a wide variety of constraints of network bandwidth. The second aspect of unique innovation lies within the inbuilt mechanism to train continuously and deploy models iteratively. The models are extremely efficient and require low processing powers that save businesses from GPU processing cost.

The company started with providing Deep Learning APIs and have become an application provider by providing handholding and long term support to clients for leveraging advantages of AI solutions.

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Silversparro - Founders & Team

Ravikant Bhargav, Abhinav Kumar Gupta and Ankit Agarwal are the founders of Silversparro.

Most of the fascinating ideas brew during the college years. We all will agree to that. The team of Silversparro is no different. Ravikant Bhargav, Abhinav Kumar Gupta, Ankit Gupta were all hostel mates at IIT Delhi when the idea of a startup hits their mind.

Silversparro co-founder, Ravikant Bhargav
Silversparro Co-founder, Ravikant Bhargav

Ravikant Bhargav was in 5-year integrated B. Tech and M. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. He joined Make My Trip and worked there for 2 years working on developing and scaling their Hotel’s product. Then he joined Bharti Airtel as part of the Wynk team making it robust to handle the scale of songs as well as the users. Currently, Ravikant is R&D head and leads the core AI development ensuring every client with cutting edge research work and coming out with the best possible ideas. He is also responsible for hiring AI researchers and engineers.

Silversparro CTO, Ankit Agarwal
Silversparro Co-founder & CTO, Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal did BTech. in Electrical from IIT Delhi - joined Skiva technologies working on embedded systems - building smart routers. He was then part of Infollion developing their core product post which he founded Silversparro along with Abhinav. He leads development of products and client solutions at Silversparro. Ankit Agarwal is currently CTO  at Silversparro, who works closely with the clients to ensure smooth delivery of business values. He builds on products and ensures their scalability across cloud and edge. Passionate about technology, Ankit is also interestingly seen repairing various Laptops, computers, servers and other hardware in the office.

Silversparro co-founder, Abhinav Kumar Gupta
Silversparro Co-founder & CEO, Abhinav Kumar Gupta

Abhinav Kumar Gupta passed out of IIT Delhi (Engineering Physics) in 2010. Abhinav entered world of consulting and worked with KPMG for a year helping implementation of various government digital projects. He then spent two years working with BCG consulting for large banks and financial institutions leading transformation of branch banking and digital channels. He also led diagnostic business for Moolchand healthcare before taking the plunge and starting Silversparro. Abhinav Kumar Gupta is the CEO and leads Sales, Marketing and other business aspects at Silversparro. He monitors the clients closely and ensures their businesses hit maximum success.

Sometimes there are interesting stories around coming up with names and we can't afford to miss it. Silversparro founders have their version of the story to tell.

Silversparro Logo
When we started – we were fascinated by the potential of drones and registered our company. Silversparro made sense as the name of drone company as drones appear like ‘sparrows’ shining like ‘silver’ in the sky”. But we realized that drones are by themselves not sufficient to provide the business advantage. Unless the images and videos which are generated by these drones are analyzed. So, we started learning about computer vision and video analytics and soon pivoted entirely. But all of us liked the name ‘Silversparro’ and we are still continuing with the name  - Abhinav quotes.

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Silversparro - User Acquisition

For every company to get its initial set of customers is a challenging task. Silversparro was no different. Their first client was a company which Abhinav once approached for an interview.

I had an interview with one of the companies sometime back – and during the interview, it came up that they needed an AI computer vision solution to extract information from receipt images. Though I did not join the company, later when we started up - we reached out to the company and offered to build the required computer vision solution from them. This was how we got our first user and how our startup was born - Abhinav quotes

Silversparro acquires most of its users through word of mouth and via a network of investors, colleagues and customers.

Silversparro - Startup Challenges

The AI models that Silversparro creates heavily depend on client’s data for their accuracy – but clients were initially very reluctant to share their data with them. The team worked patiently over the past several years to build close relationships with clients and develop trust. Once, the clients see the value they become comfortable in the partnership.

Another consistent challenge is hiring. AI talent is extremely scarce and extremely expensive – so the company have developed a path to nurture and grow AI talent within the company. They hire really smart engineers and train them through online courses as well as real client problems to develop them as AI engineers and researchers. This approach has really worked for them for their success.

