Indore Startups | Entrepreneurs & Startups in Indore [2019 Exhaustive List]

The heart of India, Indore is one of the biggest startup hubs in Madhya Pradesh. You might have already heard about the famous food of Indore, but here we are going to talk about the entrepreneurial side of Indore, about some successful startups in Indore.

Before proceeding, if you know any more startups in Indore, please comment down below. We will connect with them feature their startup in the list.

We have also covered startups in Punjab, Hyderabad and other major cities of India.

List of Startups in Indore

TM Store
Indian Thread


Founders: Shashank Vaishnav, Vinay Singhal and Praveen Singhal

Sector: Media

WittyFeed Logo | Startups in Indore

Wittyfeed needs no introduction. The company started as a Facebook page. Now, WittyFeed is a giant entertainment blog. WittyFeed was started in from SRM University and later shifted their HQ to Indore. Their website get millions of pageviews everyday. The company now has shifted their website based content to app based content.

Wittyfeed was first started by two brothers Vinay and Praveen Singhal and their college friend Shashank Vaishnav, in 2014. They have now brought their website on a level where it is called a big rival of ScoopWhoop and BuzzFeed India.

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Founder: Narendra Sen

Sector: Hosting Services

RackBank Logo | Startups in Indore

RackBank is a server proving startup based in Indore. RackBank deals in many more fields related to data centres and hosting servers. The startup has worked with companies like Saavn, MSG91, imo, etc. providing servers to their data.

RackBank was first started in 2013 by Narendra Sen who once worked at a photocopy shop. He never been to any kind of schools related to his field. He learned programming by exploring about it on his own. Later, Narendra became an expert of web programming and started providing services to others which eventually turned into a huge server providing company.


Founders: Mayank Pratap, Aditi Chourasia

Sector: Web and App Development

EngineerBabu Logo | Startups in Indore

Engineer Babu has become a very successful startup after some time of its launch. It is a web development company which deals in startup tech solutions to help other companies and provide apps and web development services.

EngineerBabu was founded by Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chourasia in 2014. Both of them are childhood friends. Mayank was working in an MNC in Bangalore while Aditi was preparing for exams to get admission in a good medical college. Mayank was sick of his job and Aditi was failed thrice in her exams. When Mayank came back to Indore, both the friends decided to start a startup and provide job to their junior engineer friend. This was where EngineerBabu started.

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TM Store

Founder: Virat Khutal

Sector: App Development

TM Store | Startups in Indore

TM Store is a platform which converts CMS to native mobile app view. In other words, it let anyone create an app for their business. This way, startups and businesses can have their own mobile applications instantly. TM Store also own an app called Naaniz. It lets anyone become their partner and sell home made snacks online.

TM Store was founded by Virat Khutal in 2015. The platform was released in 2016. Virat is also the founder of Twist Mobile which is a mobile app development company.

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Founder: Rohit Gadia

Sector: Tech

Feedify Logo | Startups in Indore

Feedify is a company which let other organisations to send push notifications to their potential customers. When people see a product again and again, they are most likely to buy it. Anyone who own a business must know how helpful it is when their visitor sees their product again and again. This is called targeted marketing. Feedify sends push notifications to visitors even when they are not on that website.

Feedify was founded by Rohit Gadia in 2017. Rohit did his masters from Harvard Business School and also founded CapitalVia Global Research Limited.

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Founders: Manish Chhajed, Mishal Jain, Rahul Badhera & Ritesh Chhajed

Sector: Food Delivery

Oye24 Logo | Startups in Indore

It can’t be possible that we are talking about Indore and we don’t talk about food. Oye24 is an Indore based startup which delivers food as fast as possible. They deliver you the food 365 days and 24/7. Oye24 provides multiple cuisines from various vendors. Along with that, it also serves food cooked in its own in-house kitchen.

Oye24 was founded by Manish Chhajed, Mishal Jain, Rahul Badhera and Ritesh Chhajed in 2015. Mishal worked at Tata motors while the other three had their own businesses before starting Oye24.

Indian Thread

Founder: Abhishek Rawal and Vishi Porwal

Sector: Clothing

Indian Threads logo | Startups in Indore

Based in Indore, Indian Threads designs and manufactures high-quality yet affordable menswear. The only thing they deal in is shirt. However, customers can find all kind of shirts on their website. The company has its official website but also have their products available in offline stores around the country.

Indian Thread was founded by Abhishek Rawal and Vishi Porwal in 2015. They sold only 60 shirts in the first 3 months of startup. Later, they saw a rapid growth in their sales.


Founder: Geet Vaishnav & Prateek Sharma

Sector: Cyber Security

Securitybulls Logo | Startups in Indore

Securitybulls is a cyber security firm which offers and encyclopedic penetration testing and IT security assessment for the companies. Not only to big companies but Securitybulls also provide services for bloggers and online marketers by protecting their CMS. The company has worked on the projects of many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

Securitybulls was founded by Geet Vaishnav and Prateek Sharma in 2016. They have got a good recognition in the market in just few years of starting up as cyber security is a very competitive industry.


Founder: Tanutejas Saraswat

Sector: Supplychain

ShopKirana Logo | Startups in Indore

ShopKirana is a B2B company which uses technology and their supplychain resources to provide supplychain management service to the retailers of the country. The startup envisions to empower millions of retailers and organise the grocery store industry of the country.

ShopKirana was founded by Tanutejas Saraswat in 2014. Before starting ShopKirana, Tanutejas founded 2 other companies which were shut down.

Most of the startups listed above were once just an idea. No idea has ever transformed into an executed plan without anyone’s effort. No idea has ever been successful without some modification. Unless you are not willing to give everything to your startup, its never going to become a successful one. Worship it with your hard work, bribe it with your full time and see it growing with your team.

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