Top Time Tracking Softwares for SaaS

Top Time Tracking Softwares for SaaS

Time tracking software tracks the total time spent by employees on tasks and projects. This software captures employee time, hourly wages, and client billing rates and uses this information to automate invoicing and payroll management functions. This software is used by employees and employers in many industries and helps small- and mid-sized business owners stay organized and up-to-date in managing their employees’ time. Time tracking software increases productivity in employees because it allows for accountability, helps to discover which activities or events cause time wasting, and keeps all time data in one location.

Benefits of Time-Tracking Software

Here are some of the prominent benefits of time-tracking software:

Effective Tracking for Freelancers and Remote Workers

As businesses increasingly move toward mobile workforces, this trend poses multiple time-tracking challenges. It is frustrating to track attendance and time worked for each freelancer or remote employee separately. Time tracking software records attendance and time worked for employees and collects it on a dashboard for managers. Some time-tracking tool also offers automated screen capture, which enables users to monitor the total time spent on non-work activities by remote workers and freelancers.

Efficient Payroll Management

Payroll calculation is a time-consuming process. Payroll managers need to coordinate with employees and their managers to collect a series of information such as timesheets, hourly wages, leave records, and overtime pay to calculate employee compensation. Time tracking tool captures in and out-time for employees and provides users with reports on total hours worked and leave taken. The software also incorporates other payroll calculation factors such as differential wages and employee incentives.

Mobile Access

Due to an increasing trend of remote workforces, mobile access has become a necessity in today's software market. A time-tracking mobile application allows remote workers to record their schedules, submit time-off requests, and view changes to their schedules on the go. Some products also offer GPS tracking, which enables managers to track the time spent by their field staff at a client location.

Compliance Requirements

Today's businesses are subject to a number of payroll and wage-related compliances. They mandate strict standards regarding minimum wages and overtime pay and imposes severe penalties on business that do not comply. A time-tracking tool that tracks these compliances alerts managers when employee hours go beyond the recommended levels and ensures that overtime pay is incorporated into the employee payroll. Time tracking tool also provides standard reports related to these compliances.

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Typical Features of Time-Tracking Software

  1. Billable and non-billable hours: Track billable and non-billable hours related to a project.
  2. Online time tracking: Capture employee and task times using online applications that can be accessed and synced through a browser, mobile app, or desktop application.
  3. Automatic time capture: Record in and out-time of employees and calculate the number of hours worked. Users can also capture time using biometrics and other electronic time-capture methods.
  4. Employee database: Store staff contact information and project statuses.
  5. Overtime calculation: Record and manage overtime hours for employees.

Top SaaS Products for Tracking Time and Activity

Here is our list of top SaaS products that can effectively help you track the time and activities of your employees.



Celoxis’ project management software integrates seamlessly with over 400 popular business applications and it’s easy to use and powerful API makes it easy to integrate with any custom or in-house software that you use. With Celoxis, you can identify project requests that boost business value, build project plans that adapt to the real-world and visually monitor progress to fix problems before they start. You can also optimally allocate resources based on skills and availability and make pro-active hiring decisions based on future capacity and demand.

Some of the features of Celoxis are:

  • Get automatic cost and revenue estimates from your project plans.
  • Monitor profits in real-time.
  • Stop billing leaks by invoicing your clients without delay.
  • Share files, apprise progress and exchange ideas with your team and your clients.
  • With fully customizable client portal, clients can do a whole lot more.
  • Customize prebuilt workflow apps to track issues, bugs, risks, change requests and approvals, or create your own unique app from scratch.
  • You will never go back to spreadsheets again. Slice, dice and visualize data your way.
  • Create and share dashboards that save time and accelerate decision making.
  • Schedule reports directly to your CEO's inbox.
Celoxis pricing
Celoxis pricing

Pricing: Celoxis has 2 pricing options – Cloud (US $25 per user/month) and On-premise (US $450 per user).

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Trackabi is a perfect web-based tool for time tracking and leave management for freelancers, small and medium-sized companies.


With trackabi, you can report time worked manually or use a timer and configure your timesheet with custom fields. You can also generate reports from timesheet, export them into PDF or Excel, print, or share with your clients via a link.

