Best Marketing and Sales Tools

Rishabh Rathi Rishabh Rathi
Mar 19, 2020 8 min read
Best Marketing and Sales Tools

Software as a Service (SaaS) is amongst the three main classes of cloud computing service models. It's a software distribution model which customers can access online via third-party providers. It may sound complicated or "techie" to some, but it's likely that you use many SaaS products in life and don't even realize it.
From the site you use to email your boss to the app streaming your favourite 80s playlist on the way to the beach, SaaS is all around you and if you're in digital marketing, it may even be a bit overwhelming.

In this article, we are sharing 13 unique and extremely helpful sales & marketing tools that SaaS companies can use to streamline their business process.


Over 40,000 organizations trust NeverBounce for their email cleaning services allowing you to reach more customers by cleaning your lists and preventing bounces, all for less than a penny per email.


Preserve your domain’s authority and brand reputation by not getting penalized for bounced emails. NeverBounce also has easy drag and drop importing via their dashboard or API access, with popular ESP and CRM integrations.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also an amazing tool for measuring traffic metrics for your website, analysing its performance, and gaining audience insights. Plus, if you don't have HubSpot or another website platform collecting data for you, this is a comprehensive free option.

Google analytics
Google analytics

In fact, even if you are using another tool, you may still want to use Google Analytics as it goes even more in-depth regarding traffic metrics, categorizing all visitors by traffic type, and even segmenting visitors by country as well. It's all about the details with this one.

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Salesmate is a sales CRM for small and mid-sized businesses that helps these entities close more deals faster. With an user-friendly UI and automated workflows, sales managers can help their team members keep their eye on the most crucial deals and pursue them regularly.

Global sales teams use this CRM for capturing leads and managing their sales pipelines. With intuitive integrations, managers can be assured that all the additional details of the prospect get filled automatically to the sales pipeline hence decreasing unnecessary manual labor.


With Salesmate CRM, business owners can easily generate insightful sales reports and manage their deals on-the-go. With real-time notifications of the deal updates on the smart devices, business owners can pursue new leads while they are away from their desks too. Salesmate CRM has also developed iOS and Android apps for smart devices so that you can make mores sales while on-the-go.


Email prospecting and sales automation tool Reply automates personalized emails and follow-ups. The platform allows users to send an email with automatic follow ups, connects replies to your mailbox and provides detailed analytics such as delivery, click, open and response rates.


It’s an effective way for sales teams to save up to 10 hours a week on outreach and allow them to spend spend more time on the actual selling.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an intuitive sales tool created for assisting sales teams, business owners, and individuals for building and nurturing customer relationships inside their networks. This sales tool enables the said users in enhancing their sales closure, hence boosting their business revenue.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sales professionals can reach out to the customers with an enhanced search and filter features. This tool provides actionable insights into the leads and prospects so that sales professionals do not work in the dark and know their traits.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Engaging with leads and prospects becomes really easy using personalized schemes with these insights. Business owners and sales professionals can easily bifurcate personal and professional brands allowing individuals focus on their sales outreach campaigns. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is somewhat expensive for small businesses as pricing for teams is set on a per seat basis.

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All of your marketing efforts go to waste if you're not closing sales -- and the most profitable companies equip their sales teams with the best tools available. While there are many options available today, Salesforce remains the industry standard for customer relationship management (CRM) software.


By using Salesforce, you're able to track every step of the sale. From phones calls and emails to working with colleagues, everything is tracked in one place, enabling your sales team to stay on top of every deal and also engage more effectively with prospective clients. The SaaS allows you to:

  • Collect and monitor leads
  • Track insights for better sales opportunities
  • Improve the productivity of your sales reps
  • Engage directly with leads and create email campaigns
  • Collaborate with sales reps and other members of your team

It also integrates with HubSpot creating a seamless connection between marketing and sales if you're on the marketing automation platform.


Marketo offers powerful marketing automation software to engage prospects and engage customers via digital marketing. The platform offers a suite of applications to drive engagement from one place, from personalized display ads to predictive content.


With an integrated approach to customer marketing, sales teams can benefit from increased insights and creating effective automated sales campaigns.


Clearbit is a collection of powerful APIs that are designed to help business owners grow their businesses. This smart tool is helpful in successful lead segmentation using their email address. Just feed your contacts email address and Clearbit will provide you with the associated social data of your contacts such as -

  • Name,
  • Twitter and Facebook profiles,
  • Avatars,
  • URLs and more.

With such a powerful profile enrichment tool, you can successfully run all your online sales and marketing campaigns using tailored promotions based on the contacts online activities. This SaaS tool provides information about a company using its domain address such as

  • company name,
  • capital generated,
  • number of employees,
  • market categories.

With such powerful insights, you can run your best promotions that include competitive pricing and discounts. Being a sales professional or a digital marketer, we can bet that such a great tool enables success of your SaaS business campaigns.

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SEO isn't the end-all-be-all it once was. Social media plays such a powerful role in SEO these days and activity is constantly fluctuating.

To get a full picture of the competitive environment in your market, you have to understand how content is performing in all avenues of the web and BuzzSumo helps you do that. BuzzSumo allows you to analyze content by domain or topic to see which posts are being shared the most. It’s also great in helping you find key influencers whom you can contact once your content has been published as part of your promotion strategy.


The social SaaS provides:

  • Content insights regarding author, domain, and more
  • Search content engagement in the past 24 hours and up to the past year
  • View shares of content across all social media platforms
  • Search social backlinks
  • Content curation
  • Find and research influencers


Salesflare is an artificially intelligent sales assistant for Outlook, Gmail and mobile devices. Working with your CRM the platform automatically assists your follow-ups, takes over your admin and creates transparent customer conversations that can be handled by the team.

Sales Flare

Salesflare makes it easy for teams to boosts sales performance.


Optimizely is a website optimization platform that provides users with A/B and multivariate testing. Users who do not have a technical background can

  • make dynamic variations to websites,
  • test the discrepancies to live traffic and
  • gather instant results.

Optimizely allows users in optimizing customer experience and enables business owners in driving up the value of their digital products and campaigns through a best in class experimentation software platform. Product and marketing professionals can use evidence-based results for

  • accelerating innovation,
  • lower the risk of new features, and
  • drive up the return on investment (ROI)


Slack, a messaging app that allows users to migrate their communication in one place with real-time messaging, archiving and search feature. Slack allows seamless integration with external services.


With its built-in internal and external sharing options sales and marketing professionals can store and share files with their teammate from anyplace and from any device with internet. An advanced search, filter and sorting procedure from Slack enables the users to have those important files right in front of them. Slack has apps for iOS and Android that are an add on to your work on the go style, so even when you are logged into multiple devices, your system will recognize the same and will mark messages as β€œread” when you do so.

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Skype for Business

Skype, a VoIP solution that enables managers to do video chat, make international calls, and send texts to prospects, clients and team members via the web. Skype enables its users with

  • instant messaging,
  • group video conferencing,
  • video and group chat,
  • document and image sharing.
Skype for business
Skype for business

Skype, although has a free basic tool available in the market, it also offers business features in its paid version. Business owners can use this paid version and get

  • business conferencing (up to 250 people),
  • MS Office tool,
  • third-party business app integration.


With so many SaaS marketing tools and platforms available, which ones truly deserve your attention? Frankly, the market is diverse and extremely vast. Most marketing SaaS does something unique or different and there are very few that can do absolutely everything you need on its own. These were just some of the best tools listed. You can choose from these to save your time or can search for something catered to your needs. Which tool do you use the most? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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