Jaipur Startups | Entrepreneurs & Startups in Jaipur [2019 Exhaustive List]

The Pink City of India and the capital of Rajasthan is famous for its forts, markets, and I can’t forget to mention celebs’ favourite “Annu Mobile Paan Bhandar”. But beside these, Jaipur is becoming famous for one more factor, it is in Startup industry. Here we have listed some of the most successful startups in Jaipur.

We have also covered startups in Hyderabad, Chennai and other major cities of India. These are the list of startups that are going to be successful in the future. Let's have a look into it.

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List of Startups in Jaipur

Desi Diaries
Mr & Mrs Pet
Street Jumper


Founder- Amit Jain

Industry- Application Software

CarDekho Logo | Startups in Jaipur

CarDekho was founded in 2008. CarDekho helps users buy cars that are right for them. CarDekho gives rich automotive content such as expert reviews, detailed specs and prices, comparisons as well as videos and pictures of all car brands and models available in India on its website and app. CarDekho has tie-ups with many auto manufacturers, more than 4000 car dealers and numerous financial institutions to facilitate the purchase of vehicles.

The company has expanded to Southeast Asia with the launch of Zigwheels.ph, Zigwheels.my and Oto.com. It also has a presence in the UAE with Zigwheels.ae

CarDekho has received a total of $262.5 M in funding till date. Its investors include Google Capital, Tybourne Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital, HDFC Bank, Ratan Tata and Times Internet.


Founder- Vishwas Shringi & Jagrati Shringi

Industry- Jewelry Portal

Voylla Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Voylla was founded in 2011. Voylla is fashion jewelry destination with robust online presence and an expansive retail presence of 250+ Stores across India. Voylla started operations in 2012 in Bengaluru and then shifted its base to Jaipur in 2013, started selling men's accessories from its stores in 2015.

Voylla had raised USD 15 million in funding from private equity firm, Peepul Capital last year. Prior to that, the company had raised two rounds of funds in 2012 and 2013 from Snow Leopard Technology Ventures.


Founder- Abhishek Soni & Vertika Kedia

Industry- Fintech

Tax2win Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Tax2Win is the startup working to help other startups grow. Tax2Win can assist in all the tax-related issues. They can handle everything related to tax on behalf of the firm. The startups don’t have to worry about ITR. They also provide CAs to assist you in filing ITR, if you wish to. Other than that, they have various kind of financial tools available on their website.

Tax2Win was founded by Abhishek Soni and Vertika Kedia. Both the founders are Chartered Accountants. The idea of Tax2Win came to Abhishek's mind when he used to travel a lot in shared cabs and people used to ask if he can file their return.

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Founder- Prateen Goel

Industry- Re-Commerce

Instacash logo | Startups in Jaipur

Instacash is a website where people can sell their old phone. The company provide home pick up service and a good price on the phone. They use an algorithm to determine the price of the device the user is selling. The main factors being the market value and the current condition of the phone. After buying from general public, Instacash then wipe our the data of the phone and sell it to further dealers who then sell it to people who are looking to buy second hand phones.

Instacash was founded by Prateen Goel in 2017. Before starting Instacash, Prateek has founded Zerowaste and co-founded Teramatrix and Codescape.


Founder- Ravi Santalani

Industry- Media

ScooNews Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Scoonews is a news platform focused on the news related to education. It is  a website where teachers and other professionals of education industry can keep a tab of their industry. Along with reading, people can also contribute by submitting their articles on their website. Moreover, they have listed some videos which anyone interested in education field should watch.

Scoonews was founded by Ravi Santalani in 2016. Before starting Scoonews, Ravi was the CEO of AddADot Technologies.


Founder- Sourav Lodha

Industry- Jewellery

Kuberbox Logo | Startups in Jaipur

KuberBox is a jewellery startup which deals with a vast variety of jewellery. Not just the jewelleries for ladies, but they also have jewelleries for mens. This startup also gives an opportunity to other people to earn by selling their products in their family and friend circle.

