10 Useful Tips to Improve your Creative Thinking

10 Useful Tips to Improve your Creative Thinking

Are you also one of them who think that how some people are able to generate new creative ideas. These people generate creative ideas very fast and represent them very well. And there are people who struggle to do this, isn’t it?

But the real thing for this is that they are able to use the power of creative thinking. The level of thinking is very different from other people. These people don’t need to put effort into creative thinking.

So, what's the solution? How to improve creative thinking? How to become a creative thinker? Take a look at these 10 useful tips to improve your creative thinking and get answers of all your questions. But first of all let’s see what creative thinking is?

What Is Creative Thinking?

Creative thinking is the ability to create and plan things in your ways. You can say this thing as thinking out of the box. Even the people who are billionaires are an example of creative thinking.

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A person who has a unique perspective towards anything is a creative thinker. Whether it’s a musician, engineer, artist, or entrepreneur, all are creative thinkers. Everyone has their own way to create things, you can’t copy anyone’s thinking.

10 Useful Creative Thinking Methods

1. Keep creating even if you feel uninspired

There are various distractions around you, don’t let it affect you. I agree that there can be days when you don’t feel like doing anything. And in those days, try to work in short periods. But don’t stop working. Don’t let anything distract you.
Try to keep yourself focused and it won’t go effortless. This thing works on the harder you try the better you become. Keep doing this and you will see that you are doing great without any distraction.

2. Leave comfort zone

 Tips to Improve your Creative Thinking
Leave your comfort zone

It is tough for a person to leave your comfort zone and choose a struggle. But using this technique you will get to know yourself better. The more you hustle the more you get creative. The Comfort zone only gives you laziness and less productive.Creativity gives you the strength to gain more and more in any field.

Creative thinking always comes with effort and struggle. Using creative thinking your brain starts to think more. And gives creative solutions to your problem. Hence, take chances and get out of your comfort zone.

3. Dream, Work and Enjoy

 Tips to Improve your Creative Thinking
Dream, Work and Enjoy

You should try to keep your mind fresh and relax at the time of working. When you are relaxing, try to work with your full effort. Relaxing and working should be a part of your daily routine.

Dreaming, working, and enjoying helps you to activate your creative side of your brain. There will be tasks that will give you a headache, relax, and handle the task without any tension.

4. Brainstorming

 Tips to Improve your Creative Thinking

Brainstorming is something to generate ideas for solving any problem. This technique is an association that encourages a free-thinking environment. In this method, you create a group where you ask them for a solution to any problem. The whole teamwork and creative thinkers group gives us the solutions.

From the given suggestions choose the worst idea out of them. And try to turn that idea into a positive one using your creative thinking. You will love this kind of brainstorming. Being a creative person is something everyone likes. And it’s excellent to create best out of the worst.

5. Fight your fear of failure

The fear of making a mistake or failure can stop your further progress. In such a condition remember that mistakes are the parts of our lives.
You should drop negative thoughts from your brain. And see yourself reaching your goals.

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6. Try the six hats method

These six hats method contains analyzing a problem from six different perspectives. Do you want to know the benefits? Let’s first see the six hats and know what they mean.

  • Red Hat - It tells you to try solving the problem with emotions. What are your feelings towards the problem?
  • White Hat - Try to understand the problem with particular objectives. What are the facts telling you?
  • Yellow Hat - It tells you to be positive towards a situation. Which elements of the situation will work well?
  • Black Hat - It suggests you use a negative approach. Which elements won’t work according to the situation?
  • Green Hat - It’s time to think something creative. What are your unique ideas towards the problem?
  • Blue Hat - This is for thinking broad towards a problem. Which solution will be the best choice for problems.

Now, if you want to know the benefits of this method. You can create more ideas. Without this, you couldn’t have thought of two or more solutions to a particular problem.

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7. Try to work under constraints

You should set constraints for yourself and it forces you to get creative ideas. Talking about constraints, you must have thought of time constraints. But I am not talking about time constraints.

There are various constraints that can be conducive to creative ideas and thinking. Let’s say you have a project, set your own constraint that you will write a paragraph in less than 100 words. There are many more constraints that you can use to being a creative thinker.

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8. Try to change your environment (minimal)

You can also develop creativity by changing the colors of your room. You can try switching items of your desk and orienting yourself differently. These things not only change your physical environment but also your social setting.

Try to connect with new colleagues. Also, you can invite people from different departments for lunch. Making these little adjustments lets you be a more creative thinker.

9. Try to record ideas that come to you

 Tips to Improve your Creative Thinking
Try to record ideas that come to you

As people get old their creative ideas don’t get slow but they tend to forget some of them. Whenever you think of an idea try to note it down somewhere you are comfortable to use later. According to Epstein, “capture now, check later”. This means to capture new ideas and check them later boosts your creativity.

10. Challenge yourself

Once you found that you have developed basic creative skills. It’s got very important to challenge yourself for further enhancing your abilities. Try to find more difficult approaches and avoid using the same solutions. Through this, you can create your own opportunities for great creativity. Don’t be afraid of challenging yourself, it’s not gonna do bad to you.

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Final Words

So, analyze things in your way and try to handle your problem using creative thinking. There’s no restriction for creativity. You can get inspired by anything and create something different in your way!!

Also, you need to put this in your mind that not everyone will support you. You need to believe in yourself and your creative thinking. So don’t stop to create new ideas in your way.

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