10 No-Code Development Platforms You Should Know About

A no-code development platform is a tool that helps in building software applications without coding, a better alternative to traditional software development for non-technical businesses where the users are hoping to build their own full-fledged applications. By using a no-code platform, you can equip more parts of the workforce with the tools which are required to become citizen developers. If you have a small business with a lack of budget to hire a software developer or a source for a software development house.

What is no code platform?

No code platform moves the power of software development into the hands of your entire company. Business and non-programmers can step into this platform for meeting the demands of faster application delivery, building business, web, and mobile applications on their own.

For example, if you are in charge of IT for an organization, then you know how many requests come to your department. Implementing new things or fixing errors in existing applications, will not be easy to finish this and also will take much time.

And at the time you finish your existing applications, more requests will already be in the queue and it’s never going to end. But using the no-code platform you can break that cycle. This will help you and your department can handle all of these requests.

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Working and benefits

1. Use of Internal Resources

The reason why companies choose a no-code platform for app development is to offset a lack of internal IT skills and internal resources and costs. Companies without any skilled developers choose to outsource which is cost-prohibitive and that will lead to extra costs. Using a no-code platform, companies can empower their business users and its developers. This helps them in creating business applications as per their needs without requiring additional resources.

2. Quick Response to Change Management

Business requirements make it difficult for software developers to change coding midway. Using no-code platforms, it’s easy to make changes in applications, or enhancing their functionalities, and many other things. This platform helps in eliminating the backlogs of applications. Users can make changes and can create a better experience as well as track efficiency.

3. Fast Delivery of Applications

The biggest advantage of choosing this platform is the ability to develop the business application in very little time. This reduces development time compared to other methods. Before this Developers manually write hand code. Using a no-code platform, users can drag and drop features for creating, configuring, and customizing business applications.

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Below given is the list of no-code development platforms

1. Airtable

Type of site: cooperative package

Founded: 2012

Registration: needed

Current status: active

Airtable may be a style of program info hybrid, combining options of info and applying it to a program. The fields for the Airtable table are kind of cells in a spreadsheet. It’s varieties like checkbox, phone number, and drop-down list, and may reference file attachments like pictures. You will be able to produce info, came upon column varieties, add records, link tables to one another, collaborate, type records, and publish views to external websites.

2. Nintex process platform

Type of site: private productivity software

Founded: 2006

Services: Business process automation, business process management, workflow management system, low-code development platform

Nintex is a private software company based in Bellevue, Washington. It is a business process management software integrates with enterprise service platforms including SharePoint, Office365, Salesforce, and google drive. Since 2018 Nintex has entered the business process mapping and robotic process automation markets with two company acquisitions.

The Nintex platform is a powerful set of integrated and intelligent solutions that empower lines of business and IT professionals which helps in unlocking the transformational business benefits of intelligent process automation technologies. This platform includes capabilities for advanced workflow, process mapping, and management, mobile apps, process intelligence. It is faster and easier than ever for public and private organizations to automate and optimize business processes. It will help enterprises to design, deploy, and manage the best solutions. It gives services possible to ensure customer needs and maximized productivity.

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3. Appy pie

Type of business: private

Available in: multilingual

Area served: worldwide

Key people: Abhinav Girdhar

Launched: 2015

Current status: active

Appy pie is a No-code platform released for android, ios, fire os, windows phone, and blackberry platforms which helps users to create and monetize different types of mobile. Appy pie launched a beta version of its WYSIWYG mobile app on 14 April 2015 which is run by global tech. It was mostly designed to require no coding skills. The purpose of the software is to give small and midsize business owners operate the software they use. In August 2018 Appy pie announced which allows users to create a website. In June 2019 a chatbot was added to Appy pie. It also added other forms of software allowing users to improve the quality of images, help desk software, and others.

