8 Tools To Make Lead Generation Easy

8 Tools To Make Lead Generation Easy

Most marketers want dependable Lead generation solutions to acquire more customers and boost revenue. It's difficult to create a reliable lead generation system. However, once you overcome this obstacle, it's quite beneficial since you can grow more quickly and afford to be better informed about the people you collaborate with.

The goal of lead generation is to convince potential buyers to take the required action, such as paying you or purchasing what you are selling, rather than just visiting your website. Lead generation is the process of gathering data from site visitors to convert them into repeat customers.

What Are Lead Generation Tools?
Things to Look Out For in a Lead Generation Tool
Best Lead Generation Tools

What Are Lead Generation Tools?

Lead generation software and solutions make it simple to collect contact details from people who are interested in your company's product or service. These are referred to as "leads" and are frequently acquired through your website or other resources online.

A successful lead generation tool is a piece of software that makes it simple to gather quality leads without having to perform a boatload of coding manually. The processes are automated by these tools, allowing you to concentrate on other important aspects of your company. Typically, this is accomplished by providing an offer or a giveaway in return for an email address.

Each software has its list of features and functions for capturing high-quality leads for your company. Then, using various sales/marketing strategies, you can nurture these leads to increase conversions and sales.

Things to Look Out For in a Lead Generation Tool

Even though each tool has a unique way of working, they all have some features in common that you should consider when choosing the best lead-generation tool for your company.

Easy to Use

It is important to choose a lead generation tool that is simple to learn and easy to use. No matter how powerful the software is, if you can’t get around it, it becomes another problem.

Look for lead generation software with an intuitive straightforward interface and a variety of training modules. This can ensure that your team will experience no technical difficulty while using the tool.

Integration With Other Software

It won't be a productive setup if your marketing team needs to manually enter the lead data into your CRM or marketing solutions. To send leads automatically and in real-time, look for systems that allow seamless connectivity with your other products.

By integrating your lead generation software with other platforms, you can stop often switching between browsers. Or be sure your data is accurate by double-checking it across platforms.


Multiple price alternatives are available for various lead generation tools. When choosing the right tool for you, make sure that the product offers a variety of price alternatives, from a free trial or plan to a premium one.

It helps in selecting the best solution that provides value for money, and there should be room for an upgrade if necessary as the company develops.

Better Tracking of Leads

The easy tracking of lead sources is made possible by good lead generation software. It's critical to determine which marketing campaigns are effective and which strategies require revision.

Lead source tracking is one of the crucial components of lead generation software. Your sales and marketing teams can personalize the message more effectively to the customer's demands when information about the lead source is easily available.

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Best Lead Generation Tools

Let’s discuss some of the best lead-generation tools available to help you generate leads for your business.


Tool Name OptinMonster
Category Email Marketing Service
Rating 4.5
Pricing The prices start from $9/month.

One of the best onsite popup and slide-in marketing solutions is provided by OptinMonster, which enables you to design beautiful lead-generation popup campaigns. Over 50 popup templates are available in the tool's drag-and-drop popup builder.

You can effortlessly target the visitors at the right time to generate the most leads using OptinMonster's remarkably focused targeting and segmentation algorithms, along with A/B testing and personalization features. More importantly, it provides seamless integration of other email marketing tools with itself.


Tool Name Intercom
Category Customer Communication Platform
Rating 4.5
Pricing The prices start from $74/month.

You can now speak directly to the potential leads who are browsing your website, thanks to Intercom. Whenever your website visitors satisfy specific criteria, you can build up rules to show messages to them.

Then, a member of your team can engage website visitors in direct conversation or even start a video chat right in the live chat window. Intercom has a lot of possibilities, including the ability to gather customer feedback, understand concerns, and generate leads from website visitors.


Tool Name EverWebinar
Category Automated Webinar Hosting Platform
Rating 3.7
Pricing It offers a one-time fee of $499/year

EverWebinar is a robust webinar automation solution that seeks to assist you in creating targeted email marketing lists. With Everwebinar, you can design and automate the playback of your recorded webinars at specified intervals to simulate the live event for users.

Even if you decide to replay a webinar a dozen times each day, the aim is to enhance engagement and participation by alerting users that the upcoming webinar is about to start. It offers a one-time fee of $497.


Tool Name Hootsuit
Category Social Media Management
Rating 4.1
Pricing The prices start from $25/ month

It takes tremendous time and effort to handle just one social media account, let alone several. The most essential feature of Hootsuite is the ability to plan and automate your posts for multiple social media accounts.

It also provides you with information and insights for your overall social media marketing strategy.


Tool Name SendBlaster
Category Email Marketing Software
Rating 4.1
Pricing SendBlaster offers a one-time fee of $99

A simple and easy bulk email sender, SendBlaster enables you to compose emails by tweaking templates from its collection and sending them to an unlimited number of users. SendBlaster's main selling point is that for a one-time price, you can send an infinite number of emails to an unlimited amount of users.

SendBlaster is also one of the few bulk senders with a good track record and a strategy for avoiding spam detection by major inbox services and ISPs.


Tool Name ActiveCampaign
Category Customer Experience Automation Platform
Rating 4.6
Pricing For this, the prices start from $29/month.

With the help of ActiveCampaign, you can monitor every time a lead interacts with your website and utilize that information as a trigger for email marketing campaigns. The benefit of this is that you can alert your sales staff the moment a lead hits a certain page on your website.

Additionally, you can create email campaigns to nurture cold leads back into warm leads or automatically follow up with them every few months.

Google Analytics

Tool Name Google Analytics
Category Web Analytic Service Provider
Rating 4.5
Pricing Free
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is still one of the most effective tools introduced by Google at free of cost. When GA and Google Ads are integrated, you have a powerful system for monitoring the effectiveness of landing pages and creating remarketing lists that will entice prospects back to your site.

With GA, you can optimize your landing pages, your advertising strategy, and other areas of your site for improved performance with precise insights into where your visitors are coming from and what they do on your site.


Tool Name Leadformly
Category Business Development Platform
Rating 3.5
Pricing The prices start from $179/year.

Leadformly is a conversion optimization tool and it assists you in maximizing conversions on your online forms. Although there are many form builder tools available, only a small number of them offer the form analytics capabilities you want to track performance and improve your forms.

Leadformly offers information from analytics on the user activities that are important for conversion. It offers you the resources you need to identify the problems and either correct them or discard them, as opposed to just giving you stats like form completion rates that show you how badly your form is performing.

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When it comes to lead generation, you have several alternatives. You can choose the tools or mix of tools that will perform best for you based on your brand. Think about your goals, budget, scope, and target audience. Try out some of the tools that are available for free to see how they work.

Your B2B lead generation approach is only as effective as the resources you employ. You'll end up wasting time and effort that could be used to complete more useful, revenue-generating tasks if the right platforms aren't in place.


What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of obtaining potential customers to increase future sales or revenue.

What is the goal of lead generation?

The goal of lead generation is to convince potential buyers to take the required action, such as paying you or purchasing what you are selling, rather than just visiting your website.

What is a good lead generation tool?

A successful lead generation tool is a piece of software that makes it simple to gather quality leads without having to perform a boatload of coding manually.

What are some of the tools to improve lead generation?

OptinMonster, Intercom, Everwebinar, Leadformly, etc.

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