Guwahati Startups | Startups in Guwahati [Exhaustive List]

Guwahati is a sprawling city beside the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam. There are some new startups coming up in Guwahati. Startup Assam's vision is to create a platform for entrepreneurs to connect to Angels and Venture Capitalists, Mentors, Industry experts, Problem Solving Ecosystems where start-ups can get easy access to resources, evolve and co-exist. These are some of the startups that are growing in Guwahati.

We have also covered startups in Vizag, Patna and other major cities of India.


Priceboard Logo

Samiran Raj Boro, the founder and CEO of PriceBoard, has done his graduation from Guwahati University. The idea behind his start-up, Price Board, that was launched in October 2014 was similar to Snapdeal. It compares the prices of different products and helps the customer the best brand and company for them. PriceBoard has made a mark among customers in that state and does gadgets comparison, hence, helping people choose the required product.


Blue Whale Logo

Kunal Agarwal, the CEO and co-founder of BlueWhale, is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay(IIT-Bombay) that initiated shipping for goods and services in Guwahati through this app. The app aims to make import and exports of goods and services easy and reliable. It carries out international trade and trade within the country, keeping its geographical location in mind, Guwahati is the best city for international trade as well as import and export. We wish Kunal all the best with his endeavour.


CellFisher Logo

Rakesh Doley and Pankaj Gogoi who are co-founders and directors of the company launched it in 2014, a taxi service provider for the people in the city of Guwahati. The start-up aims to establish itself with core ideas of providing people with transportation and giving them mobility. The price of transport is pretty low compared to other services, hence, they attract more customers than companies in the city.


Travike Logo

Subhankar Roy, the founder and CEO of the company, aims to give road lovers a plan to go on trips through various forms of technology. The app allows you to book spots, book adventure sports and other equipment that will be required. People can rent two/four wheelers. Since many people who come to Assam come for tourism and to seek adventure, the idea of the company fits pretty well.


Motohut Logo

The Assam-based company launched in 2015 sells motorcycle parts, vehicle accessories, and gear store. The state of Assam known for being close to the hills, people will like to go on the road and spend quality time on it. The company catering to that demand has set itself up in the city. The company gives bikers and people with vehicles a chance to explore their consumer choices. The company is doing well in the city and aims to expand itself further.

This is our list for successful startups in Guwahati. If you know any other startups in Guwahati, please let us know in the comment. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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