Ultimate Guide to Name Your Business | Creative Business Names Ideas

Ashwini Ashwini
Sep 25, 2020 6 min read
Ultimate Guide to Name Your Business | Creative Business Names Ideas
Having the right name gives your target audience an indication of what your business does. A right name for your business goes above and beyond promotion and marketingโ€”it's the very essence of the value you bring to the table.

Choosing a ย right and creative name for your business or brand goes a long way. Creative business names can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to thriving a business to success. Finding a creative name for your startup can have a significant impact on your success. So, here we've listed some tips on how to come up with a creative business name ideas.

However, you shouldn't simply run behind a unique identity. The creativity and personalization brought out by the brand is imbued in its name. Therefore, the readiness and availability of the domain name for web presence ought to be determined. But question is how do you come up with a creative business name. Here are some tips to help you choose a creative and catchy business name ideas for your promoting your business.

creative names for business

Factors to Consider to come up with a Catchy Business Name Ideas

  • How would the world wide web see my company name? Is it web-friendly?
  • What connotations does it suggest? Does it reflect the business philosophy and civilization?
  • Is it unique? Choose a name that has not been used by others.

8 Tips for Creative Business Names

1. The name should be easy to write and remember

Obscure business names (like BWR Advertisement) are often difficult to write and even more difficult to remember. For small businesses, word-of-mouth advertising is an advantageous form of marketing that can't be compromised on. If your customers canโ€™t remember your business name, canโ€™t spell it, or canโ€™t pronounce it, forget about any sort of publicity for your business!

2. Don't choose a Limiting Business Name

Some businesses are either run by freelancers or through partnerships between people. In such cases, one may think of using one's first name or last name as a potential brand name. Even though thereโ€™s nothing wrong with this, such names make it difficult to evoke that much needed sense of professionalism. Take the case of one member of our community, Sahil Dev. A freelance identity designer, he goes by the name of DesignerBanda in the freelancing community.

The 'Designer' in his name allows him to sell services across anything if it has to do with designing. So, donโ€™t pick a name that could limit your business when you're growing. If you plan on launching a company that sells toys and decide on naming it BestToySeller, what would you do when your business takes off and you start selling the best shoes as well?

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3. Check for Trademarks before Finalizing any Business Name

Ensure that your competitors are not using the same name as yours. Similar names with variations in spelling are also to be avoided. Itโ€™s common to find similar (or even identical names) in different industries and the end result is nothing but confounding your current and potential customers/vendors. If your competitors are using the same name โ€“ you're likely to expose yourself to possible litigation and be unable to obtain trademark protection for the name chosen.

Prevention of trademark infringement is a must for any business. Therefore, use trademark search tools to verify if a name similar to yours has been trademarked. IndiaFilings provides an easy way to complete trademark search through its online tool. The only pitfall is that it may not provide the latest trademark application information. It's advised to conduct another trademark search on the official Government website before filing a trademark application.

Do a search at USPTO.gov to get an idea on whether you can get a trademark or service mark for the name.

4. If you Intend to Incorporate

In the initial stages of setting up the business, you need to contact the state filing office. You can verify there whether the proposed business name has been claimed by others. What's interesting here is that even though another company may have the same name, you can also use it on the condition that both the companies offer services in different regions.

5. Pick a Name that is Web-ready

The business name you choose should be unique, catchy, and rich in keywords so that users can easily find it. Simply Google it to see if anyone is already using the name. Also, check if the domain name is available. Use websites like GoDaddy vigorously to make sure that the website address is available on the Internet.

'WHOIS' can give you information of owner of domain name if its already present and you can track owner if they are ready to sell domain name. This tool will also explain how to register a domain name.

Take help of business name generator free online. Make sure to grab your desired business name on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Virtual presence is deemed as important as physical presence for succeeding today.

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6. What you shouldn't do while Naming your Business

The name chosen for a business should be easy to remember. So, make sure that you check these points before deciding on a name for your venture.

  • ย  Avoid names that sound like a complete sentence. Don't use special characters.
  • ย  Avoid a name that is more than 4 syllables long.
  • ย  Avoid cute puns as it may backfire.
  • ย  Stay away from names that sound complicated.
  • ย  The name should roll out smooth. You don't want tongue twisting words! ย 
  • ย  Read your competitor's blog/website to seek ideas.
  • ย  Swift through other languages (Spanish, French, etc.) for suggestions.

The company name appeals to the target market. It reflects what the business is all about. It exudes the uniqueness you offer. Meaningless names severely hamper the marketing strategy. 'Makemytrip' is a great example of a well-thought brand name; it conveys the meaning of the business and is helpful for search engine optimization purposes.

7. Free Business Name Generators

free business name search

If thinking of the right business name is giving you sleepless nights, do give a try to the free business name generators out there to save some grey matter. Some of the popular name generators are:

  • Biznameviz
  • Dot-o-matter generator ย  ย 
  • Naming.net
  • NameMesh.com
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8. Be Focused

Every startup founder has huge dreams for his or her venture. And the right name has a major role in turning these dreams into reality. A business owner has to live with his chosen brand name for ever, irrespective of his initiative soaring through the skies or nosediving towards nothingness. Ask for the opinions of others; the best results are usually the outcomes of brainstorming sessions. Ask potential customers to fill out surveys. You'll get insights on how others are faring in your industry.

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