Best No-Code App Builders| Build App Without Coding

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Dec 9, 2021 9 min read
Best No-Code App Builders| Build App Without Coding

In today's contemporary world, mobiles and their applications have become a primary part of individuals' day-to-day lifestyles. It is fair to say that the world is spinning and functioning around the term called app, which is making everyone's life ten times easier. But as easy and fun it sounds using them, ever thought of developing one?

Many for sure had, but there might have been a part that stops you, and that is the complexity of coding. Coding is not everyone's cup of tea, and the technical knowledge and skills required for it, are not hidden from anyone. Learning to code isn’t a matter of minutes or hours. To be a programmer, it needs a high level of study and knowledge, and a lot of practice to implement those codes to bring out the desired outcome.

But these are the developing times and to make such tasks a lot easier there are several no-code mobile app builders, which makes the process more feasible and quicker, for everyone be it a beginner or professional. So what are No-Code app builders, let’s just first know about them.

No-Code Mobile App Builders
Best No-Code App Builders

  1. AppyPie
  2. AppSheet
  3. BuildFire
  4. GoodBarber
  5. BiznessApps


No-Code Mobile App Builders

No code mobile app development tools are those platforms that provide ways to create apps for android, iOS, Windows, etc. without using code. These platforms are a source of easy creation and development, where the user doesn’t have to write even a single line of code, to get their job done.

This in turn work as a savior for beginners and novices who have little or no knowledge, regarding coding. App creation in itself isn’t easy, and on top of that carrying out compound code work isn’t very appealing.

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Best No-Code App Builders

Here in this article, we’ll be seeing a list of the best no-code app builders, with detailed analysis on each. So, let's begin:


Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

Appy Pie comes on top spot when best no-code app builders are considered, the reason being its varied and wide range of features that makes it stand out. Developed in 2015, to serve even the inexperienced ones, the platform strongly fulfills its theme.

AppyPie App Development Dashboard |  Best No code app builder
AppyPie App Development Dashboard | Best No code app builder

Voted as the best app building platform through its users, Appy Pie makes the task a lot easy and quick. This DIY app builder lets you create your app in minutes with just drag and drop. It walks you right through the steps you need to take as per your experience level and knowledge.

Appy Pie App Development Dashboard |  Best No code app builder
AppyPie App Development Dashboard | Best No code app builder

Pros and Cons of Appy Pie

Pros Cons
Appy Pie has undoubtedly more features than any other rival in the market. Some of the advance feature claims are unstable.
It has a user friendly design , that makes work on it a lot more preferable. External access may be expensive.
Helps developing Android, iPhone and PWA apps, all in one platform. The flexibility is a bit outdated. You may be able to change the layouts and background images but not a lot more.
One can build a basic version and preview it , even without signing in. The templates are quite similar, thus making all the appypie made apps look same as each other.
Drag and drop features help your application to go live in mere minutes. Limited post notifications are possible.
Live chat helps connect with customers in real time.
Appy Pie- best no code app builder

Appy Pie Pricing

Free Trial: Available

Plan Pricing
Basic β‚Ή999/app/month
Gold β‚Ή1499/app/month
Platinum β‚Ή1999/app/month

*Additional Downloads are charged either on the basis of the number of Installs or on the number of registered users whichever is more.

Please note that the Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee and Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25. (Yeah, we know we wish it were free, too).

You can use Appy Pie’s App Builder by availing 14 days free trial to develop and test your application for your personal, non-commercial use. Whether you are working on the next big app or on a breakthrough solution for your business, it will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

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Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/ iPad, Android

AppSheet is another best no-code app builder. It is a platform of app creation for regular app builders, with no coding background. One of the very unique features that Appsheet has unlike any of its other rivals is, through Appsheet one can easily create an app using their existing data, in Google docs, drive, Excel, and others.

AppSheet editor | best no code app builder
AppSheet editor | best no code app builder

Its flexibility makes it unique and renowned among its users. It provides live online training, webinars, and documentation to provide support and knowledge of the process, making it user friendly and interactive.

Pros and Cons of AppSheet

Pros Cons
With Appsheet one can create applications with their own data on any of their own smart devices. No code to learn but the functionality is a lot.
Graphic user interface along with toggle buttons and icons is very efficient. The UX or the way it looks in web browser should be improved for better interface.
Features and interface is very useful. Less focus on developing financial apps though there are certain low budgeting apps.
Has sample apps to learn each functionality. Appsheet is free, unless you want to utilize all the features.
Very easy to learn. SQL connection for pro version only.
How to create an App without Code?

AppSheet Pricing

Free Trial: Available

Plan Pricing Advanced Features Enhanced Security Description
Premium $5/user/month ❌ ❌ Build secure, feature-rich business applications from basic data sources.
Pro $10/user/month βœ” βœ” Grow with multiple data sources, automation, and enhanced security.
Business Custom Pricing βœ” βœ” Secure, advanced performance and integrations for mission-critical enterprise apps.


Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/ iPad, Android

BuildFire can be best described as a proper mix of both ends in a platform. Not only does it provide an easy and intuitive DIY Platform for app building but along with that it also provides high-end custom development features that makes it stand out.

BuildFire App Development Dashboard |  Best No code app builder
BuildFire App Development Dashboard | Best No code app builder

BuildFire serves a range of customers from small start-ups to big enterprises.
And has a list of powerful and varied tools that helps in fulfilling all the business needs as it grows. It has a simple drag and drops UI that helps in building applications for Android and iOS, with a lot of ease.

Pros and Cons of BuildFire

Pros Cons
Icons create an interactive interface. They didn't had proper system for two step authentication.
Easy to use. It might take a little time to get used to the editor.
Contains all the needed tools and UX to create not just any app but a great looking and with ease. There is lack of customer support.
Quick ability to design, build and publish. The performance is slow due to tech stack restriction
It is not just a template based which you cannot change. But it provides variation facility as well.
Best no code app builder | How to create an App without Coding?

BuildFire Pricing

Free Trial: Available

Plan Pricing Description
Growth $159/month The basics needed to get you started with a business app.
Business $299/month Additional capabilities to get more out of your app.
Enterprise $424/month Premium support and functionality to maximize the business value of your app.

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Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/ iPad, Android

For anyone who is into app building, they know how it costs to develop an app and also how tricky sometimes it gets to work on all the details. GoodBarber is one such alternative built with the sole purpose of doing this job, EASY.

No Code App Builder - GoodBarber | Best No code app builder

GoodBarber has a range of options to make an app by the use of inbuilt features provided. You can build a shopping app, content management app, and a lot more just by following certain steps. It is a popular and progressive and best no code app builder for eCommerce and management.

Pros and Cons of GoodBarber

Pros Cons
No requirement of any programming language knowledge. It is great in theory but sometimes the system doesn’t work reliably.
IP protection is available. There is no push up notification on safari for apple devices so the PWA cannot pass a regular app.
It helps in building powerful apps for all the devices and screen sizes as well. Somewhat tricky to figure out the design process.
Has designed templates. Sometimes a bug might pervert your app from functioning.
Relatively cheap and good for small businesses.
Great team support.

GoodBarber Dashboard - App Without Coding | Best No code app builder
GoodBarber Dashboard - App Without Coding | Best No code app builder

GoodBarber Pricing

Free Trial: Available

Plan Pricing
Ecommerce Standard €35/month
Full €62/month
Premium €125/month
Platinum Custom Pricing
Classic Standard €25/month
Full €48/month
Premium €96/month
Reseller Classic €200/month
Classic and Shopping €267/month

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Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/ iPad, Android

BiznessApps is an all in one platform that provides its users the ease of editing, building, and managing mobile apps. It is often used by entrepreneurs and agencies looking to grow their business and also looking to provide an app to small businesses as well.

BiznessApps Dashboard | Best No code app builder
BiznessApps Dashboard | Best No code app builder

This has an abundance of features like UNLIMITED push notifications, loyalty programs, and coupons helping in generating direct revenue and also increases customer engagement. It also has a unique feature of multiple integrations including 3rd party, which makes it different from other platforms.

Pros and Cons of BiznessApps

Pros Cons
Helps in app building through zero coding. The dashboard isn’t very intuitive, thus reducing interactivity.
Multiple integrations possible involving 3rd party. Slow customer services.
Provides all the necessary tools to make a good quality mobile app. Price-point isn’t very intimidating.
Has pretty unique revenue generating feature. Limited options to carry out customization.
Friendly support in terms of email and chats.

BiznessApps - Preview your app | Best No code app builder
BiznessApps - Preview your app | Best No code app builder

BiznessApps Pricing

Free Trial: Available

Plan Pricing Description
Individual Customer $99/month A DIY solution for your small business' app
Reseller Standard $300/month The basic package with limited support.
Gold $360/month Additional support to build your mobile solutions company.
Platinum $400/month The complete package to ensure your success.


So this was the list of best no-code app builders. What earlier was considered impossible is now just a matter of a few steps. App creation has now become a task of just a few steps and to do that you may use any of the above apps, and make the job handy and possible.


What are no code app builders?

No Code app builders help to create apps without knowing how to code. Originally designed for teammates with no coding experience, this type of development allows anyone to create fully functional apps with the help of a simple visual editor.

Which are the best No-Code App Builders?

The top 5 NO- code App builders are:

  • Appy pie
  • App sheet
  • Buildfire
  • Good Barber
  • Bizness app

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