The city of Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and a hub for the automotive and IT sectors. Pune is a favorable destination for investments in India. It has paved way for several emerging startups. The city’s close proximity to Mumbai adds to its advantage in trade, business, and lifestyle. Thus, Pune is popular among investors seeking to launch their business. This post outlines some of the most popular startups in Pune.

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We have also covered startups based in Delhi, Goa, and other major cities of India.

  1. FirstCry
  2. Letsintern
  3. InTouchApp
  4. Faasos
  5. PortraitFlip
  6. Helpshift
  7. EarlySalary
  8. MindTickle
  9. DataTorrent
  10. Happy Roots
  11. MarketsandMarkets
  12. Plobal Apps
  13. Docplexus
  14. Tork Motors
  15. Repos Energy
  16. ShoppinPal
  17. HotFut Sports
  18. 111 Startups
  19. Dark Reflections
  20. Brandup
  21. Icertis
  22. Xpressbees


Founder: Supam Maheshwari

Year Founded: 2010

Industry: Baby Products

FirstCry Logo | Startups in Pune

FirstCry is Asia's largest online store for baby and kids products. It caters particularly to the needs of parents expecting children or those with toddlers. In general, FirstCry offers a massive catalogue for children till their early teens. The venture was started by Supam Maheshwari and offers the best deals in products meant for kids. The endeavor aims to ensure that the customer gets the widest choice of top-rated brands and products at the best price in India. FirstCry is known for its service and the timely delivery of products.

Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of FirstCry. FirstCry's major customer base is in Pune. It is rapidly expanding operations in other metro cities too.

FirstCry Success Story - Business Model | Owner | Revenue | Funding | Competitors
Company Profile is an initiative by StartupTalky to publish verified informationon different startups and organizations. The content in this post has beenapproved by the organization it is based on. 90′s kids could have never imagined the appeal of online shopping. Nor didanyone fathom that e-co…


Founders: Rishabh Gupta, Mayank Batheja, and Pranay Swarup

Year Founded: 2010

Industry: Recruitment

Letsintern logo | Startups in Pune

Very few people know that Letsintern is a Pune-based startup. Letsintern is a platform for students to grab their favorite internships. Over 12,000 organisations have tied up with the company to streamline the process of hiring interns and employees. The platform claims to get more than 280,000 visits on its website and mobile app every month.

Letsintern was founded by Rishabh Gupta, Mayank Batheja, and Pranay Swarup in 2010. Aspiring minds, a job-finding platform, acquired Letsintern in 2015. After the acquisition, the company’s headquarters was shifted to Gurgaon.


Founders: Sarang Lakare

Year Founded: 2012

Industry: Mobile App

InTouchApp | Pune Startups

InTouchApp is a simple yet useful app that helps you manage your contacts. It was developed keeping businessmen and entrepreneurs in mind. InTouchApp allows you to save contacts from business cards. It automatically updates the contacts and assists in managing both personal contacts and business contacts. The app is free of cost on all major platforms. As of now, it has over 1 million downloads and manages billions of contacts.

The app was founded by Sarang Lakare. Sarang has 12 years experience in application development. He has a master's degree and a PhD in Computer Science from Stony Brook University.


Founders: Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee

Year Founded: 2011

Industry: Food Delivery

Faasos | Startups in Pune

Faasos is a “food on demand” service. You can order the delicacies of your choice through its app or website. Faasos operates in more than 15 cities of India and 200+ locations. The company promises to provide a refund of up to INR 200 in case of late delivery. It shows how committed Faasos is towards giving customers the best service.

Faasos was founded by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee in 2011. This Pune-based startup has raised $60 million in funding. Faasos is rapidly growing in India with the help of social media influencers.

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Founders: Sunny Choudhary

Year Founded: 2018

Industry: Art and Handicrafts

PortraitFlip | Handmade Painting From Photos in Pune
PortraitFlip | Startups in Pune

PortraitFlip makes handmade paintings from photos and delivers them to the customer’s doorstep. You can order custom handmade paintings from its website. PortraitFlip ships worldwide and experiences many orders from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. The company flaunts a 100% satisfaction guarantee because it trusts the artists who makes these custom paintings with utmost precision. The paintings are hand-painted by artists in mediums like oil, charcoal, pencil, acrylic, coloured pencil, and watercolor.

PortraitFlip is famous for its 'compilation portraits' wherein the customers can convert characters from multiple photos into one painting. The company is also known to make pet portraits, couple portraits, and landscape portraits. It offers you customization options like size, medium, framing options, unlimited characters, custom messages, etc.

Mr. Sunny Choudhary, the founder, currently directs PortraitFlip. This Pune-based startup has made a revenue of $600,000 since its inception in 2018. PortraitFlip is targeting a revenue of $14,00,000 by the year 2021.


