Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

As the world’s largest professional media marketing network, LinkedIn is the go-to service for anyone who wants to connect with prospects under a range of job titles from co-workers to clients. LinkedIn is an essential platform to grow your online business with ease. The platform has grown ever since its launch.

Boasting of over 106 million people accessing the platform monthly, it clearly shows that there is a lot more going on the platform recently. It will, therefore, take more of your time and effort when trying to do your marketing on LinkedIn. However, thanks to best LinkedIn automation tools, this procedure can be simplified since it helps in automating the various features helping your account to grow.

LinkedIn automation tools can be your best friend or the worst enemy - depending on the automation tools you’re using and the ways you’re implementing them. Some of the bots have been designed quite well but they function against the policies, terms, and conditions of LinkedIn and they would get your LinkedIn account permanently blocked or suspended. Therefore, as you try them, proceed at your own risk.

Let’s Explore the 7 Tools to Help you as a Media Marketing Pro


Zopto is a cloud-based software with full automation. The bot boasts itself in providing its users with a hundred of hot deals with zero advertising cost. The bot helps its users by filtering the ideal consumers of their products using the LinkedIn premium and the sales navigator.


Features of Zopto:

  • Profile view – The bot will help in viewing the profile of other connections. After viewing the profile, the LinkedIn users will be informed of the users who viewed their accounts; this may make them check thereby viewing your profile. By viewing your profile, the users will see the products you deal with and they might be interested in them.
  • Filter your ideal customers - On Zopto, you can start searching for your ideal customers using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator automation tools. You'll be able to filter by Location, Industry, Company size, Title, Seniority Level, Technology that the company uses, Number of followers and much more.
  • Connection Invites – The bot will help your account grow by automatically connecting you to the new user. The move will help in saving your time as the bot will help you expand your connection with the least time possible making it easy to market your products to reach new markets.
Zopto Pricing
Zopto Pricing

Pricing: Zopto has three packages; the first plan is the Personal plan which cost $215 per month. The other plan available is the “Grow” charging a monthly fee of $395, the offer has all the available features of the Personal plan and other features including twitter engagement and Zapier integration. The last package is the “Agency plan” charging a monthly fee of $895; the features in the plan includes twitter engagement, Zapier integration, and connection invites. The package will also provide their users with an account manager who will monitor your account and ensure that you will grow your business with ease.

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Crystal is the tool, empowered by AI, that can find anyone’s personality online. It tells you what other people love, what are they doing during the meetings, how they became, on what type of emails are they likely to respond, and many other things. It’s a great resource for anyone who’s looking to get more success on meetings or with cold email campaigns and building relationships on LinkedIn.


Crystal tools enable you to access profiles of top personalities and advise you regarding communication with them. With Crystal, you not only get descriptions of someone’s personality but you also get suggestions on how to approach and convince them. It’s also possible to analyze the personality of a team with Crystal, and see what their dynamic is like so you can choose the best person to get in touch with. For example, Crystal says that if you want to sell something to Bill Gates, you should:

  • Avoid interrupting him
  • Skip the small talk, and speak matter-of-factly
  • Convince him by offering multiple options, use facts and mention best practices
Crystal Pricing
Crystal Pricing

Pricing: Analysis API starts at $99/mo for 100 matches.


One of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn is also a primary challenge for many sales professionals i.e., more than 430 million members. LeadFuze has been the favorite LinkedIn automation tool of many salespeople in the last few years, and for a good reason. It automates lead generation based on a lot of filters and this is why LeadFuze is so popular. It allows you to quickly create a list of leads and target accounts through a simple search.


It aggregates leads’ professional information across the web, not just on LinkedIn, and it also supplies contact information if you’re ready to start communicating with your prospects and has integrations for most CRM software, as well as Zapier. If that’s not enough, LeadFuze also helps you automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups. At this time, you’re able to dig up contact information for more than 200 million B2B professionals and premium accounts. And, with customers adding roughly 350,000 prospects each month, it’s easy to see that you’ll always have an endless supply of leads.