KuberBox was founded by Sourav Lodha. Sourav also founded a company called PrintBooth in his engineering college. He sold his share and exited the company. Sourav did a Professional Diamond course before starting KuberBox.


Founder- Nitin Jain & Ankit Jain

Industry- Gifting

Indibni Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Indibni is a gifting and designing company which delivers and bring gifts from and to all over India. According to one of the founder Nitin Jain, the three “I” in the name of the company stands for India, Innovation & Individuality.

Indibini was founded by Nitin Jain and Ankit Jain in 2012. Ankit did his Bachelor's whereas Nitin did his Masters in Animation from Birla Institute of Technology.

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Desi Diaries

Founder- Anurag Bajoria

Industry- Media

Desi Diaries Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Desi Diaries is a media company which has a collection of many media channels based on city news. They post local news related to all the main cities including Jaipur, on their Instagram pages. Their main focus is Jaipur but they have particular page for many cities. The Instagram page of Jaipur Diaries (Sub company) has more than 150k followers.

Desi Diaries was founded by Anurag Bajoria. Anurag is an Investment Manager and started the company as a side project. He handle it full time now.


Founder- Arvind Singh

Lexcart Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Lexcarts.com is a platform where you can find and hire the best lawyer in any city or court of India. Lexcart is a very convenient to find a lawyer. We believe that you deserve to get the professional legal advice from the best lawyers. The company aims to provide the professional legal advice to everyone, only from the best lawyers.

Lexcart was founded by Arvind Singh in 2016. He support the company as the Cheif Legal Officer of Lexcart.


Founder- Dipankar Rabha

Industry- Gardening

Oxy3 Logo | Startups in Jaipur

If you love plants or if any of your family members do, then Oxy3Plant is the online destination for them. You can request services like terrace gardening, vertical gardening, etc. One of their dozens of services is that you can leave your plant in their plant bank if you are going on a vacation. The transportation of those plants is their headache, you can just enjoy your vacation.

Oxe3 was founded by Dipankar Rabha. Dipankar has an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance.


Founder- Amit Deep Kumar

Industry- Food Delivery

KhanaGadi Logo | Startups in Jaipur

KhanaGadi provides this special service to deliver food to trains. Moreover, they deliver you the food from any restaurant and you can even ask for custom orders. However, you cannot order it online directly. But they take order through calls. Their number is available on Google.

This Jaipur based startup which was founded by Amit Deep Kumar in 2015. KhanaGadi delivers food on more than 90 stations on India. Along with that, they also do home food delivery in Jaipur.

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Mr & Mrs Pet

Founder- Ashish Chanwal

Industry- Ecommerce

Mr n Mrs Pet Logo | Startups in Jaipur

Mr n Mrs  Pet is an online pet store. They offer each and every service related to pets. You can buy pets from their website and if you already have a pet then you can treat them well with Mr. & Mrs Pet’s services.

Mr n Mrs Pet was founded by Ashish Chanwal. Ashish is  a bachelor of Arts from University of Rajasthan.

Street Jumper

Founder- Ravi Poddar & Tarin Poddar

Industry- Logistics

Street Jumper | Startups in Jaipur

Street Jumper is a logistic startup. It helps people to move local goods around the city. They can send or order anything from anywhere around the city. The company aims to create a logistic network where the user gets connected to a verified and validated Jumper, who offers personalized delivery service and completes the assigned task.

Street Jumper was founded by Ravi Poddar and Tarin Poddar in 2014. Later in 2016, the startup was acquired by a Mumbai based entrepreneur, Sandip Modi.


Founder- Pravin Sharma

Industry- Educational , Training

eShiksa | Startups in Jaipur

eShiksa is an education management portal which simplifies the management and provides enormous facilities to an Institute. It provides all the facilities of educational business like administrative, academic and accounting activities. Institute can connect with students and parents easily with eShiksa. eShiksa helps in student’s growth because it creates a single window for viewing various reports on the academic front and paying all kinds of institute fees online.

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