Internshala: Find The Perfect Internship!

Rishabh Rathi Rishabh Rathi
Apr 12, 2021 6 min read
Internshala: Find The Perfect Internship!

Many of us today criticize the Indian education system for transforming individuals into people of theory with minimum or no practical experience. In such a competitive world, one has to stand out in the crowd to be successful. A smart student wants to study, learn, and gain experience at the same time.

Parents have always focused on good grades, admission to a prestigious college, and finally securing a high pay scale job. Thatโ€™s true, but it is not as easy as it seemed to have been before. The cut-throat competition and constant technical upskilling and upgradation means only the best survive in the industry. And these skills can be acquired when students work and learn through internships and jobs.

In India, the concept of internships is picking pace and is progressing rapidly. One of the key catalysts in making internships available online in India is Internshala. This article covers Internshala in-depth.

Internshala - Company Highlights

Startup Name Internshala
Headquarter Gurgaon, India
Sector Education
Founders Sarvesh Agrawal
Founded 2010
Area Served India
Parent Organization Internshala

About Internshala
Internshala - Founders
How it Started?
Internshala - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Internshala - Business Model and How it Works?
Internshala - Startup Challenges
Internshala - Competitors
Internshala - Internship and Training Sectors
Internshala - Future Plans

About Internshala

Internshala was launched as a WordPress blog initially. The blog dealt with education, technology, and issues about gaps in skills. It was then transformed into an internship portal. It is a free portal for both interns as well as employers. Currently, Internshala has more than 3000000 student visits and 80000+ companies registered on its website. Internshala also offers online educational training in various streams.

The courses on offer are on a chargeable basis but can be downloaded along with the supporting materials such as videos for offline reference. Internshala's courses are largely divided into Summer Training and Winter Training. Internshala offers different kinds of internshipsโ€”full time, part-time, and work from home. One can find both paid and unpaid internships on Internshala.

Internshala - Founders

Sarvesh Agrawal is the Founder of Internshala.

Sarvesh comes from a business family and was born and brought up in Nawalgarh, a small town of Rajasthan. He completed his bachelor's and Master's degrees in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2006. After his Master's, he started working in Capital One company in Nottingham (United Kingdom) as a Business Analyst in the product innovation team.

After a year, he came back to India to work with Barclays Bankโ€™s credit card analytics division. In the year 2010, he switched to Aviva Life Insurance in Gurgaon to set up a Business Analytics team for the organization.

Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder of Internshala.
Sarvesh Agrawal - Founder of Internshala

How it Started?

Sarvesh always had an interest in the field of education and learning. While he created blogs to generate awareness about the same, he was asked many questions about internships. It was a stark realization that the domain of internships was one area where nothing was happening in India; it wasnโ€™t as mainstream as in the West.

Sarvesh left his job and began building a team and a portal. An incident occurred when one of Sarvesh's friends from his college days went on to pursue an MBA from London Business School.

During his semester break, he was looking for an internship in India and informed Sarvesh about the lack of internship opportunities in the country. This served enough motivation for Sarvesh to start a platform where people could get ample of internship opportunities at one place.

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Internshala - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Internship logo

The name Internshala means a place where you will find Internships. If we break the name into two parts, then the word โ€˜Internโ€™ means a person who is seeking an internship in some firm and โ€˜shalaโ€™ is a Hindi word which means a place. On combining the two words, the meaning is clearโ€”a place where a person can get internships.

The tagline of Internshala is โ€˜internships that matterโ€™; it means that the company provides you a platform for seeking meaningful and helpful internships.

Internshala - Business Model and How it Works?

Internshala operates through its website and mobile app. A student has to register, create a decent profile, and apply for various internships listed on the portal. Internshala is a free platform when it comes to applying or searching for internships but earns revenue through two mediums:

  1. Internshala charges some amount for its online training programs. These programs vary based on duration, category, and finances.
  2. Internshala also charges fees from third parties such as advertisers who want to post ads, posters or email busters, etc. on its website.

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Internshala - Startup Challenges

Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder of Internshala, mentioned in one of his interviews that a big challenge faced by Internshala was attracting good talent as the business continued to grow. In the initial days, one of the main obstacles the team had to face was the lack of good technical talent at both the junior and senior levels. Sarvesh was from a non-programming background and had to struggle the most in this area.

Another challenge for the company was that employers were facing hurdles in finding interns as Indian students favored in-office internships during summer and winter breaks, making it difficult to hire interns during the rest of the months. There was a hindrance in matching the location and timelines of students and employers. In short, getting the students to be in sync with the companies providing internships was difficult.

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Internshala - Competitors

Although Internshala is the biggest platform in India when it comes to providing internship opportunities, there is no dearth of competition. The top Internshala competitors are ย StuMagz, twenty19, Letsintern and Interworld.

Internshala - Internship and Training Sectors

Internshala provides internships in various sectors like web development, arts, management, science, IT, data analysis, law, engineering, architecture, and many others. The training courses include, but are not restricted to, Photography, Business Communication Skills, Computing, Excel, Design, etc.

Internshala - Future Plans

Internshala concentrates on helping students in learning, training, and garnering on-field experience. Internshala was launched with a mission to equip 30 million college students in India with practical knowledge and real-life skills to achieve their dreams and turn them into reality.

They are constantly working towards providing internships and training across cities, small towns, and villages. This is the driving factor for Internshala. In the coming years, Internshala wants to take the step of providing meaningful internships to students and individuals in tier 2 and tier 3 cities by creating awareness and bringing opportunities to them.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is Internshala training free?

No, Internshala training is not free but the cost is kept at a minimum so that everyone can avail it.

Is it free to apply for internships on Internshala?

Yes, applying for internships - paid or unpaid - is free on Internship.

What is the Internshala business model like?

Internshala is a free platform when it comes to applying or searching for internships but earns revenue through two mediums:

  1. Internshala charges some amount for its online training programs. These programs vary based on duration, category, and finances.
  2. Internshala also charges fees from third parties such as advertisers who want to post ads, posters or email busters, etc. on its website.

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