C Com Digital: A 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency

Digitization has become the universal phenomena that is growing with every passing day. The increasing prominence of virtual space is observed to influence almost every domain of work. Especially in India with the highest mobile penetration, the scope for digital marketing has assumed importance. Under this circumstance, it is necessary for every venture to have a digital presence and come up with ideas to woo its potential customers who are present online, and a company that is helping businesses use the digital medium to its advantage is C Com Digital. C Com Digital is India's first 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency with AI powered platform, which helps companies to be ahead of its competitors through the effective marketing services it provides in various domains of digital marketing.

Startup Name C Com Digital
Headquarter Mumbai
Sector Digital Advertisement
Founders Chandan Bagwe
Founded 1999
Parent Organization C Com Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Website C Com Digital

About C Com Digital and How it Works
Digital Advertising Industry Details
Founders of C Com Digital and team
How was C Com Digital Started
C Com Digital - Name, Tagline and Logo
C Com Digital - User Acquisition
C Com Digital - Technology Stacks/Tools/Software Used
C Com Digital - Startup Challenges
C Com Digital - Growth
C Com Digital - Awards
C Com Digital - Future Plans
C Com Digital - Founder's Advice

About C Com Digital and How it Works

C Com Digital is a 360-degree digital marketing agency that employs the latest technological developments like AI and data analytics. Headquartered in Mumbai, C Com offers its services pan India. They offer a plethora of products and services, all under one roof. The products and services include:

  1. ThinkBots (Building Brands with AI): AI based Campaign management and performance optimization platform
  2. Digital Assets: Website, Mobile Apps, E-commerce Store
  3. Digital PR and Events: Media Outreach, Influencer Marketing, Brand Reputation Management
  4. Creatives and Branding: Corporate Collaterals, Positioning, Branding
  5. Digital Advertising: Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Network Advertising, E-Commerce advertising
  6. Digital Content: Videos, Blogs, EDMs, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some of the key factors for ROI in digital marketing include Market Insights, Customer Engagement, Voice Search, Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, and Hyper-Local Advertising. C Com Digital takes into account every factor so as to arrive at an effective strategy that gives 100% results.

Digital Advertising Industry Details

The shift of ad spending from traditional to digital media is happening at a rapid pace. The Indian ad industry stands at INR 61,878 crore and is expected to touch 82,250 crores by 2021 growing at a CAGR of 10.62%.

Digital ad spends currently stand at INR 10,819 crore, contributing 17% to the total expenditure of the advertising industry. This is expected to touch INR 14,281 crore by the end of 2019 growing at 31.91% said the digital ad spend forecast report published by DAN in association with trade portal Exchange4media. Digital will contribute 29% of the ad market size by 2021. Besides, another 20% of this spend on advertising is expected to be spent by brands for digital content creation, PR and digital services such as websites, mobile apps, search engine optimization and social media engagements.

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Founders of C Com Digital and team

Chandan Bagwe is the Founder and Managing Director of C Com Digital. He is an engineering graduate, and holds a Masters' degree in Computer Science from the United States. Besides, Chandan did MBA in Marketing from the reputed Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. He is an avid teacher; a visiting faculty member at the premier B-school, Welingker's Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Besides, he is passionate about reading (non-fiction books, including biographies, philosophy, and spirituality), watching science-fiction movies, jogging, and yoga.

C Com Digital team
C Com Digital team

Nikhil Marwaha, Director of Digital Strategy, has 14 years of cross-functional experience in design, product development and digital marketing in industries such as education, retail and dotcom. He has successfully led and delivered many insightful oversees campaigns, including those that drive results and support clients' business objectives. He brings to the table some exceptional work experience from his years with top brands such as the Future Group and Tata Interactive Systems, Tata Communication Services, Globus.

How was C Com Digital Started

Coming from a business family, Chandan Bagwe had a natural inclination towards the business sector. While he was studying in the USA, from 1995 to 2000, the IT industry in India has started gaining prominence, and soon it was flourishing. Exactly around the same period, Amazon.com started growing in the USA. TCS, Infosys, Wipro grew by many folds in India. Chandan Bagwe took inspiration from Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com. Thereon, Chandan Bagwe had decided to start an IT company and outsource work from the USA to India.

The team wanted a name that was short and had good recall value. The name of the company is C Com Digital which stands for 'Creative Communications'. Digital agencies are all about creativity and communication over the internet.

C Com Digital Logo
C Com Digital Logo

C Com Digital logo carries 2 rings connected as links which represents the world connected with Internet. The two colors in these two rings represents the strong bond between the two organizations i.e. C Com and its associates.

