Top 12 Strategies to Acquire B2B Leads

Top 12 Strategies to Acquire B2B Leads

According to a study, lead generation is the ultimate goal of 85% of B2B businesses. We understand that lead generation is not a direct experience. Still, if done effectively, it might turn out to be a boon for your company and help your firm outperform the cutthroat competition tremendously.

But to achieve the goal of B2B sales and marketing teams which is to develop high-quality leads that convert into customers, you will need to devise robust strategies.

Remember that one of the crucial aspects of lead generation is quality, and if you raise leads without qualifying them, then you will end up doing nothing but waste your time and efforts. So, to alleviate your concerns and save you time, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top tactics for acquiring excellent B2B leads.

Top Strategies to Aquire B2B Leads

Some More Tips to Generate B2B Leads

Top Strategies to Aquire B2B Leads

Top Metrics Used to Measure Lead Generation
Top Metrics Used to Measure Lead Generation

Here are the top actionable B2B leads acquiring strategies that you can employ:

Content Marketing

Many people don't know this, but content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for generating B2B leads. At its foundation, content marketing is simply the creation of high-quality content and its distribution through various channels.

In a simple way, the more views your blog receives, the better your chances of growing conversation rate and sign-ups will be.

Send Cold Emails

Did you know that 59% of marketers believe email is a crucial medium for generating B2B leads? It may be a terrific tactic if you take the time to thoroughly personalize your cold emails using merge tags.

A merge tag will allow you to substitute your first name or company's name in emails, giving the impression that you have personalized each communication to each prospect. We emphasize sending personalized emails since they are more likely to generate a response from the recipient.

Generate Your Leads With Marketing Automation

You can use marketing automation software to segment clients and target them with unique messages to boost engagement. After that, the sales team can convert leads in the marketing funnel to sales-qualified leads (SQLs).

You can also utilize outbound automation tools to send customized emails in bulk and proactively cultivate these leads into SQLs.

Top 5 Best B2B Lead Generation Sources to Generate High Quality Leads
Generating B2B leads is hard but here are some of the best and underrated sources to collect high-quality b2b leads that will boost your sales.

Contact Warm Leads

When you contact a prospective customer with whom you have had no previous communication on call, this is referred to as cold calling. Contrary to that, 'Warm Calling' is when you call someone with whom you have already spoken before.

If you manage to do this correctly, it can be a very effective way of generating leads.

Social Media Marketing

B2B Marketers' Preferences of Social Media Channels for Lead Generation
B2B Marketers' Preferences of Social Media Channels for Lead Generation

In today's world, social media marketing is very important in any field. Every day, billions of people utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Many big firms have now realized the stronghold of these platforms, and if you use them correctly, these social media platforms have great potential to be fantastic B2B lead-generating channels.

Use Online Forums

Online forums enable you to meet new leads and provide you with a better understanding of your present clients. When filling out these forums, people tend to demonstrate their concerns or reviews that you can answer and therefore, develop a connection and trust among them. This is another great strategy to generate B2B leads.

Respond to Important Questions on Q&A Websites

For reaching out to potential consumers, you can use websites like Quora, which prove to be an excellent source of fresh sales leads. You can find and answer the relevant questions to reach out to potential customers.

These clients should be attempting to solve the exact problem that you are providing a solution for. Initially, you can begin by investigating the current question related to your field of work and then move forward to the follow-up questions.

Develop a Powerful Landing Page for B2B Lead Generation

Developing a powerful landing page for your website has proven to be one of the best strategies to generate leads in 2022. Landing pages allow you to collect leads' data and cultivate those leads into paying clients.

For effectiveness, you should make sure that every landing page provides the precise answer that a visitor is seeking.

Improve Your Website's Performance

The effectiveness of your website may also help in successful lead generation. If your website gets organic traffic but takes time to load then it will not be able to convert that traffic into leads.

Honestly, no one would want to sit and wait for your website to load instead they will leave and switch to another website. To avoid this, make sure to increase your site's speed and mobile responsiveness.

What are the Sources That Generate Leads to Your Agency?
What are the Sources That Generate Leads to Your Agency?

Formulate a List of Business Contacts

Creating a custom list of B2B leads is also a very helpful method of producing fresh sales leads. You can start by sorting the list based on the firm's size, location, revenue, the technology utilized, financing, the title of the job, and others.

You can either use cold emails to create a list of potential business contacts or you can also employ lead generation software to make things easier.

Make Use of Webinars to Generate B2B Leads

B2B marketers have started using webinars as a marketing tool in the past few years. Even research says that 73% of B2B marketers believe that webinars are a successful way to generate quality leads.

It gives marketers a more personalized experience to educate their target customers and engage with them.

Utilize a Free Tool for Generating B2B Sales Leads

Many IT firms use this tactic for generating B2B leads. Creating or utilizing a free tool is an effective strategy as it enables people to have a glimpse of the product and service, plus it also provides strong opt-in offers that draw high-quality leads. For example- Leadfeeder is a free tool for generating leads.

Best Sales Prospecting Tools for Lead Generation and Conversion
Top 5 Sales Prospecting Tools to build you a prospect list, to integrate with your CRM including, Leadfeeder, Bloobirds, Datanyze, and Detective.

Some More Tips to Generate B2B Leads

The suggestions we've provided above are some of the most popular ways to generate B2B leads, but we have a few more tricks up our sleeves. Here is an intriguing collection of strategies and suggestions to help you increase your sales leads:

  • Add a Live Chat to your website.
  • Produce referrals from current customers.
  • Construct campaigns around competitive keywords.
  • Execute Remarketing Campaigns.
  • Use dynamic web pages to personalise your website.
  • Find high-quality leads via LinkedIn.
  • Receive More Reviews Online.
  • Make use of intent-based Pop-Ups.
  • Increase web traffic via SEO.
  • Increase sales lead by using e-books.
  • For your blog, conduct interviews with industry-relevant personalities and influencers.
  • Make use of white papers to create more leads.
  • By guest posting, you can tap into someone else's audience.
  • Always concentrate on expanding your network.
  • Create an Advisory Board.
  • Implement programs for partner sales.
  • Attend or speak at industry events.
  • Find out more about your competitor's dissatisfied customers.


You've made it to the end, and we hope you found these tips useful. All of the B2B lead generation tactics described above will assist your firm in efficiently achieving its lead generation objective. Every firm may utilize different techniques based on their preferences and convenience, but we guarantee that whatever you choose will lead you to success. We urge that you don't limit yourself to one strategy and instead evaluate all of your possibilities for expanding your business.


What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is an essential task for the sales and marketing team of a business. This refers to recognizing the target customers for a business's products and services and then attracting them to make a purchase.

What strategies do you use to generate leads?

Strategies to generate leads are:

  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Send Cold Emails.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Contact Warm Leads.
  • Use Online Forums.
  • Make Use of Webinars.
  • Generate Leads with Marketing Automation.

Where can I find B2B contacts?

You can find B2B contacts from the following:

  • Company websites
  • LinkedIn
  • Business directories
  • Search Engines
  • Social Networks

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