Founders: Abinash Tripathy and Bishampayan Ghose

Year Founded: 2011

Industry: Business Solutions

Helpshift Logo | Startups in Pune

Helpshift is a business service provider. It offers smart solutions to businesses for maintaining and improving customer interaction. With the aid of Helpshift's AI chatbots and other personalized products, businesses can automate their customer service tasks and focus on what matters the most. The startup also provides other related services.

Helpshift was founded by Abinash Tripathy and Bishampayan Ghose. It has received a total of $38.5 million in funding from different ventures in the Silicon Valley.


Founders: Akshay Mehrotra and Ashish Goyal

Year Founded: 2015

Industry: Fintech

EarlySalary logo | Fintech Startups in Pune

EarlySalary is a fintech startup that provides short term loans to salaried people. With the help of EarlySalary's app or website, people can apply for hassle-free and instant loans up to INR 1,00,000. No pre-payment fees are applied on the loan.

EarlySalary was founded by Akshay Mehrotra and Ashish Goyal. Akshay is the CEO of the company while Ashish is the CFO. The startup has raised $23.2 million from different ventures.


Founders: Mohit Garg, Krishna Depura, Nishant Mungali, and Deepak Diwakar

Year Founded: 2011

Industry: Business Solutions

MindTickle | Startups in Pune

MindTickle provides a sales enablement solution that uses data-driven analytics to show the impact of sales readiness programs on revenue growth. It is a readiness platform that creates an excellent sales culture, thereby permitting products to be sold quickly and with efficacy. It combines an award-winning platform and the best practice methodologies to improve sales performance and knowledge. The results of this combination include improved customer engagement, higher win rates, and bigger deal sizes.

MindTickle was launched in 2011 by Mohit Garg, Krishna Depura, Nishant Mungali, and Deepak Diwakar. It has raised INR 174 crores in Series B funding. Some prominent investors include Accel Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Canaan Partners, and Qualcomm Ventures.


Co-Founders: Avkash, Amit, and Kuldeep

Year Founded: 2017

Industry: eCommerce

Elocals is a hyperlocal ecommerce startup based in Pune. It was founded in 2017 by a team of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Kozhikode alumni—Avkash, Amit, and Kuldeep. The team is building a digital bridge between the local merchants and customers. Elocals is empowering local merchants and resolving issues pertaining to both online and offline modes of shopping. Through Elocals, small and medium sized enterprises affected by the dominance of the ecommerce giants can compete and grow against their online peers. As a result, customers are enjoying quick deliveries and good services at lower prices. Elocals currently operates in Pune but is planning to serve other Indian cities sometime soon.


Founders: Milind Mukund Barve and George Michael Kelakos

Year Founded: 2012

Industry: Computer Software

Data Torrent | Startups in Pune

DataTorrent captures real-time data and combines it with the existing data to generate insights. DataTorrent is useful for companies where millions of events need to be monitored on a per-second basis. It is a YARN-based application and is open-sourced as Apache Project Apex. This Pune-based software startup received $24 million in funds from Morado Ventures, August Capital, and AME Cloud Ventures.

Happy Roots

Founder: Reema Sathe

Year Founded: 2016

Industry: Food

Happy Roots | Startups in Pune

Happy Roots started as Reema Sathe's vision to create a business model around healthy products. Happy Roots connects with local farmers for the manufacturing of delicious products like cookies, crackers, and other kinds of snacks.  

Reema Sathe, the founder of Happy Roots, has received several awards such as Business Today’s Most Powerful Woman (2017), Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017, etc.

Food-Tech Startups In India | Best Indian Food-Tech Startups [2021]]
India has a humongous food industry, the sixth largest in the world. Retailstartups account for about 70% of the total sales in this segment. According toreports, the food and retail market will be worth $ 828.92 billion by 2020. Thefood-tech industry is growing rapidly with the emergence and dev…


Founder: Sandeep Sugla and Aman Gupta

Year Founded: 2001

Industry: B2B Research

Markets and Markets | Startups in Pune

MarketsandMarkets provides quantified B2B research and consulting. It provides data related to technology, new product offerings, and market performance. MarketsandMarkets currently serves 7500 customers worldwide. It includes 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as its clientele. MarketsandMarkets provides high level analysis of major market segments and helps with the identification of opportunities.

It offers service to multiple industries such as aerospace, defense, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mining, construction, healthcare, agricultural, automotive, and other industries. MarketsandMarkets provides reports on information related to market segmentation, patent analysis, forecasting solutions, market dynamics, and technology information. MarketsandMarkets has received a total of $56 million in funding from FTV Capital, Zodius Capital, and Mantra Ventures.

Plobal Apps

Founder: Atul Poharkar

Year Founded: 2015

Industry: Software Development

Plobal Apps | Startups in Pune

Plobal Apps is an online commercial venture available for both Android and iOS users. It promotes Shopify and has a number of features like apply pay, promotional coupons, push notifications, etc. The app aims to increase sales.

Plobal Apps was launched in 2015 by Atul Poharkar. Atul is a graduate from Fergusson College who later went on to do his engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology. The company has around 50 team members.