C Com Digital - Growth

Founded in 1999, C Com Digital is India's first 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency with AI-powered platform. The company caters to the entire spectrum of digital marketing services for B2Band B2C customers. C Com Digital ThinkBots is a proprietary AI powered Campaign planning, campaign management and performance optimization platform. C Com Digital has become renowned as a leading agency in the country's digital space by creating strong digital assets, effective digital PR, creative branding, digital advertising and valuable digital content

The company has grown by 200% since its establishment with a strong team of leading online influencers and advertising partners. The brand has expanded in the metropolitan cities of Chennai and Bengaluru as well as Hyderabad. Also, they have a client base in Dubai, Singapore and the USA.

In all these years, the company has managed to successfully build a very strong network of Youtubers, Influencer Marketers, Multi-Channel Agencies, Ad Networks, OTT Channels and Video Content Developers.

C Com's clients are higher rung companies belonging to various segments, including industry leaders like Times Now, Zoom, Edelweiss, Southern Health Foods Pvt. Ltd (Manna), Tata Interactive Systems, Tata ClassEdge, Blue Cross Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Anunta Technology Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Asian Heart Institute, We School, Chintamanis, Outlook Publishing, Ram Ratna Group, and Globus.

C Com Digital - User Acquisition

Getting the first few customers is quite a task for any startup, and so was it for C Com Digital. Chandan managed to rope in the initial customers by leveraging the contacts of his family run offset printing business.

We have a family offset printing business which was looked after by my father and brother. I started contacting the network of clients, suppliers, associates for their requirements, and getting business slowly.

Thereafter, C Com Digital partnered with 30 advertising agencies to get more work. When C Com Digital was established, advertising agencies could not provide technology services such as website development, SEO and social media. Due to such a gap in the then existing market, C Com Digital ultimately became their preferred partners to provide technology solutions which helped C Com in expansion of its network.

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C Com Digital - Technology Stacks/Tools/Software Used

C Com's ThinkBots is a proprietary AI powered campaign planning, campaign management and performance optimization platform. C Com uses ThinkBots AI platform to find valuable insights for marketing the products and services. With the insights received, the company starts executing the plan and monitor closely the progress in real time. C Com's partnership with leading YouTube channels and YouTubers allows it to execute successful influencer marketing campaigns. C Com has also partnered with Google, Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm for online marketing and e-commerce businesses.

C Com Digital - Startup Challenges

Initially, C Com Digital had to face a few challenges concerning creating their mark and distinguishing themselves from their competitors. Mainly since 2007, digital agencies began flourishing. That was the period when SEO agencies were on the rise, along with SMO agencies with Google and Facebook popularizing advertisements on their platform. Nevertheless, C Com Digital successful in creating a niche in the market due to their background in core technology, unlike others. This further allowed them to embrace all the technological and marketing shifts that were occurring in the industry.

The demand started growing in the digital industry, and at the same time, the visionaries from the mainline media understood the importance of the digital agencies. This resulted in several mergers and acquisitions between digital marketing companies and mainline agencies to form new digital agencies. C Com Digital thrived in this digital outbreak working with all top mainline agencies and taking care of their digital work without getting merged or acquired.

C Com Digital Awards and Recognition

  • C Com Digital has run successful campaigns including the award-winning campaign for Times Now- NRI of the Year, resulting in doubling the growing participation with the audience from across 15+ countries.
  • The company also showcased its expertise in digital mediums with a successful campaign "Happy Heart India" for "Asian heart Institute", supported by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar to save lives of 200 underprivileged children suffering from chronic heart ailments.
  • C Com Digital has been growing big since it was established. Recently, it has created a huge hype in the media and won the media mandate from Blue Cross Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. for an awareness drive on dysmenorrhea- #WhySufferSilently campaign, which managed to reach 81 lakh people through social media platforms.
  • Received 'Best Unique & Innovative Promotion of the Year' at the National Jewellery Awards, for Chintamanis' #LoveWins Campaign.
  • 'Content Marketing Agency of the year 2019' at the AgencyCon Indian Agency Awards Summit for NRI Of The Year Awards, Season 4 Campaign.
  • C Com Digital was awarded by TATA classedge for achieving the milestone of reaching 15,000 classrooms.

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C Com Digital - Future Plans

With the arrival of IoT, Big Data, concepts and the advancements in data analytics, AI is going to become all-pervasive and play a crucial role in brand engagements. Bots will be capable of doing incredible things and will exceedingly enhance the human experience in all walks of life. AI is evolving rapidly in many realms such as research analysis, design, consumer mapping, social media marketing etc. Against such a background C Com Digitals' ThinkBots is poised to become the next big thing in AI for digital marketing space, given its exceptional capabilities and breakthrough technology.

C Com Digital - Founder's Advice

My advice would be to aim for sustenance rather than biting more than one can chew. Hence, the fundamentals must be in place, both in thoughts and action before critically planning further expansion. In addition, there are four essential qualities that any entrepreneur must have: belief, focus, planning, and action. All four are equally important and require maximum sincerity. A high regard for these ideals will inevitably create an unstoppable force - Chandan Bagwe
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