Initially, Silversparro offered its solutions as APIs, which was not much effective in terms of revenue. This lead the company to evolve the model from API to fully formed product which offered full value to the clients. The company also added a services component where it works extremely closely with the clients to help them integrate the solutions and ensure the complete realization of business value.

Silversparro - Business Model & Revenue Model

Sparrosense AI apps are based on the monthly subscription model. The price may vary from 50 USD to 300 USD per camera per month depending upon the use case.  The commercial model of the company is a combination of development charges and quarterly subscription to the Sparrosense Edge and Cloud Platform. The overall commercial solutions range from 5000 USD to 25000 USD per month.

Silversparro - Funding & Investors

Silversparro has raised funding worth $365K in two rounds till date.

Funding Date Funding Stage Funding Amount Investor
6th December 2016 Angel Round $65K GSF, Rajesh Sawhney, Anand Chandrasekharan, Dinesh Agarwal (Indiamart CEO), Ashish Toshniwal, Sumesh Menon, M&S Partners, Powerhouse Ventures
1st January 2018 Seed Round $300K GSF- Rajesh Sawhney, Anand Chandrasekharan, Dinesh Agarwal (Indiamart CEO), Ashish Toshniwal, Sumesh Menon, UHV Technologies, M&S Partners, Powerhouse Ventures, Shangrila

Silversparro - Advisors & Mentors

The team is deeply thankful for the entire startup ecosystem along with special gratitude to Rajesh Sawhney, Anand Chandrasekaran, and Sri Peddu from Power House Ventures. Their combined efforts and suggestions have helped the startup to grow progressively until today.

Rajesh has helped us navigate fund raising and connected us with various investors and customers. Anand has helped us with shaping our product vision. Sri Peddu has always been encouraging especially during low points in our journey.

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Silversparro - Awards & Recognitions

  • Silversparro was mentioned amongst top AI startups by Head of Niti Aayog.
  • Silversparro has been mentioned as the top video analytics companies.
  • Abhinav represented Silversparro on NDTV panel for ‘The New face of Artificial Intelligence’

Silversparro - Future Plans

For the past 6 months, the company has operationally break even. It has also worked with reputed companies like  Viacom18, Aditya Birla Finance Limited, Nephroplus, CrownIt and Policy Bazaar. Silversparro has also recently added clients in core manufacturing – Merino Laminates Industries and PTC Industries Limited and are in pilots with large manufacturing clients in India and the US.

In the long term the company wants to build a comprehensive suite of Video Analytics Products & Services to enable productivity enhancement for every Industry.

Silversparro - FAQ's

Who are the Founders of Silversparro?

Ravikant Bhargav, Abhinav Kumar Gupta, and Ankit Gupta are the founders of Silversparro.

Who is the CEO of Silversparro?

Abhinav Kumar Gupta is the CEO and leads Sales, Marketing, and other business aspects at Silversparro. He monitors the clients closely and ensures their businesses hit maximum success.

What is Sparrosense AI Supervisor?

Sparrosense AI Supervisor is a new tool for manufacturing facilities to monitor people and processes on their shop floors using the power of video analytics. Sparrosense provides new data & insights to solve delays, drive productivity and optimize various processes.

At what locations is the Sparrosense AI Supervisor available?

Sparrosense AI Supervisor is currently available only in India and the USA.

Will Sparrosense team also provide on-premise server?

Sparrosense does not provide on-premise servers but we would be happy to connect you to third-party hardware providers.

Would I be able to integrate data generated by Sparrosense AI Supervisors back to my Automation or BI systems?

Sparrosense comes with built-in APIs using which you may directly pull data from Sparrosense databases to your existing BI and automation systems.

Silversparro - Conclusion

Sparrosense AI Supervisor monitors people and process using the power of video analytics. Sparrosense AI Supervisor is a new tool for manufacturing facilities to monitor people and processes on their shop floors using the power of video analytics. Sparrosense provides new data & insights to solve delays, drive productivity and optimize various processes.

  • Provides data for processes which previously went unmonitored and unrecorded in real-time, works 24*7 and fully automatically.
  • Predicts delays by comparing the process timings against SOPs and prevents them by sending alerts and reminders via WhatsApp to workers & supervisors in real-time.
  • Enables diagnosis and optimizations of manual processes by easy data analytic tools.

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