5 Best Websites For Buying And Selling Domain Names

In this article, I'm going to tell you the best way of buying and selling domains. Mostly I'm going to tell you ways of how you can find these domains, the sites that you can go on to sell domain, and how much you can potentially sell domain for.

Who doesn’t want to earn good profit in any business? Of course all do want to. But many get stuck and follow the wrong track, ending up into a disaster. Same is the case when you do the business of buying and selling domains.

If you are new to online buying and selling domain business, here are few things that you should know before getting into this buying and selling domain business,

  • Best place you can buy the domains from.
  • Places to sell domains.
  • Domain transfer process to a buyer.
  • Price at which you should sell domains.
  • Trademark issues while buying and selling domain names.

Create Your Domain
How To Sell Domain?
Sell Domain And Earn Big

Create Your Domain

Buying And Selling Domains
Create Your Domain

The first thing I'm going to tell you is where you can go to get a domain registered. Back in the day.com, .net all these were extremely popular and if you got in early you made a lot of money because some of these domain names are worth a lot of money. I'm going to tell you towards the end how much money sets, some of these domain names sold for, and how much some of them are selling.

How To Sell Domain?

A longread.com released something that's called top-level domain. This domain list which means they have increased what you can add to your domain name. So, instead of saying fitness.com you could have something also goes on within I'll tell you exactly what that is but first what we need to is you need to go into Google and you need to type in Namecheap top-level domains, you need to scroll down and you need to click on to tell the top-level domains list and what this is going to do is it's going to bring up everything that you need to know about what top-level domains are in terms of different things, for example, let's say before you wanted to have nutrition.com you can have nutrition app, nutrition. mobile, so there's more potential for you to create a new domain and flip that domain.

Now the whole domain space has reopened up again for the opportunities for yourself to buy a domain flip and hold it. There are a lot more opportunities for everyone to make money online. And. I want to tell you something really exciting so depending on what niche you are actually in for example you are in education. So, click on the category of education that is going to open up a lot more of this top-level domain list that you can use. Since you are in education and you scroll down and see courses.

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If you wanted to create about try my.courses so you will do is you go to domains and then the domain name search and you can look it's available. Once you type try my.courses it shows it is available. What interesting is this saying it costs forty-five dollars a year. In terms of what we trying to achieve here that's not cheap.

You can find the domain names for as little as a dollar but I wanted to tell you something if you have a look at trymy.com I mean that's fourteen thousand seven hundred and three dollars that you can buy. If you inter making courses if you are into education I mean that's something that you can do and the domain name is available but what I wanted to tell you is Namecheap is one of them where you can go on to buy domain names but there is another site that you can go on that's a little bit cheaper where you can buy and sell domain names and it's a lot easier to flip domain names because if you type trymy.com you will look it's 24.9$ pounds. This is just one example.

The opportunities are endless for yourselves too as you can see for flipping domains or domain flipping. There are so many different things let's say if you are into money and finance or real estate let's see if where there is nutrition or have a quick look at sports. Search for footballfinisher.com. It's available at $32. If you come to another site it's $11. There are a couple of other sites where you can go to sell domain.

So you go to Namecheap you register or you go into 123.reg.code.IN the UK you can register the domains there and then what you can do is you can sell domains. You can sell domain on Godaddy. They saw domains here as well. It's a fantastic site to check out. You can also buy domains but it's pretty good to sell domains and people are charging a lot of money for some of these domains.

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Buying And Selling Domain
Buy And Sell Domain


If you go on to flipper.com. This is also one of the sites where you can go to flip domains and there are some people like message.com has fourteen days left for it to sell and they're charging $80000 that is insane for a website and there are some that are charging like town.com. Whoever is got town.com is charging almost a million dollars or anything you can enter anymore that is why it is done triple nine.

So this person is set to make I mean don't think they get a million dollars but if somebody offered him a half-million dollars I don't think they wouldn't sell it. So, as you can see there is an endless amount of opportunity before yourselves if you are creating a simple domain you get it on here. You can flip the domain, sell it for $200 it hardly costs anything to set it up.

Sell it for $200 plus whatever the cost was for you to hold it for that year. It would sell. You make sure that it is you know don't make it too long make sure it's catchy and it's relevant to what you are trying to do and you can make money by doing this. People are making a lot of money by buying and selling domain.


The other interesting thing that I wanted to tell you about Godaddy is there is a site where you can go and what you can do is you type in the domain name that you are trying to set up and it will tell you what they think it could potentially be worth. So, trymy.com if you go value this will do is it will tell us exactly what this potentially sell. It hasn't registered it because it's still new. Normally it will give us a rough estimate of what it would be worth. They try and find compatible websites that have sold and then they fleet you know roughly what yours would be worth.

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It is the place for the best domains for the brightest of ideas. It's another option where you can go to sell your domains and as you can see it's very easy to create a domain name. Grab a pen and paper come up with a few ideas. I recommend you find ones that are worth a couple of dollars because then you can buy so many of them and then there are so many different dots whatever you want to use.

There's dot XY, dot blog. All these other ones that you can come up with. Go through and have look and start registering ones for as little as a dollar and let them sit there or put them up on flipper.com or GoDaddy and advertising for sale. You can't go wrong. I mean it's there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't sell these domains name.


The next thing I wanted to tell you with flipping domains is if I go into so different sites. I.e like expiredomains.net and what this is it is a site where you can go to find domains that are expiring where you could potentially buy a domain name that is set to expire and if these companies do not register these domain names then what will happen is they will come onto the open market and that will be for sale and you could pick up a really good domain name. If you are going to get into this nature of flipping domain names I recommend you get onto expireddomain.net and have a look.

We all know Oakley glasses and if you have a look you have got Oakleysunglasses.com and this is set to expire on the 21 St of the 11th. It's a pretty good site. To be honest and of that comes available why not pick that up and then advertise it for sale. The person that had the site might ring you inside and say "sorry I was on holiday I forgot. How much do you want for it I need that site". So it's something that I recommend that you look into and have in your arsenal of domain flipping.

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Sell Domain And Earn Big

Sell Domain And Earn
Sell Domain And Earn Big

Go to GoDaddy there is an article. There are 25 of the most expensive domain names publicly reported to have been sold and you can see that coinsurance.com is forty-nine points seven million dollars. In 2009, insure.com got sold for $16 million which is equal to Rs. 1,14,46,40,000 (as per today’s exchange rate value) which have set the world record. That's just crazy and then you got another one insurance.com, vacationrental.com. Have a look at how people are flipping domains or making money by buying and selling domain names.


While buying up a ton of domains seems like a great way to make some extra money, the real world results show that it is very hard to make that process profitable. As with any industry, you will have those "golden moments" when someone you read about made it into a million dollar a year business, all while sitting in the comfort of his own home. But be careful as doing any business involves risk factor, calculate the risk and start buying and selling domains.

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