Tips To Make Good Impression on the First day of job

Tips To Make Good Impression on the First day of job

The first day of your job can be anxious and memorable. Sometimes, it can tend to be challenging since you don’t understand the policies and procedures of the organization/company. Organizations have their own stipulated goals. During the job interview, you proved you can help the company to achieve those goals so their expectation in terms of work delivery is very high. They also want you to mix with the team and know them at the same show professionalism. Here are some of the tips that you can use to make a good impression on first day of job.

Report early

Report working on time. This gives you ample time to familiarize yourself with the organization, interact with people as they come in and avoid confusion. It also removes unnecessary fears and tension.

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Prepare for orientation

The first day of your job, you expect induction to be done. In as much as more will be on listening part, it is always important to write down the questions that you might have. You need to control yourself so you don’t ask so many questions.

Mingle as much as possible

During your first job, sometimes staff might decide to offer you lunch. Take up the offer and join them. This shows you are part of their team. It will also be an opportunity for you to know the surrounding.

Listen as well observe more

Mindset - How to stay Positive at work

The first day of your job is to do more of observing and listening. Associate and interact with everyone maximum. This is the only opportunity to hear what are the set goals and objectives of the company. Understand the projects and priorities for the job as deadlines have to be met.  Take many notes as possible as this will help you in planning for your work.

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Prepare for an introduction speech for colleagues

Every time and everywhere there is a new kid on the block, people are curious to know their background in terms of your previous employer, your interest, the capacity you have come to the organization. Others also would also want to crack jokes with you. Take it easy as this is part of the process.

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Identify the right co-workers

In an organization, it is not obvious that everybody who hangs around you will be your friend. If you want to succeed in your career, you need to identify the right people to associate and accompany you. Politics are always there. There are those who will even feel you did not deserve to get that job.

Put a smile

Put a Smile - How to stay Positive at work
Put a Smile

In order to get work done, you will be required to move around into various departments meeting different people. Putting a smile on your face and shaking people’s hands can make your work easier. People can judge the kind of person you are and would always like to associate with you.

Don’t please people

Some people are always out there to mess other people’s lives and put you into problems. You need to grasp organization policies and procedures as soon as possible. For example, if you came at a certain authoritative position, they can make you sign documents aimlessly and put you into trouble.

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Pay attention to details

Decision making in an organization is very key. Understand all the processes involved in making decisions at all levels. You need to understand what kind of decision is needed to be made where and what are the reporting procedures.

Show energy

Be assured that everybody will be looking at your performance. During your first days, you need to put an extra effort. Remember no one who has ever assessed your skills and competency. Let people in the organization know that you are a reliable person.

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