Some of the features of trackabi are:

  • Prepare a vacation schedule. Approve or reject leave requests from employees.
  • Maintain a directory of current and former employees with their contact details.
  • Apply flexible access permissions via roles assigned to users.
  • Group employees into teams to assign to projects and manage access roles on the team level.
  • Invite your clients to join and gain access to time reports for their projects.
  • Get an extract of what is happening in your company every day, week, or month.
  • Import data from the most popular time trackers, project management, and source control systems.
Trackabi pricing
Trackabi pricing

Pricing: Trackabi has 3 pricing options – Starter which costs $0 for 5 users, Business which costs $16/month for every 5 users, and Business Plus which costs $20/month for every 5 users. It also provides a 30 days free trial.


TSheets is an employee time tracking and scheduling solution that saves business owners time and money. Get rid of that old punch clock or spreadsheet and simplify payroll, invoicing, and job costing. Whether they’re in the office or on the road, your employees can track time from any location—using a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop—in real time.


Plus, TSheets is the only time tracking system embedded inside QuickBooks. You can review and approve employee time cards to run payroll, do job costing, or create invoices—without ever leaving QuickBooks!

Some of the features of TSheets are:

  • Accurate time for client invoicing and painless payroll
  • Track billable time against customers, projects or jobs, classes, and service items.
  • GPS time tracking and timesheet compliance
  • Managers can assign workers to jobs or shifts to keep the workforce in sync
  • Time tracking and scheduling work in perfect harmony
  • Mobile time tracking with GPS and geofencing
  • Real-time project tracking
  • Customer support that lives up to the hype
TSheets pricing
TSheets pricing

Pricing: There are two plans available - Premium ($8/user/month + $20 base fee/month) and Elite ($10/user/month + $40 base fee/month).

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ProofHub helps you to plan and collaborate while having a seamless user experience that keeps everyone in the loop and focuses on the necessary with little to no learning curve. It can Integrate with the apps you already use. You can access Freshbooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Outlook, bringing them all together within ProofHub.

Some of the features of ProofHub are:

  • Create discussion topics and bring all your team and client discussions at one place eliminating long email threads.
  • Prioritize tasks with clear deadlines and set tasks to recur to never miss the ones that need to be done regularly.
  • Plan and visualize how pieces of your project fit together in a timeline view.
  • Define custom roles and stay in ultimate control of who gets access to what according to your organizational workflow.
  • You can get answers to where’s the team’s time going and what are the billable hours of projects
  • In ProofHub, you can choose who manages which project. A project manager will receive all the important notifications for the missed deadlines and overdue tasks and stay accountable.
  • Stay updated with all the activities happening in ProofHub through real-time in-app, desktop, email, and mobile notifications.
Proofhub pricing
Proofhub pricing

Pricing: ProofHub provides you two different options – Ultimate control which is charged $89/month billed annually ($99/m billed monthly) and Essential which is charged $45/month billed annually ($50/m billed monthly). It also provides you with a 14-day free trial.

Zoho People

Zoho People
Zoho People

Zoho people is a 360-degree HR solution. It takes care of your HR processes while you take care of your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, it has all the features. One of the best things about Zoho People is its flexibility. It is not used just by HR department but also can be used by Delivery Leaders, Office Management, Training Department and Finance Departments

Some features of Zoho People are:

  • Streamline both your data collection and secure storage with our employee database management system.
  • Set up your organization and maintain all your employee records in one central location.
  • Zoho People provides all the tools you need to help your HR staff and employees stay efficient, up-to-date, and productive, even on the go.
  • Set your organization's hours, track your employee attendance, and make your payday stress-free.
  • Add clients, break down your projects into smaller tasks, and record hours in a timesheet.
  • Invoicing projects is a breeze because Zoho People is fully integrated with Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Quickbooks.
  • Zoho People's LMS is an intuitive platform to easily create and manage your organization's training programs. Create courses, track employee progress, and help your team master new skills.
Zoho People pricing
Zoho People pricing

Pricing: Zoho People gives you four different pricing options – Essential HR (₹42 /user/month billed annually), Professional (₹83 /user/month billed annually), Premium (₹125 /user/month billed annually), and Enterprise (₹167 /user/month billed annually). It also provides a feature of 15-day free trial.


Ideally, time-tracking software can tweak discrepancies in workflows to fix what is and isn’t working to increase profits and automate companies’ payroll and billing operations. Many time tracking software solutions work with other softwares like workforce management software, as well as payroll software and talent management suites. Time tracking software can be integrated either directly into time clock hardware or deployed in the cloud. Above is a list of tools that can be treated as a reference. You can choose a tool which suits your needs. How are you tracking the time of your employees? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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