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In 2018, Tamil Nadu Assembly Secretariat received 4600 applications for the post of sweepers and sanitary workers and amazingly a fair share of the applicants were graduates and postgraduates. Again the news of 93000 candidates including graduates, postgraduates and even PhD holders applying for peon jobs in UP is also trending. These are just two, there are many such incidents which over and over prove the love for Govt jobs that Indians have. While this craze for Govt jobs has remained the same for years, thankfully the way of preparing for Govt job exams has changed for better.

Earlier the Govt job aspirants either had to take coaching for preparing for the exams which in many cases was quite expensive or one has to prepare on its own which is not easy either as it involved collecting lots of material for study and practice and studying without any proper guidance. Again, the youth from backward places did not get adequate opportunities and resources to prepare for jobs. However, the advent of edtech has changed the scenario altogether, by providing required resources and guidance for job preparations online.

Gurgaon based OnlineTyari is such a startup which is making it easier for the Govt job aspirants to prepare for their dream job.

Startup Name OnlineTyari
Headquarter Gurgaon
Founders Bhola Meena & Rajveer Meena
Sector EdTech
Founded 2014
Parent Organization Next Door Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About OnlineTyari and How it Works

OnlineTyari, a brainchild of Bhola Meena and Rajveer Meena - an IIT+IIM alumni, is India’s leading and fastest growing web and mobile app platform providing a complete solution for online preparation for different competitive exams in India. Headquartered in Gurgaon, OnlineTyari is turbocharged by the latest technologies for solving test preparation problems and facilitates the students interested in government jobs exam preparation in all possible manners. Its unique data-driven and deep analytical approach make it unique in the field.

The students can avail mock assessment tests, test preparation e-books and study material in three languages i.e., Hindi, English, and Marathi. Students can also buy video courses on various subjects for various exams on OnlineTyari

Again, the coaching classes can tie-up with OnlineTyari for test prep solutions and other technical needs. Recently, the company also established its offline presence by establishing  Experience Centers in Patna and Jaipur where students can take tests and get their doubts cleared. It regularly produces content and sends alerts to the students about the new openings and the deadlines to fill out the forms.

Our product was well taken by users and loyal users have been spreading good words about us in the student community. Keeping that vision in sight, we have kept product so simple that our users across geographies can use it.

OnlineTyari - Target Market

Based on a report published by KPMG and Google, India’s online education market is set to grow to $1.96 billion by 2021 and online test preparation is expected to grow at a CAGR of 64 percent. The market for government and public sector entrance exams in India is huge, with more than 20 million aspirants every year.

OnlineTyari Founders

Bhola Meena, with a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur, Bhola has been constantly employing his skills and hard-earned knowledge for giving momentum to online education in the country and bringing in innovations in the online education tech space.

Being an entrepreneur by nature, Bhola has been instrumental in giving wings to two other start-ups in the past in the internet space. He was a partner at—a destination for Hindi translation and English-Hindi learning and previously he co-founded and served as CTO for, one of the first three taxi-hailing apps in India. Prior to this, he was also associated with brands like Microsoft as IC and Technical Lead and Aricent Group as Software Engineer.

Rajveer Meena has over a decade of proven experience ranging from software development to product management to business development. After earning his B.E. Degree in Computer Engineering in 2004, he joined Tata Consultancy Services as Assistant Systems Engineer. He has also completed professional stints at Ramco and HPCL and established himself as an emergent business leader. A PGDM from the prestigious IIM Lucknow, the aspirational and motivated Rajveer embraces a consistently, high-focus approach in his career. Today, his consistent track record of building teams and implementing ideas has led him becoming a key visionary for OnlineTyari.

His expertise lies in decoding user behavior, spotting implicit needs, building a product roadmap and delivering with smart solutions. He shares with his team to solve problems grounds-up to successfully create a strategic business differentiator.

How was OnlineTyari Started

Both Bhola Meena and Rajveer Meena are known to each other for last 14 years. Bhola took an exit from Getmecab in 2013. While he was spending time at his family village in Rajasthan after exit, some children from neighborhood visited him to take inspiration from their studies. One of them was preparing for a Government job and asked him to bring back certain books, guides, and mock papers from the renowned coaching institutes from Delhi on his return to the home village next time.

