Top 12 Best Internship Websites In India In 2023

Top 12 Best Internship Websites In India In 2023
Best Internship Websites in India

In today's competitive job market, securing a job without prior experience can be a challenging task. Many companies require candidates to have some level of experience before considering them for the desired job profile. However, there is a solution for freshers looking to gain valuable job experience – internships. Embarking on an internship journey can provide the perfect launchpad for your career.

Internships provide a valuable opportunity to gain real-world exposure, build skills, and kickstart a promising career that can significantly enhance your chances of landing a dream job in a reputable company. As a fresher, this opportunity allows you to gain practical experience, develop relevant skills, and build a strong professional network. With numerous internship options available, finding the right one in India can be overwhelming.

To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the best internship sites in India. These platforms can be invaluable in connecting you with the perfect internship opportunity to kickstart your career. Let's explore these sites and discover the gateway to your future success.

Best Internship Websites In India

1. Internshala
2. LinkedIn
3. LetsIntern
4. Wellfound
5. Killer Launch
6. Hello Intern
7. Youth4Work
8. GlassDoor
9. Stumagz
10. Oysterconnect
11. IndianInternship
12. Chegg Internships

1. Internshala

Company Name Internshala
Founders Sarvesh Agrawal, Ankur Khator
Founded 2010
Services Offered Internship matching, online training
Internshala - best internship site in india
Internshala Website

Internshala is a widely recognized platform that connects students and graduates with internships in various industries. The website offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to search for internships based on preferred locations, fields of interest, and duration. With a diverse range of opportunities from startups to established companies, Internshala is a go-to website for aspiring interns.

Apart from internships, Internshala also helps you to select from a wide range of training programs, workshops and webinars at a very reasonable price. It includes programs like Digital Marketing, Web Development, Ethical Hacking, Python and so on. It has other sections like learning a new language, creative arts, data science, architecture and others.

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2. LinkedIn

Company Name LinkedIn
Founders Reid Hoffman, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Allen Blue
Founded 2002
Services Offered Professional networking, job search, and career development
LinkedIn - internship website in india
LinkedIn Website

LinkedIn is one of the most professional job searching websites in India. It has partnered with many international companies too. It has better communication facilities that one can avail. LinkedIn helps its user to create a network and connect with peers. One can even access various activities going on around the professional world. It also has Linkedin Learning programs to help you gain skills.

Compared to other websites in India, LinkedIn produces higher-quality candidates. Therefore, it has tough competition and one requires sharp skills to apply for any job via LinkedIn.

3. LetsIntern

Company Name LetsIntern
Founders Rishabh Gupta and Pranay Swarup
Founded 2010
Services Offered Internship opportunities and career guidance
LetsIntern - best internship sites

LetsIntern provides exciting internships for the user with the minimum requirement and of course, a good stipend. The best part of it is that it provides internships in a few large organizations. Tencent Game, Myntra, The Indian Express, Emerson, Big Basket, Comic Con India, PVR Cinemas and other companies would be hiring interns under them.

Even the organizations can also use it easily for hiring interns. The registration is done for both students and employers. The platform also provides career guidance, resume-building tools, and valuable insights to enhance the internship experience. Apart from all these, they also have their blogs directed out for everyone, where you can find various valuable tips.

4. Wellfound

Company Name Wellfound
Founders Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi
Founded 2010
Services Offered Startup jobs, investing, fundraising, etc.
Wellfound - top internship platform in india

Wellfound earlier known as AngelList, is a prominent online platform, providing services for startups, investors, and job seekers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It serves as a comprehensive hub where startups can connect with potential investors, and investors can discover promising startup opportunities. The platform facilitates fundraising, job postings, and networking, creating a dynamic community that fosters innovation and growth. With a focus on bridging the gap between talented entrepreneurs and passionate investors, Wellfound plays a significant role in fueling the startup ecosystem and supporting the growth of innovative ventures worldwide.

Wellfound, true to its claim, serves as the convergence point for the global startup community. Catering not only to students but also to numerous working professionals, the platform offers an extensive array of opportunities. Renowned organizations such as Patreon, Tinder, Twitch, Yelp, Gusto, and Medium are among the many partners that collaborate with Wellfound.

In addition to connecting job seekers and startups, Wellfound introduces unique investing programs, enabling individuals to invest in startups during their early developmental stages. With a straightforward profile completion process, users can navigate the website with ease and flexibility, unlocking a world of potential and possibilities.

WellFound: The ultimate platform for finding remote startup jobs

5. Killer Launch

Company Name KillerLaunch
Founders Heena Vinayak, Sahil Kohli
Founded 2019
Services Offered Job search, internship, and career development resources
KillerLaunch - top internship website in india
KillerLaunch Website

KillerLaunch is equipped with a few advanced search tools. With that users can search for internships according to their preferred location and industries. They aim at delivering the best internship opportunities for the users.

If you are finding a startup job or an internship for yourself, then this could be a great choice among all. It has all genuinely certified as well as verifies startups stuffed for anyone browsing for the same. You can even communicate directly via the KillerLaunch messaging portals.

6. Hello Intern

Company Name Hello Intern
Founders Snehal Nimje
Founded 2006
Services Offered Internship opportunities and career guidance
Hello Intern Website
Hello Intern Website

Regarded as the global internship expert, Hello Intern also captured a lot of attention from the folks. It allows its users to browse for the best internship opportunities and apply to the companies of their choice. It has partnered with many startups, non-profits, and corporate companies.

Hello Intern provide internships from companies like Zee Media, Titan, Vivo, Decathlon, Citrus and many others. you can choose internships in fields such as digital marketing, mobile app development, graphic designing, and so on. Apart from that, you can get access to online training programs and has work from home available.

