Stuck With Legal Issues? Here are the 5 Best Online Legal Services in India

Stuck With Legal Issues? Here are the 5 Best Online Legal Services in India

β€Œβ€Œβ€Œβ€ŒWe live in an advanced world where there is no need for us to visit different places to get our work done. You want to order something, great there are e-commerce websites available for you to take help. Need help with a medical prescription, use one of the online services provided by many doctors. Need to pay for your taxes and bills, just visit their respective pages and your work will be done in a few minutes.

When there are so many advances noticed in day-to-day work, the other service one can achieve with the help of online platforms is taking the help of legal services available at your fingertips.

There are multiple websites and applications available for one to select according to the work they want to do. If you are also looking for a few of the best online legal services, kindly stick till the end to get your clarifications.

In the general category of legal services, several services are being provided such as free advice, startup-related legal procedures, legal documents, finding lawyers, and many more. All these can be done at the fingertips or in a few clicks.

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Let us look at different platforms enabling different legal services for our ease:

Online Legal India
Legal Service India

Online Legal India Homepage
Online Legal India Homepage

Online Legal India is a legal company providing multiple law-related services to its customers. Online Legal India was started with the mission of providing a better life every day by their excellent quality work. They are known to have their vision to solve their customers' issues in a single go. Their main aim is to provide the best available services to their customers and to listen to their needs so that they can take the help of country law to resolve their issues in less time.

  • Consultation services.
  • Advising on legal issues with the service of reviewing and renewing legal papers.
  • GST filing and registration.
  • Company and its trademark registration.
  • Looking out for a solution to consumer complaints and helping consumers with the solutions, etc.


Legal Kart Homepage
Legal Kart Homepage

LegalKart is a platform enabling multiple customers to get in direct contact with lawyers. LegalKart was initiated with the vision of legal access democratic by making it neutral and affordable. They aim to make India's economy faster by getting litigation at 0%.

LegalKart is not a legal platform like Online Legal India. Instead, it is a platform that connects customers to well-known lawyers. LegalKart is best known to provide legal help circling the startups and various types of documents as in their special services.

Services provided by LegalKart:

  • Instant advice.
  • Employment issues.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Cheque bounce.
  • Document verification.
  • Renewal and review documents.
  • Property-related legal issues.
  • Startup legal documents.


It is another top-level legal services platform. Vidhikarya is all one kind of platform enabling its users to be presented with multiple options while taking any help. Vidhikarya has its vision being set to help, enable, create, and support a conducive environment for lawyers as well as customers. They aim to become the bridge between a man and the law system. Their motto is "legal matters resolved".

They are working with a mindset of providing legal help to everyone in need by excluding all the fuss one needs to ensure while taking any legal help. They are successfully working towards it by the team of their capable lawyers. They have their rules settled in a way to make revolutionary changes in the corporate world along with the customers in dire need of help.

Services provided by Vidhikarya:

  • Free legal advice.
  • Directly connecting customers to the required lawyer.
  • GST filing and Tax filing.
  • Helps in finding a lawyer for any possible filed near your location.
  • Bank-related services, etc.
Legal Service India Homepage
Legal Service India Homepage

Legal service India is a big platform making its users aware of the law information as well as providing various law services. They have a large amount of legal information stored within them which is made public for the benefit of new law students as well as anyone in need of that knowledge.

Legal Service India has its mission kept simple with the thought and plan of globalizing useful information related to the law for the students as well as needy ones.

  • Copyright registration.
  • Finding a lawyer.
  • Receiving professional advice.
  • Taking up legal solutions online.
  • Hiring a lawyer for multiple issues such as corporate issues, marital issues, bank issues, etc.


Vakilsearch is another top-level legal organization initiating and co-operating communication between customers and top-level lawyers. Vakilsearch acts as a powerful platform for its loyal customers to take help from. The goal of Vakilsearch is to provide a good platform to create a great bond between customers and legal professionals. Their vision is to make legal simple.

Vakilsearch is one platform giving out every possible related help needed by new startups or organizations. They have the mission of simplifying business and successfully meeting up all the standards kept by the government by fulfilling the whole process from start to end.

Services provided by Vakilsearch:

  • Trademark applications.
  • Patent applications.
  • Copyright registration.
  • Providing lawyer service.
  • Providing CA for a new startup.
  • GST-related services and many more.


Legal services are one of the essential services we all need from time to time. Either it is to fill out a tax form or to register for the marriage. Everything needs to be dealt with by a legal professional only. However, we no longer need to get a regular visit to a lawyer's office. All this work can now be done by online platforms responsible for providing legal services. Some of the best legal services available in India have been given above.


LegalShield, Avvo, LegalZoom, and FindLaw are some of the best online legal services.

An online legal service is quicker and cheaper but In some cases, you might well end up paying more.

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