Founder: Phanish Chandra

Year Founded: 2013

Industry: Healthtech

Docplexus | Startups in Pune

Docplexus is an online community for doctors across India. It has more than 1 lakh doctors from more than 1500 cities with 89 specialties registered on its platform. Docplexus is the largest community of doctors online and continues to grow.

Phanish Chandra, the CEO of Docplexus, is a social entrepreneur who aims to connect patients and the Indian healthcare system through this app. He has skills in software development and this skillset was of great help to him during the Docplexus app's development.

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Tork Motors

Founder: Kapil Shelke

Year Founded: 2009

Industry: Automobiles

Tork Motors | Startups in Pune

Tork Motors is India's first electric motorcycle company. Kapil Shelke is the founder and CEO of Tork Motors. Tork Motors was founded in 2009 with a vision to create a zero emissions vehicle that could perform on par with petrol machines.

The key to Tork Motors' success is the engineering of the motorcycle which reduces the cost of the vehicle and makes it affordable for middle-class Indians.

Repos Energy

Founder: Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj

Year Founded: 2017

Industry: Fuel Delivery

Repos Energy | Startups in Pune

Repos Energy offers doorstep delivery of fuel for industries to minimize diesel loss. Repos works on cloud-based technology and IoT devices. The customer orders diesel via the Repos App and a Repos petrol pump operator reaches the customer location to complete the diesel delivery. Repos Energy uses smart fuel dispensers to make transactions quick and easy. Repos Energy currently offers door-to-door delivery of diesel in around 65 Indian cities. Ratan Tata has invested an undisclosed amount in this startup.


Founders: Pulkit Singhal and Sriram Subramanian

Year Founded: 2012

Industry: Business Solutions

ShoppinPal | Product based Startup in Pune 

ShoppinPal provides software products for businesses to better understand their sales and management verticals. Some of its products are Stockup, Prosxdata, POS-ERP Sync, and eCommerce Sync. It also provides a suite of these offerings.

Pulkit Singhal and Sriram Subramanian founded ShoppinPal in 2012.

HotFut Sports

Founders: Pavit Singh and Nikhil

Year Founded: 2012

Industry: Sports

HotFut Sports | Startups in Pune

HotFut is a sports development company which aims at providing world-class sports facilities to the people in India. It gives youngsters an integrated sporting experience that will help build sports in India at the grassroots level. The company also organizes tournaments for sports lovers and corporate events. Hotfut has an academy of its own where people come to play outdoor games.

Hotfut sports was launched in 2012 by Pavit Singh and Nikhil. Hotfut is currently operational in Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

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111 Startups

Founders: Nitin Lahoti and Vikrant Bhujbalrao

Year Founded: 2015

Industry: Funding

111 Startups | Startups in Pune

111 Startups is a not-for-profit organization. It is connected with more than 300 startups across India and helps them secure funding. The startup wants to encourage entrepreneurship and promote well-calculated, risk-taking abilities. 111 Startups focuses on IT professionals, engineers, students, and startups that are in the early stages of entrepreneurship.

111 Startups is the joint effort of Mobisoft Infotech and Pesh Group. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Pune.

Dark Reflections

Founder: Siddhi Shah

Industry: Designer

Dark Reflections | Startups in Pune

Pune-based Dark Reflections Studio is a venture by Siddhi Shah, a designer. Originally from Chennai, Siddhi settled in Pune. The Studio sells dream catchers with the lowest price of a dream catcher being INR 300. It sells dream catchers for different occasions and in different sizes and colors. Dream catchers are generally used for décor and come in different sizes; hence, the price is determined accordingly.


Founder: Shiv Singh

Year Founded: 2006

Industry: Digital Marketing

Brandup Logo | Digital Startup in Pune

Brandup is a SEO and digital marketing firm in Pune. Brandup ensures that you get unique and recurring visitors by applying the right digital marketing tactics. Brandup provides services such as digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, organic marketing, support services, and online advertising.


Founder: Samir Bodas and Monish Darda

Year Founded: 2009

Industry: Contract Management Software

Icertis Logo | Startups in Pune

The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with 12 offices globally, including an engineering office in Pune, India. Key investors of Icertis include B Capital Group, Ignition Partners, Premji Invest, Greycroft Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, PSP Growth, and Cross Creek Advisors.

The company provides contract management software. It aims at improving contract management efficiency and compliance by providing access to contract lifecycle information across many devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Founder: Amitava Saha And Supam Maheshwari

Year Founded: 2015

Industry: Logistics

Xpressbees is the fastest-growing express logistics service providing end-to-end supply chain solutions. The Pune-based startup works with several e-commerce firms. Xpressbees has seen huge growth as online shopping has become world's second-largest internet market.

Xpressbees raised $110 million in November 2020. It is spread over 2000 cities and processes more than 2.5 million orders per day.

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We hope this post encourages you to move ahead with your business idea and achieve something great. If you know about other startups based out of Pune, let us know in the comments. We will connect with them and feature them in this list.

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