7. Youth4Work

Company Name Youth4Work
Founders Rachit Jain
Founded 2012
Services Offered Skill assessments, career guidance, and internship search
Youth4work - best internship website in india

Youth4work is an online platform that offers skill assessments, career guidance, and internship search services for students and young professionals. The platform helps individuals discover their strengths and areas of improvement through skill tests and assessments. It also provides personalized career counseling and recommendations based on the assessment results, assisting users in making informed career choices. Additionally, Youth4work offers a database of internship opportunities across various industries, connecting aspiring interns with potential employers. The platform aims to bridge the gap between education and employment, empowering the youth with valuable insights and resources to kickstart their careers.

How to prepare for Skill Tests by using Youth4work's Practice Test

8. GlassDoor

Company Name GlassDoor
Founders Robert Hohman, Tim Besse, Rich Barton
Founded 2007
Services Offered Job search, company reviews, salary information, interview tips, and career development resources
Glassdoor - internship website india
Glassdoor Website

Glassdoor serves as a comprehensive resource for job seekers, offering various services to help individuals find jobs and make informed career decisions. The platform provides job search capabilities, where users can browse through a wide range of job openings from different companies and industries. Additionally, Glassdoor offers valuable company reviews and ratings written by current and former employees, giving job seekers insights into the work culture, salary information, and other aspects of various organizations.

Glassdoor also provides salary information for different job roles, helping candidates assess their market value and negotiate better compensation. The platform offers interview tips and career development resources to assist users in preparing for job interviews and advancing their careers.

Glassdoor is just a few clicks away from getting an opportunity for a good start in a career. The segmented interface allows you to get detailed information about any company you are looking for.

9. Stumagz

Company Name Stumagz
Founders Sri Charan Lakkaraju and Frederick Devarampati
Founded 2015
Services Offered Internships, events, competitions, and campus news
Stumagz - top internship website in india
Stumagz Website

Stumagz is an online platform that caters to college students, providing a comprehensive space for them to discover and engage with various opportunities and activities. The platform offers a range of services, including internship listings, information about campus events and competitions, college news updates, and networking opportunities for students. Stumagz aims to create a vibrant community for college students, connecting them with valuable resources and helping them make the most of their academic journey.

10. Oysterconnect

Company Name Oysterconnect
Founders Rimy Oberoi
Founded 2013
Services Offered Virtual internships, skill development programs
OysterConnect - best internship site
OysterConnect Website

OysterConnect is a platform that offers virtual internships and skill development programs. The platform connects college students and young professionals with virtual internship opportunities that allow them to gain practical work experience and enhance their skill sets. OysterConnect partners with various companies to provide meaningful projects and tasks for interns to work on remotely.

Through its skill development programs, OysterConnect aims to empower individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. The platform provides a diverse range of projects and learning resources in fields such as marketing, sales, analytics, and more.

OysterConnect's virtual internships and skill development programs offer a flexible and convenient way for students and young professionals to gain valuable experience, boost their resumes, and prepare for a successful career journey.

11. IndianInternship

Company Name IndianInternship
Founders Unknown
Founded Unknown
Services Offered Internship opportunities and resources
IndianInternship - best internship site in india
IndianInternship Website

IndianInternship is an online platform that focuses on providing internship opportunities and resources for students and young professionals in India. The platform serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking internships across various industries and domains.

IndianInternship connects aspiring interns with a wide range of internship opportunities, enabling them to gain practical work experience and enhance their skills. The platform also offers resources and information to help students prepare for their internships and make the most of their learning experiences.

Overall, IndianInternship serves as a valuable platform for students and young professionals, providing them with the necessary tools and opportunities to kickstart their careers and make informed decisions about their future paths.

12. Chegg Internships

Company Name Chegg
Founders Carlson, Rashid, and Aayush Phumbhra
Founded 2005
Services Offered Online learning platform, internship, textbook rentals, homework help, tutoring
Chegg Internships Website
Chegg Website

Chegg Internships is an online tutoring business enterprise and job posting website which allows employers to put entry-level job openings. The site approves applications from candidates. Chegg permits employers to supply and appoint certified candidates for several internships and jobs throughout the country. The website provides several sources on how to run a profitable internship program.


Doing an internship is the best opportunity to boost your skills and work experience as well as your resume. This enables your resume to get noticed by bigger companies before you start with your job. So, find the internship you were looking for from the above internship portals and apply without any further delay.


What are internship websites?

Internship websites are online platforms that connect students and young professionals with internship opportunities offered by various companies and organizations.

What are the top internship websites in India?

  • Internshala
  • LinkedIn
  • LetsIntern
  • Wellfound
  • Killer Launch
  • Hello Intern
  • Youth4Work
  • GlassDoor
  • stuMagz
  • OysterConnect
  • Indian Internship

How can I find internship in India?

To find an internship in India, you can utilize online internship websites that connect students and young professionals with various internship opportunities across different industries. Additionally, you can directly approach companies, attend career fairs, or seek guidance from your college's placement cell for internship openings.

Are internship websites only for college students?

No, internship websites cater to both college students and recent graduates.

Is Internshala safe?

Yes, Internshala is one of the best website for internships, but beware of fraudulent companies and fake job postings.

Do internships give salary?

The internship offers payment to students in the form of a stipend and not salary.

Is it possible to get a job after an internship?

Yes, it is possible to get a job after an internship as internships provide valuable work experience and networking opportunities, increasing the likelihood of being hired by the same company or making connections that lead to future job offers.

Do these websites charge any fees for accessing internships?

Most internship websites are free for users to access and explore internship listings. However, some websites may offer premium services or additional features for a fee.

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