How to Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet Like a Pro

How to Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet Like a Pro

β€Œβ€Œβ€Œβ€ŒBeing a Marketer is not easy. You need to deal with many things at a time. Irrespective of the work needed by a marketer to perform, their sole aim is to increase the sale and increase the number of customers.

There are ample techniques available in the market one can look for. But have you ever heard of the word Lead Magnet? Lead Magnet is found to be highly effective when created with proper tools and proper knowledge. But what a lead magnet is and how to create a lead magnet like a pro will be explained further.

What is a Lead Magnet?
What Should a Lead Magnet Contain?
How to Create a Lead Magnet in 3 Simple Steps
Tools You Can Use to Create a Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet?

Let us start with the easiest example you all might have seen. The subscribe option we get in between the article or our favourite author e-book chapters, prompts us to enter our information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses for further access. Well, that is also a type of lead magnet.

A lead magnet is any free service being provided to customers at the cost of gaining their contact information such as email address to create a new bond with them. The pdf form of any available text, free template available to download after subscribing, are all examples of lead magnets.

There are many types of lead magnets available for one to select from. A lead magnet can be in the type of video, image, pdf, checklist, and many more. However, our concern needs to be directed towards the selection of methods and things to include.

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What Should a Lead Magnet Contain?

Let's look at a few things that every lead magnet should contain.

Call To Action (CTA)

This is the place from where visitors will be directed to the actual lead magnet. The button will be linked with a lead magnet.

Landing page

This is the main page responsible for the collection of their contact details. Once the visitor clicks on CTA, they will be directed to the landing page. Here they will be needed to fill up the information to access the content.

Thank You Page

Once the visitor has successfully entered the information and submitted the form. They will be directed to the thank you page along with the needed information of the promised resource. Once on this page, their mailing address will be saved to the list.

Alerting Email

After the completion of the whole process, customers now can get the notification of a new email having all the inputted information from the form along with the link to the resource they need.

How to Create a Lead Magnet in 3 Simple Steps

Making an effective lead magnet is not that difficult. A poor lead magnet will not attract customers nor is it a good option for any business. Hence clearly considering points to add and the options to select is mandatory.

Know about your audience and their needed resources

The first and most basic step in every strategy is to find out who your target audience is. Once done with that, go through multiple platforms they visit to find out their needs. A lead magnet is a type of resource which gives out immediate solutions. So look for a way to replicate the same.

Create your lead magnet

You should be now clear about the audience you want to target and the resources they need. For example, if your targeted audience is travellers, you can choose to create a checklist for them. This can help them with the easy planning of the trips or you can provide them with free e-books.

Once done with considerations, selecting a method of lead magnet needs to be followed. With the selection, the next thing needed is to include contents and the naming part should be completed.

While creating a lead magnet, always remember to use related services as its part. For a chef, it is more convenient to provide the recipe pdf as a lead magnet rather than giving sample chapters of a book.

Work On Your Conversion Path

Select a platform where the CTA will be displayed. Along with the platform, its design and associated links should be decided. With all these considerations, one can easily create an effective lead magnet. And the most important thing to remember is to keep the lead magnet updating from time to time for better results.

Tools You Can Use to Create a Lead Magnet

It is not always necessary to make things in a traditional way. One can always look out at the outsourcing platforms for easy and fast work rather than relying on others. Some of the best tools one can use to create lead magnets of different types are given below:

Canva (E-books, Pdf, Graphic designs, Checklist)

Canva Homepage
Canva Homepage

Canva is one of the well-known platforms used for creating multiple types of lead magnets such as PDFs, worksheets, checklists, e-books, templates, and many more as per the convenience of the user. Canva allows its users to work as an individual or as a part of respected teams. It is a one-stop solution for many types of lead magnet preparation.

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Wistia (Videos)

Wistia Homepage
Wistia Homepage

It is best used to convert videos and podcasts into the marketing content. It is a great platform allowing both limited free and paid services for their customers. One can use this platform to create content from the videos or even create videos.

Piktochart (Infographics, Reports, Presentations)

Piktochart Homepage

Piktochart is a great platform enabling its users with the option of creating infographics, charts, reports, presentations, posters, and many more similar services. It allows its user to create content for both online as well as offline audiences. Piktochart has a great service available for its customers in the form of free as well as paid access.

Pixabay (Images, Videos)

Pixabay Homepage
Pixabay Homepage

It is not possible to create new content each time. There can be times when using an already existing image or video can attract much traffic rather than creating one. Only if the plagiarism part is covered well. Pixabay is a great platform for downloading images and videos from a large group of images and videos. Pixabay is made free for commercial uses along with high-quality images.

Wishpond (Marketing Tool)

Wishpond Homepage
Wishpond Homepage

When we talk about tools needed for lead magnets, not only creating lead magnet tools are required. Some marketing tools are also essential for the lead magnet to work. Wishpond is a simple tool used for lead generation and marketing automation. Wishpond has its pricing plans for different customers with different needs.


Lead magnet works as an attractive force for driving the contact information of clients towards the business. It allows the change of trials to the fixed customers only if the lead magnet is made properly. Some of the related information has been discussed in the above article.


What makes a great lead magnet?

Solve the problem of your customers, keep it simple, giveaway free guides or ebooks and provide valuable information to your customers.

How long does it take to create a lead magnet?

Creating a lead magnet should take upto 5hrs to 10hrs.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free service provided by marketers to attract customers at the cost of gaining their contact information.

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