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The Pink City of India and the capital of Rajasthan is famous for its forts, markets, and I can’t forget to mention celebs’ favourite “Annu Mobile Paan Bhandar”. But beside these, Jaipur is becoming famous for one more factor, it is in its Startups. Let’s see some innovative startups based in Jaipur city.

We have also covered startups in Hyderabad, Chennai and other major cities of India. These are the list of startups that are going to be successful in the future. Let's have a look into it.


Tax2win logo

I have personally met the team of this startup in the same city during an event. This is the startup working to help other startups. Tax2Win can assist you in all tax-related issues, can handle everything related to tax on behalf of your firm, etc. You don’t have to worry about ITR now.

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Scoonews logo

Are you a teacher? If yes, then this startup was build just for you. Scoonews provide all the news related to the education sector from all around the country.



Ok ladies, please hold yourself! KuberBox is a jewellery startup which deals with a vast variety of jewellery, which I definitely don’t know about. This startup also gives an opportunity to other people to earn by selling their products in their family and friend circle.


Product of Awaykey

Incubated in Netherland & found with love in Jaipur. Awakey is probably the most technical startup of Jaipur. This is basically a lock which lets you lock the door with a password. The keypad to enter the password is available on the knob only.


This startup’s every product is as unique as its name. Indibni is a gifting and designing company which delivers and bring gifts from and to all over India. According to one of the founder Nitin Jain, the three “I” in the name of the company stands for India, innovation & individuality. You know the final destination on Valentine’s now. You can buy gifts on

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Urban Dhobi

With the tagline, “Button dabao, kapde chamkao”, Urban dhobi is becoming famous rapidly in the city. Although the service is only available in the Jaipur city yet, it will soon wash the clothes of other cities too.


Want to know more about your own city? Manch is the app which provides the latest news of your city, trending pictures and videos, etc. Although news of some cities might not be available on this app, most of them are. This app is available only on android yet. However, it might be available on iPhones soon.

Career Cafe

This is the best service I found on the internet. I hope someone would have told me not to go for engineering. But you don’t have to worry about the same, Carrer Café ( can help you in choosing the best field for you.


If you love plants or if any of your family members do, then Oxy3Plant is the online destination for them. You can request services like terrace gardening, vertical gardening, etc. One of their dozens of services is that you can leave your plant in their plant bank if you are going on a vacation. The transportation of those plants is their headache, you can just enjoy your vacation.


We all love to hate the food of Indian trains. Now, you can get your favourite food delivered directly to your train. KhanaGadi provides a great service. Moreover, they deliver you the food from good restaurants and you can even ask for custom orders. However, you cannot order it online directly. But you can call on their phone number which is available on Google. Also, see their reviews there too.

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Mr & Mrs Pet

I cannot resist myself to pet a dog whenever I see one on my jog. If you are also a pet enthusiast, then Mr. & Mrs Pet are there for you. You can get each and every service related to pets. If you don’t own any pet yet, then you can buy it from their website and if you already have that special family member, then treat them well with Mr. & Mrs Pet’s services.

You see? The startup doesn’t need any specific city, big amount of money or a college degree. It just needs a person with a will. You can never do it unless you go and try. An idea is just an idea, it will be in someone else’s mind one day. You cannot copyright an idea. So, go and try it now. At least, take a small step towards your goal. If not small, then take a tiny step in the next minute or hour. Once you start it, you will not get time to look back. And when you will get time, you will be amazed at how far you have come.

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