Leadpages Review: Landing Pages Made Easy

Leadpages Review: Landing Pages Made Easy

Making a beautiful and inviting landing page can be a difficult task especially if you're doing it from scratch. Traditionally, making a landing page for a business required coding and designing skills but that's not the case anymore.

The emergence of services that offer a complete platform for hosting, designing, and publishing a webpage has been making lives easier. These landing pages help gather customer feedback, generate leads, and in the delivery of digital products.

Leadpages is an easy-to-use landing page builder that helps businesses create optimized landing pages without any code. It is an online marketing platform that is capable of creating landing pages, pop-ups, and site alerts. Leadpages make it possible for everyone to create and publish a landing page that converts without having to deal with the technical aspects of it.

Having a fast, optimized landing page is sure to benefit any marketing campaign and business of all kinds. Leadpages acts a doorway for small businesses to grow and expand through e-commerce.

Features of Leadpages
What else does Leadpages offer?
Pricing of Leadpages

Features of Leadpages

Continuing to be one of the fastest landing page builders out there, Leadpages offers its users functionality. It's equipped with features to create landing pages, pop-ups or alerts fast and without having to deal with the hassle of code.

Having a template gallery of 140+ templates, making a landing page is as easy and choosing a template, editing it, and publishing. The drag-and-drop editor saves time and makes it easy for anyone to create a landing page.

Here's a list of the core features supported:

Default Optimization

When you create a landing page with Leadpages, the platform automatically does the optimization for you. This makes sure that you have a fully mobile responsive and SEO optimized page for your business.

Users don't need to depend on any integrations or pay extra to get their pages ranked as Leadpages does it for all available plans.

Often landing pages are connected to other services such as mailing lists, advertising platforms, and analytic platforms through integrations. SEO tools are built-in to allow users to customize and tweak how the website looks in search results.

Leadpages provides tools to boost seo ranking
Leadpages provides tools to boost seo ranking
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Free and Fast Hosting

Leadpages provides its own hosting so you don't have to. It uses Google Cloud for its hosting, ensuring the best speeds possible no matter how complex the page is. Google Cloud is used by popular websites and platforms for their effortless storage integrations and security reasons.

The landing pages created by Leadpages are secure and DDoS protected. This means great uptime for your pages and more reliability. Users also have the option to use a custom domain if they wish to.

If you're running a successful online marketing campaign and plan on using Leadpages for making new landing pages, rest assured that the traffic will be handled and the website will stay fast no matter the amount of traffic you receive.

Unlimited Leads and Publishing

Leadpages allows users to create an unlimited number of landing pages for all their plans. There is absolutely no cap on the number of pages you can create or the traffic you receive.

The price you choose to pay is fixed even if you scale up your business and start gaining more traffic. Users can utilize this to their advantage by setting up multiple landing pages with variations to generate more leads faster. The same applies to pop-ups and site alerts.

Content Delivery System

The content delivery system makes it convenient for users to serve their digital products on landing pages. Newsletters, pdfs, and downloadable resources can be easily set up with the platform's dedicated content delivery system.

The fact that it requires no effort to set up user downloads on your website is quite amazing. Traditionally it requires some backend coding and some form of a database set up to host files and serve them. Leadpages save users time and allows for more interaction between businesses and their web traffic via the use of digital goodies.

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What else does Leadpages offer?


Leadboxes are a quick and easy way to create pop-box boxes for your business. The process for creating one is the same as for a landing page except with a few extra options such as triggers and positioning. These are a great way for getting more engagements. Creating an attractive and interesting pop-up with the editor is much easier than you might expect it. Leadboxes is a cool way to market your subscription-based services, newsletters and dynamic data with your users.

Leadboxes lets you create pop-ups for any action you would like to add
Leadboxes lets you create pop-ups for any action you would like to add
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Leadlinks is a link generator that helps your email marketing. It can be integrated with any popular email marketing tool and CMR to create links to specific pages or perform certain actions.

Think of those big buttons that appear in emails along with some additional links. Leadlinks can help you create similar links to subscribe to newsletters and updates directly from an email without any signing up.

The links are customizable and easy to integrate with mail tools. Users can also collect stats such as clicks, traffic location and dynamic data.

Leadlinks generator
Leadlinks generator


Leaddigits in an intuitive way to expand your marketing into traditional ways. It allows customers to opt-in for receiving newsletters and offers as text messages. These are rarely used now that the internet is mainstream, but it's still a nice feature to have. It can also be a way of reminding users for various reasons such as offers, pending carts, and important updates regarding your business.

Leaddigits editor lets you configure custom messages
Leaddigits editor lets you configure custom messages

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Pricing of Leadpages

Leadpages keeps its pricing simple by having just three plans to choose from. The standard plan will cost you $37/month with access to all of the platform's core features and a free domain name. The only limitations being the amount of times you can AB test and the option to use the built-in payment system.

Upgrading to the Pro plan at $79/month grants you 3 free domain names and all of the platform's rich features. All the plans are eligible for customer support services and have the freedom to create unlimited landing pages.

The Advanced plan will cost you around $321/month that grants you up to 50 sites.

The plans are priced in a way that's affordable for small businesses and startups alike which require a landing page to gain  more traffic and generate leads.

In the case where you might need additional accounts and domains, Leadpages offers custom plans that depend on your needs so that you always have the freedom to upscale without having to worry.

Leadpages Pricing
Leadpages Pricing
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Popular CMS editors like Elementor provide similar features but the process to get started is much more complex. Moreover, it is better to have a clean and separate platform for all your landing pages. It offers a great price, useful features, and a simplistic UI for everyone.

The best part is that no code is required for all the actions and integrations that you can set up using the platform. Leadpages is a great choice to consider if you wish to up your marketing and bring in new customers.


What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is an easy-to-use landing page builder that helps businesses create optimized landing pages without any code.

What are the features of Leadpages?

Fast page load speed, Image library, Lead backup/CSV download, Mobile responsive pages, and Online sales & payments are some of the features of Leadpages.

What is the Pricing of Leadpages?

Leadpages has three plans to choose from. The standard plan will cost you $37/month and the Pro plan will cost you $79/month and the Advanced plan will cost you around $321/month.

Must have tools for startups - Recommended by StartupTalky

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