Features of LeadFuze:

  • Search for new potential customers instantly - Using LeadFuze’s lead generation software, you no longer just have to find business contacts one by one on LinkedIn. Instead, search for leads in specific roles and industries, that use certain software, that spend on Adwords, who are hiring, and more. Then, unlock a lot more data like verified emails, phone numbers, social profiles and more!
  • Account Based Selling - Input (or upload) a list of companies or domains. Select the role(s) you’re wanting to target. You can even set the maximum number of people matching that role at a company. Then, let LeadFuze automatically pull in all the right contacts.
  • Meet Fuzebot, Your New Sales Assistant -  You can optionally use Fuzebot to build your list for you. Fuzebot is your A.I. powered best friend that brings you the freshest leads, every day. It’s automated lead generation software.
LeadFuze pricing
LeadFuze pricing

Pricing: It provides 3 pricing options – Monthly ($257 per month/1000 leads), Commitment ($231 per month/1200 leads for a year) and Annual ($2467 per year, 1500 leads/month).

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator was launched by LinkedIn itself with an aim to easily connect buyers and sellers. With this tool, you can target the right customers and companies, familiarize yourself with crucial lead changes, and easily engage with your potential buyers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  • Advanced algorithm – to connect you with prospects according to their needs
  • Sales insights – provide you required details while making deals
  • Relationship building tools – close sales easily
  • These combined features also perform lead recommendations for you.
  • Recommendations are part of the package.
  • You can filter your updates.
  • It comes with “premium profile” options.

Pricing: LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from - Professional – starts at $64.99/month/annual billing, Team – per seat basis and Enterprise – request a quote.

Lead Connect

Lead Connect is a LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform. You can automate your lead generation efforts with personalized multiple follow-ups and also sync prospect details to Hubspot automatically with a click.

Lead Connect
Lead Connect

You have an option to use LinkedIn search (Basic/Sales Navigator) OR upload CSV to define your target audience. Tool will use same search query for automation, Setup personalized message with placeholders to send upto 100 new invitations, and sync LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot for easy lead nurturing and management. All messages on LinkedIn also gets logged as activity automatically.

Features of Lead Connect:

  • Response and Acceptance tracking - It’s all valuable information that will help you take actions on right time.
  • Teamwork Security - You and your teammates won’t address the same person twice if you don’t want to. Blacklist is here saving those extra efforts and confusion.
  • Follow-up messages personalization - Contact unlimited* number of prospects daily with personalized auto sequences and build Predictable Revenue.
  • Reply detection - If you get a reply, further follow-ups are automatically stopped.
  • Follow-up automation - Just set a number of days after which you want to automatically send a follow-up, up to 10 times till you receive a response.
LeadConnect Pricing
LeadConnect Pricing

Pricing: It provides 4 different packages – Free forever ($0/month), Professional ($22.95/month), Grow ($40.95/month) and Ultimate ($77.95/month).


Engagement has never been closer. Once you filter your ideal prospects, SkyLead allow you to select the desired level of engagement like Connection Invites, Sequential Messaging, Free InMails, or Profile View Generator. It supports LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter. You can also upload your own list of leads. With SkyLead, you can track all the metrics that are important for your campaigns and optimize them for the best results. Use dashboard to monitor and compare all campaigns or deep dive into a specific campaign. Its dashboard allows you to track whether you need to take action or take over the conversation through its chat system. Never miss on a message with separate chat screens for every campaign


Features of SkyLead:

  • Cloud based - No more extensions that compromise your account. Cloud based tool guarantees safety since it behaves as a user with a separate proxy IP address from your location and doesn’t require to have a computer turned on.
  • Safe and secure - System is undetectable thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure that behaves as a user without any traceable code. New proxy IP address is assigned to each account and its algorithm mimics the human behavior so there are no suspicious actions that could show these actions are not done by a human.
  • Advanced variables - You can customize your message to make it as personalized as possible. Mention their college name, first job, years in current company or an interest as an ice breaker that will increase your response rate and land you a warm introduction.
  • Account manager - If you need some help with setting up campaign or any other part in the process, you can count on a dedicated Account manager that will guide you through the whole cycle and help you get leads and close deals.
SkyLead Pricing
SkyLead Pricing

Pricing: There are 3 pricing options available – Pro (100$ per LinkedIn account monthly), Premium (200$ per LinkedIn account monthly), and Agency (700$ per LinkedIn account monthly).

