Pune Startups | Startups in Pune [Exhaustive List]

Pune city is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and is also a buzzing hub of automotive and IT sectors. It is a city full of surprises, great atmosphere and situated at the most convenient place it possibly could be. Pune is the next favourite destination for investments in India which gives a high possibility of new emerging startups coming to the market. The city’s close proximity to Mumbai adds to its advantage in trade, business and lifestyle which makes the investors best place to make business. These are some of the startups that are emerging in Pune.

We have also covered startups in Delhi, Goa and other major cities of India.

111 Start-ups

111 Startups Logo

111 Start-ups, not-for-profit organisation, connects with more than 300 startups across the country and helps them get funding. The start-up aims at encouraging entrepreneurship, promote risk-taking which is well calculated. The start-ups help mainly IT professionals, engineers, students and start-ups that are at their early stages. It aims at giving advice and mentoring entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals in the Pune market.

It is an initiative to help tech startups by empowering them through validation, mentoring, co-working and funding. It is a joint effort of Mobisoft Infotech and Pesh Group. The company was founded in 2015 and headquarters at Pune.

Dark Reflections

Dark Reflections Logo

Dark Reflections Studio whose designer is Siddhi Shah has started her own venture in Pune. Originally from Chennai, Siddhi has settled herself in Pune and is a designer, artist, musician and loves to travel. The Studio sells Dream Catchers with the lowest price of a dream catcher being Rs. 300. It sells dreamcatchers for different occasions and of different sizes as well as colours. Dreamcatchers are used for décor usually and come in different sizes, the price hence is determined accordingly. We wish Siddhi all the best with her business venture.


Sarkloud Logo

Sarkloud is an app available on Android and iOS which makes alphabet learning more fun for children. It has been found in recent studies children learn better on electronic items and with the idea of imaging popping of alphabets on the screen of the phone or the iPad, the learning experience for the child becomes fun and exciting which is the aim of the founders and the app developers. It will help small children build their learning ability and also help in their cognitive development. It has images of animals and makes the learning experience for the child more meaningful and easy with the 3D popping of knowledge, vocabulary and alphabets.

Sarkloud includes a group of young and dynamic software developers. Specializing in mobile application development using the latest technology in the market. It is located on Tilak Road, Pune near Bharati Vidyapeeth University. It was founded on 15 August 2014.

Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps Logo

Plobal Apps is an online commercial venture for both Android and iOS users which aims at using Shopify and has a number of features such as Apply Pay, Promotional Coupons, Push Notifications and many others. The aim of the app is to increase sales and has around 50 employees.

The start-up was launched in 2015 by Atul Poharkar. Atul, a graduate from Fergusson College who later on went to do his engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology. He has managed to master his skills as a manager as well as at marketing which has helped build this model of a startup which is unique and has made its wing spread in the city of Pune.


Docplexus Logo

Docplexus is an online community for doctors with medical professionals across the country with more than 1 lakh doctors registered from more than 1500 cities with 89 specialities. It is the largest community of doctors online aims at spreading further.

Phanish Chandra is the CEO and a social entrepreneur who aims at helping patients and the healthcare system in the country with this app. He has skills in software development and has worked earlier in technology helping him with the app development.

Tork Motors

Tork Motors Logo

Tork Motors is India's first electric motorcycle company. Tork Motors was founded in 2009 by a group of young graduates. Kapil Shelke is the founder and CEO of Tork Motors. Their dream was to work on a zero emissions vehicle that could perform on par with petrol machines.

Tork aims to make electronic motorcycles and has raised funds for it. The unique idea from most start-ups in the country which are mostly online commercial ventures, Tork Motors with its unique start-up idea goes on become the first electronic motorcycle of the country. The key to the start-up is the engineering of the motorcycle which reduces the cost of the vehicle making it more affordable for middle-class Indians.


Firstcry Logo

Firstcry is Asia's largest online store for baby and kids products. They cater to the needs of their buyers especially parents buying for their kids or before the kid is born up to his/her early teens. It is venture started by Mahindra. The Company's philosophy is pretty simple. They offer the best possible deal for the products that their customers want to buy for their children. Their endeavour is to ensure that their customer gets the widest possible choice of top rated brands and products at the best possible price anywhere in India combined with best possible service and timely delivery of products at their doorstep.

Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of the company and is mostly seen in its advertisements. FirstCry has it’s customer base in Pune and has made a huge mark in the city and is expanding its business in Metro cities.

Hotfut Sports

Hotfut Sports Logo

HotFut is a sports development company which aims at providing world-class sports facility to the people in the country. It aims at giving youngsters an integrated sporting experience which will help build sports in India at the grassroots level. The company has made four arenas and wishes to spread further. The company also organizes tournaments for sports lovers and corporate events and has its own academy where youngsters and people working in offices come to play outdoor games.

It was launched in 2012 by Pavit Singh and Nikhil who put their love for sports into a business venture and made it their aim to improve sports infrastructure in the city of Pune and the rest of the country. Pavit is also the director of the company. The company has its presence in Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai.


MindTickle Logo

MindTickle was launched in 2011 by Mohit Garg, Krishna Depura, Nishant Mungali and Deepak Diwakar. It has been funded by Accel Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Canaan Partners and Qualcomm Ventures.

MindTickle aims at sales enablement solution that uses data-driven analytics to show how sales readiness programs are impacting revenue growth. It is a readiness platform that creates an excellent sales culture which makes the product sell faster and better with efficacy. The company has an office in San Francisco. The MindTickle raised Rs. 174 crores in Series B funding. Clearly, the start-up is doing pretty well so far and we hope it continues too. It combines an award-winning platform and best practice methodologies to improve the sales performance and knowledge resulting in improved customer engagement, higher win rates, and bigger deal sizes.

These are the list for successful startups in Pune. If you know any other startups in Pune, please let us know in the comment. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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