Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Nov 24, 2020 7 min read
Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales Prospecting is nothing but modern day marketing through the use of some specifically designed tools. Sales reps deliver emails to potential clients and customers in hopes to convert the leads. This is usually done with the help of Sales Prospecting Tools, where users can reach out to their prospects via email, call or even SMS, and grow their sales pipeline.

What is a Sales Prospecting Tool?

Sales Prospecting Tools, as you may have guessed, automate various recurring tasks such as delivering emails and messages to save time, which otherwise could have been used for other priority tasks. They might help you collect data and insights into the clients behavior to engage them more effectively and simplify lead conversion. Moreover, from Building a prospect list to collecting contact details of prospects to scheduling meetings, you can expect Sales Prospecting Tools to accomplish most of the basic tasks for you.

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Although there are a number of Sales Prospecting Tools out there, finding the one that suits your business perfectly and caters to all your needs can be tricky. So here we bring you some tools and their features along with pricing, to ease the selection and help you make the perfect choice of a Sales Prospecting Tool. Sales Prospecting Tool Sales Prospecting is a multichannel sales automation platform built for enhancing team's efficiency and convert more leads through greater reach. With the help of robust tools, helps you build your prospect list and schedule tasks for the following day, in turn increasing your productivity. Moreover, with the help of multichannel campaigns, it combines follow ups on prospects for better reach and also analyzes campaign performance for better performance in the future.

Feature Offered by

  • Automating sales takes a lot of tasks off your back and offers you time to attend matters which take precedence over them.
  • also offers to automate enrollment of leads and prospects based on their account activity.
  • Conditionally apply automation wherever needed and use delays for a window between consecutive steps.
  • Assign tasks to enrolled prospects and update their fields. Moreover, you can also integrate tools that you use, to help make automation even more smooth.
  • Search emails for bulk prospects and verify them with the Email Verifier.

Pricing for

Essential Plan Business Plan
Costs $149 per month and then charges an extra $29 for every additional user Costs $299 per month and then charges an extra $39 for every additional user
This plan offers 250 email finder credits and 400 emails sent per day and comes with integrations such as Slack and Zapier This plan offers 1000 email finder credits and 1500 emails sent per day and comes with advanced integrations such as Salesforce and Pipedrive
Unlimited prospect list and automations with email finder and verifier REST API access for email searching and verifying prospect emails
Email automation, tracking reports and insights Reviews for automated tasks and insights on deliverabilty with priority support


Detective Prospecting
Detective by Charlie App

Detective by Charlie App is a sales prospecting tool that helps users to automate tasks such as reaching out to prospects. Although automating tasks makes your work a lot easier, but what makes it even better is if the automation made your work more efficient, which  is exactly what Detective excels at. With personalized emails and data driven insights, you can get up to two times the conversions of what you used to get.

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Features Offered by Detective

  • Detective helps reps to find the right prospects for every unique proposition and help avoid wandering with the wrong leads.
  • With basic demographic data pertaining to companies and prospects, reps can effortlessly filter out the prospects which aren't suited for a particular proposition.
  • Finding the right prospects helps in ways more than just saving time; for instance, reps also need lesser training directed to the right prospects that they will be propositioning to.
  • Detective also offers reps customizable CRM to suit their business needs and close more deals and enhance conversion rate.
  • The CRM can also be integrated with tools which reps use initially to maintain consistency with prospects and in the workflow.


Datanyze Sales Prospecting Tool
Datanyze Sales Prospecting Tool

Datanyze helps you with the implications of techno-graphics to the digital world of sales and marketing. It helps you market products with strategies based on the choices of your prospects in turn offering you a better conversion rate. Moreover, Datanyze also helps you find new prospects through researching accounts, contacts, and email addresses along with techno-graphics implemented into your CRM, to nourish customer data.

Features Offered by Datanyze

  • Instead of relying on demographics and firmographics, Datanyze uses techno-graphics to find suitable prospects to enhance conversion rate.
  • Datanyze helps combine most prospecting based tasks into a single workflow, simplifying sales prospecting and saving time.
  • Get the company's social and technical insights with a single click irrespective of prospecting within Datanyze, or on the company's website.
  • Find your prospect's email address without having to leave your page simply by highlighting the required name.
  • Seamlessly manage your prospect list and juggle them between your CRM and other tools with one click.


Bloobirds Sales Prospecting Tool
Bloobirds Prospecting

With an intuitive sales platform, Bloobirds helps you make informed decisions while simultaneously guiding sales reps through their work. It helps you turn your work and all of your activities to opportunities giving you a clear and bigger picture of what marketing and sales strategies actually work. Bloobirds helps you make the perfect strategy, support your work throughout the implementation of the same and then deliver you the best results. Moreover, you get insights on all of your work, be it a conversion or a failed lead.

Features Offered by Bloobirds

  • Bloobirds is very similar to having a Sales Development Representative(SDR), to help you guide through the process of qualifying leads, questions, and recommended leads.
  • All the data required by the sales reps is readily made available by Bloobirds, which is presented as insights to ensure lead conversion.
  • From getting quality prospects to managing contact tools, Bloobirds effortlessly guides sales reps through sales workflow to meet deadlines and targets.
  • The entire process of sales prospecting from marketing to prospecting to meeting, can be covered by Bloobirds and hence you get more inbound leads and better conversion.
  • Bloobirds offers a user friendly interface with constant reminders and alerts to help reps be more organized, and pay more attention to prospects while automating trivial tasks such as data collection.


Bloobirds Sales Prospecting Tool
Leadfeeder Sales Solutions

Leadfeeder helps you by displaying the companies which exhibit interest in your solutions and have visited your website, the benefit being that these companies have a higher chance of conversion than other leads. Leadfeeder develops a list of prospects which have visited your website, prioritizes them based on their activity, and collects contact data of the prospects. Another advantage that Leadfeeder gives you is that it makes you aware of the lead before other competitors and hence, you have an upper hand.

Features Offered by Leadfeeder

  • With multiple integrations such as Salesforce and Pipedrive, make the most out of your marketing insights and data along with lead generation with your CRM.
  • Leadfeeder guides sales reps through the process of lead generation, account based marketing, visitor tracking and other tasks, for better results.
  • Identify prospects, not based on what you search, but on what they look for in you. Prospects which are already looking at you have a higher chance of conversion.
  • Leadfeeder transforms anonymous website traffic into a prospect list and gives insights on their activities on your website to better know your potential clients.
  • Leadfeeder combines marketing and sales data and updates your CRM along with sending email alerts for you, and hence gives you high value leads.

Pricing for Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder Lite plan Leadfeeder Premium plan
Basic version of Leadfeeder with limited features and comes free of cost Advanced version of Leadfeeder and costs $55 per month
Allows unlimited users but only 3 days retention of data Allows unlimited users and retention of data
Offers upto 100 leads but no company details or contact database Offers unlimited leads and company details and contact database
No tools like filtering, collaboration or imported lists Other tools such as powerful filtering, collaboration and imported lists

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