How to Come up with a Creative Business Name

Choosing a business name is a major step to run a business. However, you should not pick up the name solely on the basis of brand identity.  Long-term filing and protection are also important. The business name reflects personalization and creativity of the brand. Therefore the readiness and availability of the domain name for web use should also be determined. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect and creative name to enhance your business.

Factors to Consider While Naming Your Business

Many businesses run as freelancers or partnerships. In these cases, the person’s own name can be used as the business name. However, even though there’s nothing amiss with this, it does make it tougher to introduce a professional picture and establish brand awareness. Like one of the StartupTalkers Sahil Dev, who is a freelance identity designer. Sahil is more popular with the brand name DesignerBanda.

While picking the name for your business, ask yourself:

  •   How will the company name appear on social media or web?
  •   What connotations does it suggest?  Does it reflect the business philosophy and civilization?
  •   Is it unique? –Choose a name that has not been used by others on any blog.

Check for Trademarks

Prevention of trademark infringement is a great opportunity for any business. Therefore use the trademark search tools to verify if a similar name or variation has been trademarked.

If You Intend To Incorporate

At the beginning of the business, you need to contact the state filing office. You can verify there whether the proposed business name has been claimed by others. The interesting fact here is that even though another company has the same name, the new company can also run with it on the condition that both companies offer services in different regions.

Pick a Name That Is Web-Ready

The business name you are choosing should be unique, catchy and rich in keywords so that users can easily find it. Simply Google it to see if anyone is already using the name. Also, check if the domain name is available. You can make use of the ‘WHOIS’ database to make sure the website address is available on the World Wide Web. This tool will also assist you to register a domain name.

Things to Avoid While Naming

The name being used for a business should be very easy to remember. So make sure that you check these things before naming a business.

  •   Avoid names with long set words including special characters etc.
  •   Avoid a name that is more than 4 syllables long.
  •   You should also avoid cute puns as it will affect your customer base.
  •   Eliminate names that are too complicated.
  •   The name should roll out of the tongue.  
  •   Read competitor's blog for some inspiration.
  •   Check other languages relevant words

Keep in mind that the company name appeals to the target market. The name should not be broad as the customer won't get an idea about what the business is all about. The name should identify the uniqueness of the business. Just look out for names that limit the potential scope of tour viewers.

Free Business Name Generators

In case of trouble in getting a business name option, free business name generators helps to hit a perfect one. Some name generators are:

  •   Biznameviz
  •   Dot-o-matter generator

Have you tried using any of these tips? Show some of your business name and activities in the comments section below.

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