Smart Strategies To Get Job In a Startup Company

If you want to work in a startup company, it's an excellent career move. You will get to learn new things. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting products or services and also grow with the company.

If you are passionate and willing to dive in this type of gig can be a great way to grow your career. After deciding that you are choosing a startup as a career option. You need to know how to find a job in a startup company.

What Employers Look For

1. Entitlement

Startups do not have the top perks and privileges. They have worked hard to secure their funding, and their investors are waiting to give them a good return for their money. If you want to get hired in a startup company, you have to leave your entitlement at the door.

2. Hunger

Startup entrepreneurs are very hungry for success by their nature. They highly expect you to do the job right. Anyone who is getting hired in the startup has to follow the same hunger to reach the goals. You have to show them you are willing to go the extra mile whenever necessary.

3. Expectation

Some people think startups are very easy. But actually, the reality is that starting a business are hard, very hard. media never tells about the whole story. There is so much work to be done, so everybody is expected to do whatever is needed to get the job done.

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Where To Find Startup Jobs

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1. Use Job Sites

For using job sites AngelList is the best site for finding startup jobs. You can apply to over 74,000 jobs with one application. After registering yourself on the site you have to create a profile of your skills and experiences. Your profile can be public or also private.

You can also search GitHub jobs by the job title, location, company, and many more.If you are looking for a co-founder, you can use Co-Founders Lab where entrepreneurs look for co-founders. If you are seeking for a particularly remote area position, you can add these terms to your searching.

2. Reach Out to Companies Directly

Search all the startup companies for the job. Create a list of the companies and review them. Find out some of the best startups from the list which match your area of interest. Many startups have account LinkedIn you can connect from there or else you can use email to connect. You should write a cover letter to the company to get noticed.

3. Use Your Networking Connections

The best way to find a job at a startup company is by using your networking connections. You can search about the founders of your college. you can also check your LinkedIn connections.

4. Meetup With Startups

Attending startup meetups can improve your knowledge about the environment. You should attend as much as conferences and events as much as you can. You will meet people from this startup field. You will get to learn to form their experiences. You can also build a network through these kinds of events. Also, you will get know about the startups in your area.

5. Tap Social Media

You should follow the startup companies of your interest on social media sites. You might get a chance to connect to them. Many companies post their hiring form. You have to respond just right away and maybe you get the job.

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Check Out The Company

To get a better startup company to start with, you should spend much time researching reviews of the environment at a startup company. Check out if their demand matches your skills. Find out what is the reviews they are getting form their performance.

Apply For Job

Evaluating a Job Offer

If you also do not know how to evaluate a startup job offer. Smaller startup companies have no definite role by itself. A person who is thinking of joining the company should know about the job opening, the salary package offered, and also about the possibility that the business could fail.

1. Your role at the start-up

Notice the responsibilities that an employee needs to assume. Try to find out your role at the startup company. Try to know whether it matches your expectations or not. Then finalize your decision whether to accept the offer or reject it.

2. Startup salaries

The salary offered by the startup companies should be in league with the other companies. Smaller startups may offer a small salary. You can understand that the job position all come into play while determining the salary package at that startup company.

3. Get an offer in written

Before committing to any opportunity with a small start-up company, please understand how to evaluate a start-up job offer. Make sure that the offer is given to you in written format, to not have any confusion about it, at a later stage. It is always best to come to a decision, after thorough negotiations, before committing to the offer.

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Everlasting Curiosity And The Ability To Adapt

Managers mostly focus on finding candidates with the most impressive skills. But in a startup company startup managers look for self-motivated and inspire people. They need to hire people who are not only qualified in their skills but also curious about their work.

According to a study, some of the best entrepreneurs who are curious and creative for their startup. Which says that they can imagine their possible future for the company. The ability to adapt things and the curiosity to learn new things is the most important key to get hired in a startup company.

Keep Your Ego At The Door

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A startup lives on the decisions you make and the attitude you hold for it. All mindsets feed the ego. When you move your ego to the side and place your best performance, you impress the people at the workplace. no ego gets you to the new exciting ideas. That's why startup companies look for someone who has no ego issues.

Get Ready To Interview

Preparing for a job interview at a startup company is a hard task, it can lead you to a unique work environment and flexible culture.

The hiring process in a startup can be quick. be prepared for a phone or video call, or an informal meeting interview. Startup interviews are casual than a formal job interview. As with any job interview, you should follow up a thank you note or email.

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Considering all the factors that are discussed above, you can find a job in a startup company. It will make this the next best step in your startup career.

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