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Elink Pro

Elink Pro
Elink Pro

Elink Pro is a software that helps its users to market their products online. The bot helps its users by connecting them with potential customers of their products making them generate sales. The bot magically attracts new clients for your LinkedIn campaigns. There’s also an option where you can cross-connect with your LinkedIn leads on Twitter, as well, so if you’re considering a multi-channel approach, you can do it with eLink Pro.

Features of elink Pro:

  • Results & Metrics - Awareness of your profile is higher as prospects first see your profile summary. The Look Back Rate refers to those that decide to take it further and visit your profile. Of these, many then view your website (averages 20%-30% of Look Back's) and reach out to connect to you (average 5% - 15% of Look Back's).
  • Campaign Scheduler - A user can use eLink Pro daily or use our simple Search Scheduler. Using search filters (industry, city etc) together with the Campaign Scheduler is a great way to view profiles beyond the 1000 return limit set by LinkedIn.
  • Download prospects to Excel - Targeted clients in LinkedIn, access a huge addressable market and export details to Excel!
  • Auto messaging – The bot is essential in sending messages automatically after your approval. With the messages, people in your connections will be informed about your products and the offers available in the sales. Auto messaging will help you to save time and be productive in doing something else.
  • Attract your target audience - Using the principles of view backs in LinkedIn eLink Pro gets them to engaged with a link back to you.
  • Multiple accounts – Elink Pro enables its users to manage different accounts at the same time. The bot is essential in business organizations that need to manage more than one account. Through the multiple accounts, the users can get more connections thereby managing the business to grow bigger and attract more sales.

Pricing: Elink pro has two packages; the first package is the “start from” costing a monthly fee of $29, the plan enables its users to view other people’s profile and to export data. The second package is the “Pro plan” charging a monthly fee of $49. The plan helps its users to view profile, auto connecting with other people and auto messaging. The bot has a five, free day trial where their users can get to know how the software operates.


There you go! 7 LinkedIn bots and automation tools for your marketing. You can choose to have a number of them as long as you use them right. Most of these bots are designed to increase your social media (LinkedIn) presence. Once your presence is established, your account will grow to a completely new level. From better organizing your contacts in managing the sales funnel, there’s something out there that’ll work for you and help you to become a better decision-maker in the world of media marketing. Do you have any other tools to add to this list? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

LinkedIn Automation Tool - FAQs

What is LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn automation frees you to focus on initiating conversations and relationship building interactions. Manually visiting profiles, sending connect requests, and following up with messages are seamlessly organized with best LinkedIn Automation tools.

Is there a LinkedIn automation tool that is open-source?

No. There are no LinkedIn automation tools that are open source.

When should I be using LinkedIn automation tools?

With best LinkedIn automation tools 2020 you can target the right prospects in less time without spamming the wrong ones. Managing 2-3 leads is quite plausible but when the number of leads increases reaching out to each of them can be a task. In such cases, free LinkedIn automation tools come handy.

Which is the best LinkedIn automation tool?

Finding the right automation tool depends on your requirements. Some of the good options are Zopto, Crystal, Leadfuze, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Lead connect, Sky lead, and E-link pro.

How can you get more leads on LinkedIn without getting banned?

Automation builds your network while content builds brand awareness and loyalty. So with the right automation tool, you can build relationships and expand your network in the right way — through content. On LinkedIn, that may come in many different forms such as posts, comments, direct messages, your profile page, headlines, profile summaries, etc.

Best LinkedIn automation tool for marketing?

Crystal is a great tool that works by analyzing a profile and providing feedback about the person’s personality. With these details in hand, you will make a better communication strategy. Other tools like LeadFuze, SalesLoft LinkedInSales navigator are also some good options.

What are the problems that can be solved by LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn automation tools let you focus on things like a valuable conversation with the prospects, building relationships, creating brand awareness rather than performing mundane and repetitive tasks.

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