How To Use Appy Pie

4. Appsheet

Type: a subsidiary of google

Industry: platform as a service digital transformation enterprise software

Founded: 2016

Products: AppSheet platform

Appsheet provides a no-code development platform for an application code that helps users to create a mobile, tablet, and net applications victimization information sources like GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Office365, and alternative cloud-based computer program and information platforms. This code is usually used for a bunch of business use cases alongside will project management, consumer relationship management, field inspections, and personalized. Later, Appsheet was taken by Google in January 2020. The platform is offered on the marketplace for every self-service and an organization licensing model with great deal governance, data analytics, and performance decisions. Compared to low-code development platforms that facilitate developers to develop with quicker iteration cycles.

Appsheet compatible information sources contain:

  • Google sheets
  • Google forms
  • Microsoft Excel on Office 365
  • Microsoft Excel on Box
  • Smartsheet
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon DynamoDB

5. Ninox

It helps in creating apps that match your workflow. The tools that are used every day at work should fit like a tailor-made-shirt-no itching, no scratching. It lets you integrate everything you need. It has applications from different departments to streamline your operations. For example CRM, sales, ERP, projects, HR & administration.

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6. Salesforce platform

Type: public

Industry: cloud computing software

Founded: 1999

Products: sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud, community cloud

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company. It provides customer relationship management(CRM) service. In 2020, fortune magazine ranked salesforce at 6th place on their fortune list of the top 100 companies to work for in 2020 based on an employee survey of satisfaction. Salesforce is the primary enterprise offers within the Salesforce platform. It also helps companies with an interface for the case and task management and also a system for routing and escalating important events. The salesforce customer portal provides the customer with the ability to track their own cases and also enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking sites.

7. Quick Base

Type: private

Founded: 1999

Industry: platform as a service digital transformation enterprise code

Products: quick base platform

The Quick Base could be a no-code platform that helps non-technical developers to make customize cardinal connect secure cloud applications mapped to distinctive business challenges while not compromising. The platform addresses a broad set of business use cases through its application platform that has advancement and method automation, forms, and personalized chats.

This platform has thought of empowering citizen developers within the line of business to deliver “right for me” cloud applications. This system unites IT and therefore the business to accelerate business transformation across the organization through fast prototyping of processes and apps that are designed, deployed, and customized.

how Quick base works

8. Webflow

Type: development

Area served: worldwide

Founded: 2013

Current status: active

Webflow is an American company that is based in San Francisco that provides software as a service for website building and hosting. It contains an online visual editor platform that allows users to design, build, and launch websites.

Webflow is a SaaS application that allows designers to create responsive websites with browser-based visual editing software. Designers use the tool to generate HTML, CSS, and javascript.

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9. Knack

Knack may be a code providing service company that provides totally different tools for building on-line databases and internet applications. Knack was founded in 2010 and it is a 100 percent remote company. Knack customers typically move from using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs.

Knack empowers innovators to simply overcome vital business challenges. Groups will quickly build custom applications that collect and manage data, automate processes, and move workflows on-line. Knack provides non-programmers simply build, data-driven internet apps. Data can be imported from spreadsheets and converted to an online database. These apps may be published to any site and adapt to the encompassing style. You will additionally publish Multiple versions to totally different sites and for variances audiences. You will additionally extend these apps with a RESTful API, custom CSS, and JS event handlers.

10. Outgrow

Outgrow provides you to better acquire, qualify, and engage leads by making it easy to build personalized quizzes, calculators, assessments, recommendations, polls, and chatbots. It has a host of design templates that are fully optimized for mobile, desktop, tablet, and many more. There are over 300 pre-made content pieces and funnels that are optimized to improve conversion that helps you to change the questions, make a few tweaks so it’s consistent with your brand and you can have your own interactive content.

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The no-code platform is very user friendly. it requires no necessary development knowledge. any person in a company could use no-code platforms to create an application, users can use.
And also, small businesses can benefit from no-code development platforms. since it helps platforms eliminate the need for formal development experience, also gives the opportunity to create their application.

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