12 Successful Startups in Indore | Indore Startups [Exhaustive List]

12 Successful Startups in Indore | Indore Startups [Exhaustive List]

Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, is famous for its history, culture, food, and whatnot. Almost every Indian has seen the advertisement promoting tourism in Madhya Pradesh; the popular tune, "Hindustan ka dil Dekho..." has been etched in the minds of many. What people aren't aware of is Madhya Pradesh's emergence as a startup hub—the credit goes to Indore. Hence, we have shed light on some entrepreneurial ventures in Indore. These startups in Indore are gradually booming in their field of work and coming in front of of the whole India.

These Indore-based startups will surely awaken the entrepreneur in you!

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List of Successful Startup Companies in Indore

  1. WittyFeed
  2. RackBank
  3. Walkover
  4. EngineerBabu
  5. Feedify
  6. MotionGility
  7. Oye24
  8. Indian Threads
  9. Securitybulls
  10. ShopKirana
  11. Gramophone
  12. GraffersID

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Indore Startup WittyFeed
Founders Shashank Vaishnav, Vinay Singhal, Praveen Singhal
Founded 2014
Industry Media
startups in indore
WittyFeed Logo | Startup in Indore

One of the most famous Indore startups, Wittyfeed is today India's largest viral content company and the second-largest in the world in terms of traffic numbers. The company had a humble start as a Facebook page and has grown into a mammoth entertainment blog. WittyFeed is a modern-day blogging platform for everyone who loves to express and explore stories. WittyFeed was the brainchild of SRM University students who later shifted their HQ to Indore. The website gets millions of page views every day. The company has transitioned from delivering content through a website to app-based content delivery. WittyFeed raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a Pre Series A round from a group of marquee investors in 2017.

Brothers Vinay and Praveen Singhal started Wittyfeed in 2014 in collaboration with their college friend, Shashank Vaishnav. They are now among the list of top entrepreneurs in Indore and also the whole of India. The website has established itself on a level where it directly competes with big shots like ScoopWhoop and BuzzFeed India.

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Indore Startup RackBank
Founder Narendra Sen
Founded 2013
Sector Hosting Services
RackBank Logo  - startups in indore
RackBank Logo | Indore Based Startup

Among the top startups of the Indore Startup Community, RackBank is a server provisioning startup from Indore. RackBank deals with server hosting and the requirements of entities like data centers. The startup has worked with companies like Saavn, MSG91, and imo for their server-related wants.

Narendra Sen started RackBank in 2013; he used to work at a photostat shop. If you're under the assumption that Narendra's technical expertise was inculcated through formal education, you're wrong. He is a self-learned programmer. Gradually, Narendra became an expert in web development and started providing services. As time progressed, his services evolved into server provisioning on a large scale.


Indore Startup Walkover
Founder Pushpendra Agrawal
Industry Computer Software
Startups in Indore
Walkover Logo | Software Company in Indore

Walkover is a product-based IT startup company located in Indore, Central India. Walkover works like coders, designers, writers, gamers, brainstormers, debaters, coffee aficionados, and most importantly, DOERS. Walkover builds products that make business processes intuitive while conducting itself in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Walkover has built:

1. MSG91, India’s renowned A2P messaging platform, serving 5000+ Enterprises, processing billions of messages.
2. Giddh, the A/c application which is automating the world of accounting in India.
3. Socket, API middleware, making third-party integrations super easy.


Indore Startup EngineerBabu
Founders Mayank Pratap, Aditi Chourasia
Founded 2014
Sector Web and App Development
EngineerBabu Logo - startups in indore
EngineerBabu Logo | IT Company in Indore

EngineerBabu is an Indore-based startup that was quick in tasting success after its launch. It provides web and app development services. EngineerBabu has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world: Apple, Fox Sports, Uber, and Samsung, to name a few.

EngineerBabu was founded by Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chourasia in 2014. They are childhood buddies. Mayank was working in a Bangalore-based MNC while Aditi was preparing for medical entrance examinations. Mayank was done with his job and Aditi understood that the entrance test wasn't her cup of tea, having taken three unsuccessful attempts at the exam. Mayank came back to Indore, sat down with Aditi, and the duo decided to start an initiative for providing a job to their common engineer friend. And that's how EngineerBabu came into existence.

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Indore Startup Feedify
Founder Ankur Phadnis
Founded 2017
Sector Marketing
startups in indore
Feedify Logo | Indore Based Startup

Feedify is a company permitting organizations to send push notifications to their potential customers. When people view a product, again and again, they are likely to buy it. Anyone who owns a business knows how helpful it is to identify if a potential customer is browsing a product repeatedly. For the uninformed, this is a part of a strategy called targeted marketing. Feedify sends push notifications to visitors even when they are not active on that specific website.

