7 Best Pop-Up Examples and How You Can Use Them?

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Oct 6, 2022 6 min read
7 Best Pop-Up Examples and How You Can Use Them?

If you’re running a website, there’s a good possibility that you’re using pop-ups. And if not - well, you should be. Pop-ups are one of the most versatile tools that help accelerate the conversion rate on your website. Further, they can be completely customized and help showcase your brand. However, it is challenging to create outstanding pop-ups that grab people’s attention. And so, in this post, we’ve furnished the best pop-up examples of big brands’ websites. We’ve also provided some tips that will help you design pop-ups and come up with fantastic results. Let’s get to it!

What are Pop-Ups on Websites?
Best Pop-Up Examples and How to Use Them?

What are Pop-Ups on Websites?

Formulated using Javascript, pop-ups are graphical overlays that are displayed to your website’s viewers. They are created by adding a short line of Javascript code or any other type of code. In simple words, pop-ups are small windows that “pop up” on a website. Website owners employ these to gather email addresses. However, they can also be employed to:

  • Generate leads
  • Promote new products
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Suggest assets
  • Improve demo sign-ups
  • Segment email list
  • Recommend related products
  • Ask users to submit questions

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Best Pop-Up Examples and How to Use Them?

Though pop-ups can get a little annoying sometimes, they’re incredibly useful. If you know how to execute them correctly, you can capture the user's attention instantly. Well-used, relevant popups bestow value to your website viewers. The following are some of the best pop-up examples that you can try on your website:

Giveaway Pop-ups

Giveaway Pop-upGiveaway Pop-up Example
Giveaway Pop-up Example

One of the most effective popup displays is the on-site giveaway pop-ups. When executed correctly, it can help you acquire email subscribers who are inquisitive about your business or brand. If you don’t want to provide your consumers with discounts on every sign-up, giveaway pop-ups are your ideal capture tool. However, to avoid appealing to freebie-seekers, offer a relevant prize with your pop-up. Let’s say one of your top-selling products or store credit.

Take care of a few primary elements in this pop-up:

  • A benefit-driven headline: Create a benefit-driven headline that emphasizes your chance to win a bestseller.
  • A product or store credit image to make the prize attractive to the eye.
  • One input field to enhance the chances of more sign-ups.
  • Precise instructions on how to join the giveaway.
  • A countdown timer to state when the competition ends and drive urgency. This allows your consumers to know that they need to sign up before they run out of time.

Lead Magnet Pop-ups

Lead Magnet Pop-up Example
Lead Magnet Pop-up Example

Oftentimes, brand owners are under the impression that content marketing is irrelevant and time-consuming. On the contrary, it is not. Lead magnet pop-ups make content marketing incredibly easy and efficient. Besides, they are one of the most extensively used pop-ups in the SaaS industry. However, to create these pop-ups, you don’t need to start a YouTube channel or a blog/website. Rather, put together your expertise in a docs file. You can also collaborate with an expert. Next up, use a free, useful resource as a lead magnet and display them on related product pages.

Discount Pop-ups

Discount Pop-up Example
Discount Pop-up Example

When running a business, discounting can be dangerous. Provide it too much and your consumers will expect it every time. But don’t use an inducement and your sign-ups will go for a toss. Many E-commerce business owners choose to offer an immediate discount code upon signing up. However, that’s not the only way out. If you can’t afford to offer too many discounts or don’t want to discount your products, compile emails with the guarantee of something more unique. For instance, you’re planning to run a summer sale by the end of the month or a winter sale in three months. By using this exclusive sale offer, you can influence your visitors with early access to the sale - or an additional discount.

The Animated Pop-ups

Have you ever noticed your eyes naturally being drawn towards movement? The human brain is designed to entertain movement. So, why not implement this science and create an animated pop-up to attract more visitors? Animated pop-ups are either optical or sound cues. If you cannot incorporate animated elements on a pop-up, animate the entire module. Create a fly-in pop-up that’s triggered by a certain event and you’ll achieve insanely valuable results thereafter.

The Countdown Timer Pop-ups

Countdown Timer Pop-Up Example
Countdown Timer Pop-Up Example

A predominant psychological hack - the “going, going, gone” mentality can be extremely influential. Marketers make use of scarcity to promote products. Scarcity refers to attracting consumers by hinting that the product they’re looking for is available in limited quantities - for a limited amount of time. When a person thinks “What I want right now may not be available tomorrow”, they’re more likely to place the order. Swiss Watch, using the countdown timer pop-up is an effective lead-generation tool.

The Value-driven Pop-ups

People always look for value in the product/brand. If your pop-ups do not highlight your brand’s value, you’re sure to lose leads. This is where the value-driven pop-up comes in handy. Marketers should always include a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to attract more buyers. Further, marketing strategies should be designed to emphasize the “whys” and address the question: What’s in it for the consumer? When creating value-driven pop-ups, clearly state the “why”.

The Authority Pop-ups

Another aspect of psychology is to make use of “authority”. When people are not sure of their decision, they seek information. Any brand or business that can offer guidance from authoritative figures, credentials or even an air of confidence can be considered an authority. You can create this pop-up on your website and furnish specialized knowledge to your consumers.

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Pop-ups are a great tool to grab viewers’ attention. When you produce it efficiently and use it alongside other professional website presentation elements, it bestows the appearance of a much more sophisticated business or product. However, make sure that your pop-ups are convincing - and not disturbing. Conduct usability testing to ensure your pop-ups aren’t frustrating. To be effective, you need a good offer and a strong copy. Together, they can furnish high-performing campaigns to generate leads and conversions.


What are Pop-ups?

Pop-ups are small boxes or windows that appear when you open a site.

What are Pop-ups used for?

Pop-ups are mostly used for online advertisement or promotion or lead generation.

What are the types of Pop-ups?

Giveaway Pop-ups, Lead Magnet Pop-ups, Discount Pop-ups, Animated Pop-ups, etc.

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