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The heart of India, Indore is one of the biggest startup hubs in Madhya Pradesh. You might have already heard about the namkeen of Indore, but this is not a travel blog, so let's talk about some great startups in Indore.

We have also covered startups in Punjab, Hyderabad and other major cities of India.


First started by two brothers Vinay and Praveen Singhal and their college friend Shashank Vaishnav, WittyFeed is a giant entertainment blog now. WittyFeed was started in Indore and it has become a very big business entity. It is a rival of ScooWhoop and even BuzzFeed India.


RackBank is a server proved startup based in Indore. It was first started in 2013 by Narendra Sen who once worked at a photocopy shop. This startup has a great struggle story. Please comment down below if you want us to cover it. Furthermore, RackBank deals in many more fields related to data centres and hosting servers.

Engineering Babu

Engineering student never gets a chance to call someone “babu” or “Shona”, so these guys came up with the solution. (Poor) Jokes apart, Engineering Babu has become a very successful startup after some time of its launch. The company deals in startup tech solutions to help other companies and provide apps and web development services.

Dinclix GroundWorks

Although Dinclix works in the sector of the server hosting they have a dream of building a new transportation system. They are (probably) working to build a hyperloop based transportation for India. We really don’t know if it is really true or not as we got this information from their website only. But if it is, then they are going to make a dent in the world.

Playstation House

This one is my personal favourite. Playstation House is a portal for all the gamers. You can sell or buy used games and consoles here. If you live in Indore, you can go to their store to play games and much more.


I really like the concept they have built. Tapfame is bringing justice to the developers. They let you get the credit for any project you worked on and show it to the people on TapFame’s platform only.

TM Store

This startup connects us all in one or the other way. TM store let our moms and grannies sell their delicious delicacies, handy crafts, etc. They let people earn from their sale and take some commission for it. However, TM Store later bought an app called Naaniz and rebranded TM store as the same. You can easily find Naaniz app on play store.


Zootout was once a local search engine for food and lifestyle. However, it was in 2014, but now, Zootout has become an all in one personal assistant app which helps you get everything done. When you use Zootout, real people chat with you to get your things done.


If you own a business, you must know how helpful it is when your visitor sees your product again and again. They eventually buy your product. Feedify sends push notifications to your visitors even when they are not on your website.


It can’t be possible that we are talking about Indore and we don’t talk about food. Oye24 is an Indore based startup which delivers food AFAP (as fast as possible), umm… this is what they say. They deliver you the food 365 days and 24/7. So no worry if your stomach roars at midnight.

Most of the startups listed above were once just an idea. No idea has ever transformed into an executed plan without anyone’s effort. No idea has ever been successful without some modification. Unless you are not willing to give everything to your startup, its never going to become a successful one. Worship it with your hard work, bribe it with your full time and see it growing with your team.

Do you know any more startups in Indore? Please do not hesitate to comment down below. Share this post with all your friends. Don’t forget to turn on notifications from Thank you for visiting and reading this post on Hope to see you soon.

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