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Indore Startup MotionGility
Founders Himanshu Chaturvedi & Komal Kokate
Sector Animated Video Production
Startups in Indore
MotionGility Logo | Startup Company in Indore

MotionGility provides its clients with the best-animated explainer videos to promote business stories. MotionGility provides cost-effective yet influential and convincing services. MotionGility's USP is that they craft customized videos that help a business in marketing and generating leads. It provides first-of-a-kind custom-made graphics in the video, which is created by them and not downloaded from anywhere. It has also captured Germany and other overseas markets.


Indore Startup Oye24
Founders Manish Chhajed, Mishal Jain, Rahul Badhera, Ritesh Chhajed
Founded 2015
Sector Foodtech
Startup Company in Indore
Oye24 - Foodtech Startup in Indore

It is simply not possible to write on Indore without mentioning food! Oye24 is a food delivery venture out of Indore. It functions 24/7, 365 days. Oye24 serves multiple cuisines from various vendors. It also has an in-house kitchen specializing in local cuisine.

Oye24 was founded by Manish Chhajed, Mishal Jain, Rahul Badhera, and Ritesh Chhajed in 2015. Mishal was working at Tata motors while the other three were managing their respective businesses before starting Oye24.

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Indian Threads

Indore Startup Indian Threads
Founders Abhishek Rawal, Vishi Porwal
Founded 2015
Sector Clothing
Startups in Indore
Indian Threads logo | Manufacturing Company in Indore

Indore is famous for the cotton textile industry. Indian Threads designs and manufactures high-quality yet affordable menswear. It deals only in shirts. Customers can find all kinds of shirts on the Indian Threads' website. The company has an online retailing platform but also sells its products through offline stores across the country.

Indian Threads was founded by Abhishek Rawal and Vishi Porwal in 2015. They sold only 60 shirts in the first 3 months of starting the business. But then, sales skyrocketed!


Indore Startup Securitybulls
Founders Geet Vaishnav, Prateek Sharma
Founded 2016
Sector Cyber Security
startups in indore
Securitybulls Logo | Startup Company in Indore

Securitybulls is a cybersecurity firm that offering penetration testing and IT security assessments for companies. Securitybulls doesn't discriminate when it comes to clients, dealing with high profile, popular organizations while providing services for bloggers and online marketers by protecting their content management systems (CMS). The company has worked with Google, Microsoft, and Adobe (this list is really long!).

Securitybulls was founded by Geet Vaishnav in 2016. It has established good industry recognition within few years of being launched. This is indeed an achievement since the cybersecurity domain is extremely competitive.

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Indore Startup ShopKirana
Founder Tanutejas Saraswat
Founded 2014
Sector Supply chain
Startups in Indore
ShopKirana Logo | Indore Based Startup

For some of the very successful startup companies in Indore, ShopKirana is a B2B company using technology to provide supply chain management services to retailers across India. The startup envisions empowering millions of retailers and organizes the grocery segment in the country. Tanutejas Saraswat started ShopKirana in 2014. Before starting ShopKirana, Tanutejas had two failed ventures in his kitty.


Indore Startup Gramophone
Founder Nishant Vats, Tauseef Khan
Sector Agritech
Startups in Indore
Gramophone Logo | Agritech Startup in Indore

Gramophone is the one-stop solution for all kinds of inputs for the farmers. Farmers can buy quality agricultural input products such as seeds, crop protection, nutrition, implements, and Agri hardware directly from the company’s e-commerce platform. Gramophone’s agronomic intelligence provides a variety of farm management advisory solutions to farmers by leveraging the power of image recognition, soil science, smart crop selection, and personalized information-led cropping system. This enables the farmers to choose authentic and suitable farm inputs. Gramophone has raised $3.5 Mn in an equity funding round.

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Indore Startup GraffersID
Founder Sidharth Jain
Industry Web & App Development
Indore-based Startup Companies
GraffersID - Startup in Indore

GraffersID is a team of design and development veterans founded by Mr. Sidharth Jain in 2017 to help entrepreneurs to bring their stories to life and increase their revenue 10X. The GraffersID team specializes in identifying the loopholes, in the flow of the application and then brainstorming the possible solutions to make the final product robust and market fit


This is our list of famous, successful startups and entrepreneurs in Indore. Hope this list of companies in Indore helps you in many ways. The startups mentioned in the above list were once just an idea, a figment of imagination. No idea has ever transformed into an actual venture without sincerity and perseverance. Add to it constant deliberation and thinking. Unless you are willing to give in everything to your startup, it's never going to see the light of the day. Worship it with your hard work, bribe it your time and see it grow with your co-founders!

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