While probing further, he discovered there were students in the village who aspired and dreamt of doing big in life but due to limited resources, they were unable to live up to their potential. They neither had the right resources to prepare for exams nor the exposure to know how many exams are conducted across the country for various government jobs where they can apply.

When he discussed this with a couple of friends including Rajveer, the journey of OnlineTyari was started. They realized there is a huge gap which needs to be filled in terms of making information accessible & organized and helping the young generation to get the jobs they truly deserve. They did market research and conducted a survey at a couple of cities including Jaipur, Kota, Delhi before starting. The initial response was overwhelming and they started working on the portal from Jaipur in 2014.

Bhola and Rajveer understood the real need of students and started delivering value with OnlineTyari app, website.

OnlineTyari - Revenue Model

At present, OnlineTyari is working on monetization through it annual subscription-based revenue model i.e. TyariPlus. Tyari Plus was launched during last week of March 2018 and till date over 7500+ students have subscribed to this product. They are hoping to touch over 25,000+ paid monthly subscriber in 4-6 months. OnlineTyari. Usually, students Students do appear over 5-10 exams a year and they end up spending over 3000 to 5000 for preparation courses. With TyariPlus, OnlineTyari is offering the same value at @1499 for an annual subscription. As part of the introductory offer, this plan is available at INR 399 for a limited period. In TyariPlus students get the following benefits:

  • Student material for 25+ exams with 1000+ mock tests next 12 months
  • Multiple language preparation materials: Hindi, English and Marathi
  • Counselling Session with expert
  • Personalized Analytics
  • Student-driven doubt clearing community

Other than subscribing for TyariPlus, students can also opt for separate packages for different exams and subjects.

OnlineTyari - Funding and Investors

OnlineTyari has raised a total  funding of $5.75 Million till now.

Date Stage Funding Amonunt Investors
September 2015 Seed $750K 500 Startups, Mohandas Pai, Tandem Capital, Vikram Chachra and Aloke Bajpai co-founder & CEO of Ixigo
November 2016 Series A $5M Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

OnlineTyari - Startup Challenges

As the company started from Jaipur in 2014, During early years (2014-15), users response for paid courses was slow due to multiple factors such as low trust to online preparation material, greater familiarity with traditional study methods and lack of online payment infrastructure. But the team decided to remain invested and learned the art of survival during those situations. The vision to make an impact was always much larger than momentary situations. But gradually students response to the product improved and they also started getting lots of inbound feedback on various fronts. Since then the company did not look back and is adding value to student’s life every day. But now the trend has started changing for edtech platforms since early 2017. This can be understood with the spurt in the adoption of paid users of platforms including Unacademy, Neo Stencils, Byju’s and OnlineTyari as well.

OnlineTyari - Competitors

OnlineTyari counts Unacademy, Oliveboard, Neostencil, Gradeup, Testbook, Toprankers as its competitors.

However, the vernacular approach has provided OnlineTyari the much-needed depth in Hindi and Marathi states and has helped it stay above the competition. The easy to use product coupled with vernacular content has resulted in super growth without spending a significant amount on marketing. This has given them an edge over the competitors and they are now leading test preparation platform among peers. OnlineTyari's daily submitted assessments are far more than 2nd near competitor.

OnlineTyari - Partnerships and Tie-ups

OnlineTyari has partnered with ePayLater to provide its customers with a convenient option of making payment for online job-oriented tests courses, and paying for them later. OnlineTyari has also partnered with various educational institutions, coaching institutes and individual tutors who provide quality material for various examinations like IBPS, SSC, UPSC, GATE, etc. The company also partners with various coupon sites and paytm to sell its subscription.

OnlineTyari - Growth

With vernacular presence & multiple exams, the company has 8.5 million registered Users & 7 million students have downloaded the onlinetyari app. Presently over 5,50,000+ students prepare with us every day. We can call OnlineTyari to be Bharat APP in the true sense. Majority of users for OnlineTyari hails from cities such as Patna, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, Ajmer, along with large metros such as Delhi and Pune.

OnlineTyari - Future Plans

OnlineTyari envisions to become India's No. 1 test preparation platform. Working towards this, the company will be expanding its offline presence in North India. It is also looking to enable more vernacular languages on its platform in the coming years. With a clear vision and strategy to make its mark in the edtech sector, OnlineTyari endeavors to bring the youth of the country on a single digital platform and help them prepare well for their dream government jobs.

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